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  1. This is a question of getting things in the right order: -- First set mono -- Then select the input channel -- Then arm record. What bugs me is that I havent found a way of doing the first two things together: I have to open the menu twice. Stereo it is not: it is still mono, sent to both L & R outputs David highlight the track you will be recording on, and hit shift+R (default key command) to bring up the record parameter menu and setup all device I/O channel, mono (or mono mix), output file names, track names, etc. - everything is there. I also built a template VIP that I can load in an instant that already has all of these types of things configured and ready to go. Greg
  2. Click on the mix-to-file in the master channel of the mixer and go from there. It will render everything without having to deal with playback. Or, if you're using VST's, you can also try freezing your track first to see how the effect freezes, and then unfreeze and mix-to-file using process described above. Greg
  3. are you using automation? I don't seem to have this problem here. Greg
  4. Oh, OK, yes, I understand now. Greg
  5. OMF has been mentioned (and debated) on and off for years, and AAF more recently, but I just use EDL to convert to/from. It DOES work, and it's perhaps cheaper than that OMF license (I don't know). It's somewhat relative. The other guys have mentioned other options that may also prove cheaper in the long run. Nevertheless, thanks for hanging around and really checking out our favorite DAW (You've discovered one of the unsung heroes in the industry IMO). Greg
  6. some usual considerations... are you using hybrid mode? background tasks turned off I presume what is your buffer settings? I HAVE noticed extra heavy DSP usage with some of the heavier apps., and performance improved after adding more RAM, so yes, it may be using more overhead. However, often adjusting buffer settings helps in these situations. Greg
  7. So, until Magix sorts out their place in the video post market, why not try a tool like SuperC to encode the avi's out to whatever format you want? It does a pretty good job of conversion. Greg
  8. notice the smiley... MEP and Sequoia are definitely distinct, but MEP does handle avi's now pretty well, so IMO is a good adjunct to Sequoiatude. IMO, as I've stated elsewhere - Magix should just merge MEP features into Sequoia, and migrate the current video capabilities in Sequoia down into Samplitude. When fully integrating the now $80 MEP, Sequoia will be even more of an amazingly powerfull tool in the industry, since Premier, Vegas, and Final Cut do not handle nearly as many audio features as even MEP does, so I say that Magix revisits their feature list along this thinking. By the way, I just rendered new audio to an .avi out of Samplitude this past weekend, and the results were good - and it was HD video! Greg
  9. This is what I meant when I stated such at the top of this thread. Works the same with Jamstix triggering S2. Greg
  10. Agreed. But vice versa anything that narrows the gap is not exactly what produces that result. I do. What is the problem with AVIs? It's a great container format. You can have just about the same codecs. I am afraid you are mixing up Quicktime Pro as an encoder solution with the container format./S Lots of people still using .avi's with no real need to convert, since Premier and Movie Edit Pro can handle them fine (in my world). Although I'm seeing mostly .m2t's for HD stuff. I'm finding QT's the least friendly handoff (for some reason). Greg
  11. No, I thought I mentioned that I don't own EZ, so I simply recommended setting it up like other similar in-line VST's. Apparently EZ has issues with Samplitude, and Toontracks is working on it (posted elsewhere and/or on other forums). Seems there are a rare few VST's out there that have issues with Samplitude's hybrid engine (or whatever). Meanwhile, Superior 2 is 99% stable and routes in all sorts of configurations, so perhaps just run EZ and export MIDI tracks into Samplitude (if that works). Greg
  12. Which monitoring mode do you have the EZ and Superior channels set for? Greg
  13. I think it's just the drag-n-drop groove feature that doesn't work in Samplitude yet. Greg
  14. They should be able to get it to work quickly then, but Superior2 is running great in Samplitude. Greg
  15. I thought S2 is in track3 on that template - yes? Greg
  16. see attached raw template VIP - it might help This template is for Superior2 only - I don't have EZ. Either load EZ into track one and point it's output (with monitoring and VST recording turned on?) to S2, or record your MIDI performance out of EZ, and then load the MIDI file into track one Make sure your routing is setup correctly. and let 'er rip... Note: This template is for full S2 drum kit with no effects. I've even added some EQ to the audio playback channels as well as an aux channel that has some compression/reverb added. I have NOT yet turned on the plugins included in S2 (which also sound great). Hope this helps, Greg SuperiorDrummer2.zip
  17. and which mode are you in? what is your monitoring settings? set your global MIDI routing to your hardware destination? (It won't handily say EZdrummer until you tell Samplitude that it's EZ) Greg
  18. Jamstix doesn't inherently freeze tracks, but yes, obviously Samplitude will freeze individual tracks generated by Jamstix using the methods Kraznet mentions. If you generate MIDI tracks, then you can freeze at will. Jamstix sort of sits in the middle of the process. Greg
  19. See, Greg, for the sake of the thread, it is all in here already. It just needs to be read. jcorbett wants to have multiple references down the time line, not different tracks. You came up with that twist. I didn't mean to be rough, but after seeing you poking the wrong hole over and over... Sorry, Sebastian OK, yes even jcorbett had 'tracks' in quotes. My mind went to the other video handling paradigms in the other hosts. Along this line - I wish the Sequoia video handling features were brought into Samplitude, and the more full-blown MEP video editing features brought into Sequoia. IMO this would be a better price-point/feature offering in the current marketplace. But nevertheless it's come a long way. I'll be putting this to the test next weekend working on a film score where I'll have to fly in a lot segments and spit out assembled cues. Good times... Greg
  20. Sebastian, c'mon - I've read it. In my mind he's talking about more of what Vegas has with actual video 'tracks' like a video editor. In Seq. are you dragging video into a VIP track, or is it 'referencing' a sync'd video window at the top of the VIP? I'm trying to show the distinction here. I don't think you can crop and move around the video segments in Seq. like you can in MEP, but I may be mistaken. PLEASE enlighten me oh-mighty one How about a screenshot? Greg
  21. yes, referencing, but different 'tracks'? Please distinguish what you mean to my feable mind. Sure, I can sync. to multiple video sources, but tracks? I'm probably going to upgrade to Sequoia anyways since I'm getting more video post type work, and Samplitude is great in this regard until you get into heavier requirements. Greg
  22. You might want to have a look over my earlier posts again My problem is there is no video 'track', so I can work to multiple video files in the same project. Sampliquoia only has the one video 'track' - actually a reference field with video playback. These are audio DAWs, not Video NLE's. Samplitude syncs. with video internally or externally via clock-sync, but does not have 'multiple' video 'tracks'. Samplitude and Sequoia are NOT Vegas or Premier, which are NLE's with basic audio editing capabilities. I got Movie Edit Pro, which IS a video editor (good inexpensive editor), and can handle all the video tracks you want, and is compatible with Sampliquoia. Greg
  23. Right click on the object and choose "Build Loop Object". Check out Kraznet's tutorials: Samplitude Tutorials and afterwards hit ctrl+d to copy as many objects as you'd like. Leave autocrossfade on. Ctrl+dragging objects also duplicates them. It's fast. You can also use Remix Agent to find interesting loop point segments. Greg
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