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  1. I don't think this is possible with the default mixer, and there is no scroll. The Birdline and Alloy skins have up to 8 slots showing. You can also use an aux channel to add more Greg
  2. AMsuite AND Ammunition (amazing) comes native with Samplitude. Greg
  3. You can try putting your effects on an aux channel and record/freeze/or mixdown the aux. channel with the effects turned on. MUCH more flexible this way. If you print your effects to the same track as your source, then you're stuck with the results. Greg
  4. The majority of those views are from people who navigate here via email. You can always download the demo, and then try 10.2 update. If it doesn't work, then no worries because the different versions can be installed separately anyways. Greg
  5. no, I don't think so. Which effects? Because Samplitude has some very good native effects. Greg
  6. objects do not yet bump out of the way when moving other objects into position. This would be novel (and possibly being considered). If there's a way to do this I don't know, but the easiest way for now is to leave snap on, set grid for bars, trim where you want (at the cursor position), and just slide the objects over. The other way, as mentioned is to cut ahead of time, and record your new section on a separate track, and then slide it into position. No real need to force objects into the same track unless you're using aux busses, certain effects, etc. for say - a vocal track. Otherwise it's also easy to copy one tracks' settings to another. Greg
  7. Yeah, a master template is a good baseline to start from. Very smart. Greg
  8. 1) very simple, can you change the meter colors? i am going buy the birdline skins and would like to have the track meter colors in green, yellow and red. also in cubase i can set the level where the color changes, can this be done in Samp? i like to set my greem to -18dbfs and red at -6dbfs, for my input levels and mixing. Depending on which skins you use, the meters are setup differently. I use both Birdline and Alloy skins - both very good. If you're handy with editing bitmaps you can also tweak these as you with (I think). 2) I have a quad core q6600 pc, with XP home, tweaked for audio etc. i also have SP3 and the 3/Gb switch on, are there issues with SP3 and the 3/Gb switch with Samp Pro 10? No issues here with 3G switch on two machines. The hybrid engine seems to love it 3) Do VSTi's such as EZ drummer, BFD 2, or stylus RMX automatically sync to the BPM of the project or is there a setting i need to set for this? Yes - using dfhS, Jamstix, and Superior2 here with no issues with re: to bpm sync. 4) I have Reason 4 rewired in cubase, how well does rewire/reason work in Samp? i found the checkbox to activate rewire so was just curious, what else needs done to work with reason? I don't have Reason, so don't know personally, but have never read of any issues with re: to Reason/Rewire. 5) Layered recording an comp'ing multiple takes into 1 Tons of layered recording features using the Take Manager for comping - takes can land on one track, or on same track with click through to choose takes. (Vastly expanded and improved in upcoming V10.2) 6) I found the snap to grib button, and i set the tracks to bars and beats, how do i set the tracks to have grid lines say every quarter note of a measure etc? so i can see these grid lines etc? In your system project setup (y key), set your bars to 1/4, 1/16th, etc. - your grid lines will correspond (as well as snap). Snap on/off is hotkeyed to switch off grid if desired. 7) Can you link tracks that are not next to each other? say i want to link track 1,2 and 7? how is this done? Heck ya! Use shift+click to pick objects for groups of tracks/objects. Kraznet has a video on this. 8) In Cubase i can name my inputs and outputs with the gear i have and save it. so for every new project say my LA 610 shows up on input 1 etc. can you name inputs and outputs in Samp and save them so they load every new project etc? Yes. 9) I understand AUX busses, but in samp what is a submix bus used for? i.e. group drum tracks together as a submix and monitor it, edit it, effect it, etc. as one grouped track. 10) In Cubase there is a VT instrument rack where i load my VSTi's, such as stylus rmx, atmosphere, BFD2 etc, is there a rack or something like that with Samp? or how exactly are these loaded? Each mixer channel has a VST rack. Also the VST manager of sorts is a rack. 11) Programs like stylus RMX, or BFD2 i have broken out to individual tracks in cubase, what is the selection to do this in Samp? is it the last dot in that box when i load them onto a midi track? You can break multi-channel VST's into separate tracks of MIDI/audio/MIDI AND audio, etc. - multiple choice. 12) RMX, in cubase i have 8 midi tracks and 8 instrument tracks linked so with rmx i can drag and drop midi files onto the corresponding midi track and it plays on the instrument track so i can add effects etc. what is the best way to break out RMX in SAMP? I don't have RMX, but similar - Omnisphere - route each channel in Omni/RMX to separate channels in Samp. mixer and edit accordingly. MIDI tracks can be drag-n-dropped into a master MIDI track, or channel. Lots of options. Greg
  9. forgot that FL IS basically a plugin It should work. I can still do it faster in Samplitude now. Greg
  10. Right. IF you already have a loop object, then this works as well. The one-shot paradigm in FL is based on it being more of a sample playback design rather than Samplitude's more linear, but object-oriented approach. You should just build your objects as you'd like in the track and then merely copy them across. Either that or use the MIDI editor. Greg
  11. range-over the sample/loop you want - ctrl+c copy, then ctrl_v paste the range in the track. Ctrl+d as many times as you want to throw down more samples. Greg
  12. For now, just shift click the front and back objects and slide them over to make an opening for the new object. Snapping to objects helps if you're not using a beat grid. Since Movie Edit Pro has a similar feature on the video NLE side of things, then it might be possible to setup a push/shove/insert mode. I know of no other hosts that really do this (if so, then not very elegantly since most don't use 'real' objects). Greg
  13. I don't know of any way to insert objects and have the others slide out of the way, but it would be a great feature Otherwise, if you turn on snap, you should be able to move objects around keep timing intact. Greg
  14. Creative has notoriously bad drivers for this type of requirement. If you're using MME drivers, then adjust the buffers until you get some stability. Also, even with the mic input turned down, you are probably overdriving that input, so try to use the line-in connection instead (if there is one). Greg
  15. There's one born every minute Congratulations and welcome aboard! Greg
  16. reversing midi[/quote *Nope. Not that I can find. I just requested a mirror/flip/reverse feature. undo quantize (handy for say playing a piano part, quantizing, then unquantizing grace notes to retain natural flavor) *Not directly that I know of. There's always micro-quantizing a group of notes - sort of an inverse function compared to the Cubase paradigm. compress/expand and limit velocity *not directly, but then I do this on incoming MIDI via my Scope hardware. Velocity curves can be drawn in the editor, or typed in in the manager. merge midi in loop (say you are working with a one-note triggered arp pattern that you'd like to tweak -- use this and the arp pattern will become a midi pattern) *I'm testing this now using Omnisphere in a comping-type loop setup. Stay tuned. half tempo/double tempo (so that, for example, a 2 bar pattern of steady 8th notes becomes one bar of 16ths, or 4 bars of quarters, respectively) *no, but you can time-stretch MIDI patterns easily. I do it often. random notes/random velocity (further applicable withing target areas -- say between notes c3 and g4 -- fun for instant rex drum fills!) *not that I know of. Personally never have a need for this, but can see the usefulness. Cubase also has a bunch of midi insert FXs like an arpegiator, midi compressor, chorder, humanisor etc that are good -- although I know there are 3rd party f/x of this nature floating around on places like KVR, etc. Just handy to have all under one hood. *yes, I doubt Magix is putting much development focus on this at this time, so I'm using 3rd party plugins for chording, etc. Good luck, Greg
  17. I'm not sure it's possible, and I think the more you dig into the MIDI features in Samplitude, you'll find most of what you're used to seeing in Cubase. What are you trying to do? Greg
  18. What you're hearing (or not not hearing) is the transparency that the Samp. engine provides, which is why so many classical recordings are being done with Sampliquoia. Greg
  19. not sure this is possible with a mixed down wave. Can you track down the original VIP, or HDP's, or separate wave tracks and recompile from there? Greg
  20. All VST's - effects, synths, EQ's, etc. should freeze with the entire track (like render). Greg then ? why, when I try, only the VST'i...s are recording into wav? when I do it with normal VST, the FREEZE is coming or rendering blank? and the wav is recorded but empty......? thanks what is your setup? Which VST's? Which monitoring mode are you using? Are you working in economy or hybrid mode or...? MIDI tracks with VST's should freeze. Audio tracks with VST effects should freeze with the effects added. Effects on aux tracks I THINK should also freeze. Did you try freezing directly from the VST manager? Greg
  21. All VST's - effects, synths, EQ's, etc. should freeze with the entire track (like render). Greg
  22. Map each MIDI channel (instrument) to a separate track and record the MIDI performance on those tracks, and then freeze. Or try just recording all your MIDI onto one track, and then go to MIDI>Demix MIDI objects by MIDI channel and it will extract all the MIDI tracks that way (good for drums also). Then freeze those tracks. Note that freeze really only works with VST's, so if you're recording the MIDI sequence from an external synth, then just setup Samplitude to record MIDI and audio on the same track. Greg
  23. I cant see that this is any different from what I am doing. I still have to click to get the menu to change from stereo to mono, and then re-open the menu to select the input channel. But maybe I am missing something here. David You shouldn't have to reopen the menu to setup the input channel. The recording parameter window has everything in it. Greg
  24. I use V10.1. Which version are you using (or did you mention it, and I missed it)? Which mode are you using? hybrid, economy, etc.? What type of effect? VST? Have you tried freezing the track? If so, what happens? Also, for kicks, why not post some information about your system hardware for reference (not that this makes any difference in this case). Greg
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