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  1. These posts are almost 4 YEARS old! Fire up the FFT analysis and you'll see a lot of information there. offline effects>FFT filter/analyzer Greg
  2. Samplitude Pro can handle video. download the Samp. 10 video at Samplitude.com and go to media link and try loading a video and see what happens For video editing, I use Magix Movie Edit Pro V14Plus (US version) - it's cheap and integrates well with Samplitude. At some point in the future I can see Magix merging MEP/Video Deluxe (Europe) with Sequoia for the ultimate app. - but for now they are similar enough at the audio level that you can get a lot of work done. Greg
  3. Hi Sebastian and thankyou for the reply. Perhaps i should describe the problem and ask how Samplitude provides a solution - a more positive approach I like to record improvised instrumentals and then micro edit those performances - selecting segments of various sizes (single notes, phrases, parts of notes) from each track and shifting those segments about and repeating them etc etc. In reaper I can ctrl+drag a marquee selection of a track (like an object) and this makes a copy which I can drag about and place where I like. What would be the native Samplitude approach to that type of editing task? thanks for any suggestions, Greg EDIT - with a little more experimentation I understand a little more of Samplitude and have improved how I use the method suggested by Kraznet- thanks again to everyone It's the same in Samplitude (because <ahem> Ripper, er Reaper copies Samp. IMO - but that's besides the point). ctrl+drag objects copies them. Window-highlight numerous objects and do the same for multiple objects. select range and hit 'T' will trim edges of range. Move objects where desired. Place cursor at desired cut point and hitting 't' will just cut at the cursor. Maybe use neighboring track to help with rearrangement and then slide into position where desired. Greg
  4. either right-click over the volume automation button in the mixer, or MIDI>MIDI controller automation. Greg Oh, thanks, I thought the purpose of this function was make possible transform "CC MIDI Input messages" for others one, for example: Control Change 7 message from an incoming volume pedal to CC 64 (Sustain) through Midi Out, like the Cubase o Logic "transformers". I suppose that´s not possible in Samplitude Not yet, but there are some 3rd party routers out there that can do the job. If there IS a way to do it (other than re-assigning controllers in the editor afterwards), then I don't know about, or have any real need for it myself. Greg Greg
  5. either right-click over the volume automation button in the mixer, or MIDI>MIDI controller automation. Greg
  6. check under range>edit range>edge to 0, and cut there ('T' trim key is default). You can also setup your own hotkey for this. Greg THANKS AGAIN GREG!!!!!iI'M YOUR DEBTOR!!! HI GRAG, ON THE sam 10 THERE ISN'T EDGE TO 0 in edit range menu but edit to 0 funtion and others similiar ...but when I have active this? before record audio, right? but Happens nothing...there is a possibility to plan this in the project options? TXX It only works on recorded objects. Greg
  7. I capture directly via firewire from my Canon HV-20 HD camera into my laptop. MEP sees it no problem (drivers are stable). No other special hardware required in this case. On desktops you can get cheap video capture cards and/or some video cards already have capture capability built in. I capture as .m2t (similar to mpeg), or .avi directly into MEP, and go from there. Video track objects are very similar to Samplitude's track objects, and the audio can be edited in a similar fashion. Audio tracks from Samplitude can be dropped right in. If you're capturing from analog source (i.e. older Hi-8 or whatever), then you'll need a capture card that has the A/D built in. It's worth downloading the MEP demo and trying it out. Greg
  8. selecting the track in the mixer will HIGHLIGHT the track (whether it's in view or not), and then if you setup a hotkey (or use zoom feature), it will appear. There's probably a quicker way - such as scripting two hotkey steps together - but that's not built in yet. I'm so used to working where I focused on, that I never miss it not flying to the track. Again, there may be a way to do it, but this is how I have it setup. I have alt+mousewheel setup to zoom in on active track. So, highlight the track you want in the mixer, and then just mousewheel into the track. Greg
  9. Sequoia can capture video, Samplitude does not. For video I highly recommend Magix Movie Edit Pro 14Plus. That's what I do - capture and edit (in HD) into MEP14, and then fly in music from Samplitude. MEP does a ton of video features for cheap (about $90) - and integrates well with Sampltude. http://www.magix.com/us/movie-edit-pro/ Greg
  10. These Wizoo videos are OK, but like I said, Kraznet's are better (IMO), and free, and so is youtube - http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...p;search=Search - although the youtubers are a little out of date, they'll still get you going. If I had more time I'd be doing some videos myself. Greg
  11. Exactally if your first process was normalize then you do 50 more processes you can open the list and take out normalize or even replace it per clip in the arrangment. Or EQ, automation, compression, etc. on individual or grouped objects within or across tracks. The possibilities are endless. Non-linear, and non-volatile. Gotta love it. Greg
  12. I had a demo once of that feature from "the man himself" Lars Baumann at Steinberg. From that I had the impression this feature is rather to make up for the lack of Object based editing than anything else, undoing clip based rendering. Am I mistaken? Regards, Sebastian Exactly. Folks coming from other DAWs that are used to (habitually or not) doing things a certain way, which is fine, but when jumping into Samplitude they may not necessarily be acquainted with the object-based paradigm. So, yes Samp. has undo, but the Take Manager serves a much better service for intelligent navigation through takes. Greg
  13. OK, good luck, and keep up the inquiry, and keep pushing the program to see what it can do. Greg
  14. Please provide some more specifics as to how you like to work, and what you're looking for. I don't think the Euphonix is integrated yet (isn't it Mac only?). Samplitude/Sequoia is awesome for post production work because of it's object oriented editing and audio engine. Greg Euphonix is used with the Eucon protocol its for pc or mac. My setup is for post production only I actually do not even have a A/D converter in my studio. I do editing, mixing, mastering and audio for video. I currently run Wavelab 6 and Nuendo 3 but with the upgrades in 4 it seems like the perfect choice but I downloaded the demo od Sam and really love the GUI, the stability of the engine ( so far ) the flexible routing and it sounds great. The big issuse is with features other daw's have had for years that I still do not see in Samplitude such as a advanced undo list, a better media manager, better time stretching and pitch shifting and conforming audio to film ( I dont think samplitude supports video just sequoia right ) but the largest problem would be support. Besides this forum If you do not speak or read german I have found very little information on tutorials and training. I read the PDF manual and it does not get into details about some things I would like to know more about and the only videos are user provided here. Thanks -Ty OK, other folks have checked out the Euphonix, but I'm still not sure if (or how well) it's been integrated yet in Samplitude (there's some bias per-say in the favored Logic, Cubendo integration so far IMO). I don't think Eucon protocol is built in yet. It's working great with my older Yamaha 01V96V2 Samplitude can handle video, but only Sequoia now also records video. You can render back out of Samplitude with your new audio. So far it's performed great with video that's running internal to the program, but I haven't tested (or needed) it with external monitors. Instead of an advanced undo list (and it does have undo), there is the Take Manager, which functions in a similar fashion forward/back/around/up/down, or in parallel - allowing you to drag various takes (objects) into same or different tracks. It's more 'truly non-linear' (and non-volutile) in that sense. Not sure what the expectations are on the media manager, but I use it all the time. I find the time/pitch shift to be very good compared to even Melodyne, but it may also depend on which style of music you're doing, and what vocal transcients, etc. and expected result. The support here in English or German is superb, since the devs and veterans are all over the forum, and in many cases speak better English than I do . The manual is still lagging, but help files, videos on Samplitude.com, or even on youtube show a lot was to do things IMO. You can also load the supplied templates and 'reverse engineer' them to dive in deeper. Also, Tom over at Orangehillaudio started mini-training sessions via Skype, which were going great until Summer break kicked in . Sampliquoia is pretty deep, flexible, and works great when pushed to do things you couldn't necessarily do in other DAWs due to the object-based approach, hybrid engine, etc. etc. Have fun, Greg
  15. check under range>edit range>edge to 0, and cut there ('T' trim key is default). You can also setup your own hotkey for this. Greg
  16. Please provide some more specifics as to how you like to work, and what you're looking for. I don't think the Euphonix is integrated yet (isn't it Mac only?). Samplitude/Sequoia is awesome for post production work because of it's object oriented editing and audio engine. Greg
  17. Yes, they are backwards compatible - unless you have tons of automation, MIDI, VST's, etc. in V10.1 and try to run in V7.23 (or whatever), then the automation may not come across. However, most VST's will load anyways in my experience. Some of the newer routing features, etc. sometimes don't come across. There's no sidechaining in the older versions. etc. etc. - but basic project loads, editing, objects, etc. all work just fine. There's no direct import of other hosts' proprietary formats like omf. Not sure about AES, since I think maybe Sequoia handles it. For projects, you can use the EDL tool - http://www.cuibono-soft.com/Products/EDL_C...samplitude.html - but in general I just load wav's or aiff's into the VIP project directly and build the projects up that way - it's faster this way IMO, and have done it many times from Protools, DP, and Nuendo projects. Greg
  18. But does this work using hardware controllers? Well, I guess if you could assign keys with the controller, then it will work. Greg
  19. Yeah, I got this working no problem with Atmosphere. Fun stuff. Greg
  20. This is a long time request. They're working on it. Everything ELSE is automatable, so there's probably a workaround by routing out to an already muted submix channel and turning that 'on' using your controller (if that's what you're referring to). Or setup hotkeys to set volume automation to zero...maybe??? Greg
  21. not one of WHICH functions? What are you trying to do? What's your setup? PLEASE give more details. Otherwise you're not making sense, sorry... <I'm half German extraction, so I hope I can help> Greg
  22. post a link to the youtube, and we'll see how it can be replicated in Samplitude. Sometimes you have to trick the MIDI routing in Samp., or use MIDIyoke for more complicated routing schemes. Greg
  23. Ummmm....just render complete tracks out of Cuface, and drop them into Samplitude. MIDI files will drop in no problem, and 3rd party VST's should work, yes? There's just no 'one button wonder' that instantly spits them out into Samplitude. Even the EDL program doesn't do a very good job IMO. In the long run, it's easier and faster to just build up a VIP using the Cubase source files. At least this is how I've done it with about 5 other programs. Greg
  24. Not possible to direct drag-copy ranges at this point I don't think. Will have to test. But, if your range is from bar-to-bar (for example), then ctrl+c/Ctrl+v into the same position on a neighboring track is easy enough. With objects you can ctrl+click-copy/drag the object to another position - so trimming it out is the other option. (the other) Greg H.
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