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  1. hi,
    What I would like to know, is, first how to truly see, some change of a Tempo, from a BPM of 100 and going to 130 on, say 10 bars....Can we do it on Audio wav or not? or only on Midi materials?

    have you recorded some audio at 100 and now need to create a progression ?? don't know if it's possible !

    My vision of tempo with audio at least, is : put first your markers on the arrangement, activate Click, and Rec, following the tempo variation.

    It should be the same when recording MIDI. But importing midi file is another story as Sampliquoia asks to import or not the tempo of the MIDI file. I've never tried to put first a tempo map on an empty arrangement, import a MIDI file and said No to the question to try to use this map on the imported file.

    Hope some tempo experts will come here !



    Ok Phil thanks again, and, like you said, it would be nice to have others members giving some more ideas on the subject....

    I did recorded a multitrak project at 100 bpm. When the project is finished and saved into a VIP file, I would like to gradually increase or decrease it from any bars for a certain amount of bars, to make either the slowing down of the project, at a certain point and going back, for example to it's original tempo, but, either slowly or very quickly...then ? still no idea? in that case, whne I record, I use a steady tempo, and I was certain we could modify tempo into a project,,,,or I am very stupid, still....

    thanks for ALL imputs......

    Ok, then come a second question...

    If I would record a project and, when recording, would change or manipulate the tempo live, with an arranger or a synth, we could do it, using the tempo knob of the hardware, then ????? Samplitude 10, how it would be able to find the variation of tempo from the project?

    thanks you

    One way you can start with is to right-click over the tempo bar at the top of the VIP tracks - where you can set it to bars/beats, or SMPTE, or whatever - and from there you can add tempo markers. There are also hotkeys you can press at the positions where you want the tempo marker, and it will be installed at that position.

    You can also right-click over the time-window in the transport window, and set the tempo maps there - based on which measure you want to change to 130bpm.

    Also, there is the marker manager, where you can set or change markers manually.

    It's in the manual (sort of).

    Also, check out Kraznet's tutorial videos on the Samplitude.com site.

    Have fun,


  2. Hey guys,

    Sorry haven't checked back in a few days. To answer all questions. 1) For some reason I am not allowed to post in the main forums despite my ownership of Samplitude 9 & 10 Pro so that is why i have not posted it there yet. 2) Forte does not see my Magix plugs. 3) I did not purchase them separately. They came with Samp 9/10. So that is my question. How do I obtain the VST versions to the plugs I already own. Is there a way to install them as VST using the Samp 10 DVD install disk? Ideally I wish Samp could do everything that Forte does but it does quite enough I suppose.



    Samplitude's native plugins (i.e. Robota) will not be seen by Forte'

    Plugins such as Veriverb can be purchased separately at Samplitude.com.

    The Veriverb, etc. that comes native with Samplitude will not be seen by Forte'

    Samplitude is a production/mixdown/mastering DAW, while Forte' is more of a performance VST holder, and not necessarily a DAW - unless you use something like EnergyXT running inside Forte' (but it's limited to mostly performance features anyways).

    I don't think it's possible to load Samplitude inside Forte', but have you tried Rewiring to Samplitude?.

    There's also FxTeleport for running VST's remotely, but there again I don't think Forte' will see Samplitude's native plugins.

    Other hosts' native plugins behave the same way (unless they are universal).


  3. BTW many are running Smp/Seq succesfully on Mac pros via bootcamp..

    Do you know if this is reliable for large sessions (200 tracks)?

    Hey zepdude.. yea im pretty sure it runs pretty much the same as it would on PC since its actually running on XP with bootcamp anyways.. probably will run better with 10.1 since multicore support will be better optimized now.

    You should really talk to Tom Sailor at Orangehill though,


    hes right next to ya in Ohio.. hes the man and hes got the bootcamp thing going on there perfectly. Hell really be able to answer all your Samp and mac related Q:

    really, give him a call.. Cheers Rich

    I believe there are mix/mastering labs in NY that do some tracking in PT, but do all their mixes using Samplitude.

    I am not a believer in the infamous 'null test', or even the test tone test, since you're really only resolving the mix inside the particular host you're working in. Best test is to take a familiar mix out of PT and load it into Samplitude in a familiar listening environment and hear if there is a distinct 'transparency' or 'air-ee-ness' to the overall mix. I know these are highly subjective descriptions, but there it is.


  4. I only want it to move if I tell it to. It kind of feels like the user has to serve the program, instead of the program serving the user ;)
    Yes I understand that totally.

    I got used to it like everyone else but now you mention it - itis a PITA.

    I remember Volker changing the behaviour to not affect playback when scrolling with the mouse. (It used to stop playback and center the cursor)

    I wonder if anyone at all actually likes the behaviour ?



    Hate it.. +1 for getting rid of it. I use modifier keys with the mousewheel all the time, I try to mark in and out points of a range and if I forget and mousewheel-horizontal scroll there goes my first position...

    Time to bring back the old .ini tweak (if there was one). Give us the 3rd option (or shift +scroll or whatever)

  5. thanks for your help...

    A newbie question...

    I have a midi track in Samplitude, and would like to record in Audio format....

    How to do it? I know, we can Bounce a total midi file, but, how to REC from Midi to Audio?

    If it's a VST synth for example, you can freeze the track.

    Otherwise just setup a new track to monitor the audio coming out of your synth. - check you in/output settings and set the track up to record audio from the input where your MIDI instrument is coming in.

    I also think there is a template that you can use to get started that may already be setup to do this for you.

    Keep reading the manual, help files, and watch Kraznet's videos on samplitude.com.


  6. I cannot play it back, I mean, when I start the transportbar, it start a splitsecond and stop.....? what did I did wrong?

    Also, how can we post directly in the Midi related forum? ;):)

    You need to register a "licenced" forum-account to post in the main forums.

    I'm no midi-guy, so I cannot help much with your question, but it sounds almost like you have an accidental small loop-range on (with no loop activated). Otherwise I have no idea unfortunately, sounds very strange :lol:

    You should be perfectly ok with your 32bitXP - its what most people use here.

    - register and try the midi-forum...

    I found with nice help the way to register, and I would post on the midi forum...Your idea of a small loop range is not bad, but, how to correct it? Erik thanks for your help

    The range can either be redrawn, or cleared by right-clicking over it and clearing it.

    Check the help file.

    Otherwise I think you may have a loop happening somewhere that is causing a conflict in the input and output.


  7. Yes, happy I am, I bought it, and now, can learn it....Of course to read teh forum is great and help....

    I already had troubles ( sorry) with the software, like....

    I use 2 partition on a Dual core processor, having plenty of Ram 2 gig, dedicated harddisk for audio recording, and more..

    I use an RME fireface 800, an USB midi interface, I use also a Korg PA1X workstation, and a Korg Oasys, and my ultimate goal is to record with Samplitude, 2 audio tracks from PA1 on analog, 5 audio track with World clock and ADAT and SPDIF, and for midi purpose I use, the FireRME for Oasys, and the Roland interface for PA1X pro....

    I have tolearn, but, what I could enjoy help for, Today, I made 2 separate recording, only with Midi all, one track for each gear, I did check, tempo, I/O for midi, also I did put a checkmark for the Thru active, and when recording, could see all the midi tarcks OK...But, I cannot play it back, I mean, when I start the transportbar, it start a splitsecond and stop.....? what did I did wrong?

    all is happening with Win XP Pro edition...Also, I have no clue if that is of importance, the Windows XP is 32 bits, and my machine has on the other partition a Vista 64 bits.....

    Also, when I touch the SOLO icon for one or more tracks, the playback suddenly goes about 40 to 50 % less...? and when that happened I was just having 7 stereo tracks and 2 midi ALL tracks....

    thanks for any help....

    Also, how can we post directly in the Midi related forum? ;):)

    thanks very kindly for all your charming answers :lol:

    just make sure you read the manual.

    Then check that your I/O settings are correct.

    Then make sure your playback settings is pointing to your MIDI instrument.

    Then read the manual.

    Also, the videos are very good.


  8. Hi lubi,

    sounds as you weren't exactly living in the present... ;)

    As much as your current system is concerned, you should be able to judge if it is working alright or not by using the demo version. That is as good as it gets for a purchase decision. As far as all other aspects go: You'll see when you have it in your own hands. I would never expect and trust on anybody else finding it out for me.



    I agree, and would also be forwarned that SOME (NOT ALL) folks using multiple cards from multiple vendors have had obvious issues with clocks, dropouts, etc. since different manufacturers cards tend to compete for resources in different ways. However, I have 3 Scope cards running with no problems.

    I also recommend really pushing the demo to see what's possible.


  9. It is my understanding this is possible, but I cannot figure out how to do it. I want to apply a VST plugin to an input in Samplitude 9.1 input in realtime, i.e. hear what my incoming signal sounds like processed without actually recording it first. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

    Many thanks.

    What's your input monitor setting set at? Try software monitoring in ASIO hybrid mode.


  10. I noticed upon stopping there is always immediate silence

    Thats part of the "deal" using economy engine... If you use Hybrid, you'll get tails.

    Personally I dont care much about tails when stopping, but some think they're important.

    I've found that only a few plugs of mine "burst their buffers" upon new playback (amp-sims)

    But the problem may be bigger for others..

    Sometimes adjusting buffer settings in hybrid mode will flush out the tails when restarting playback.

    Yes, for previewing loops, etc. then Samp's file manager is the way to go.


  11. hi

    could u help me with the lackin of tempo how i can fix it

    i want to manage lack of tempo on Samplitude 9 P

    select a range that you think is 4 or 8 beats, and go to view>snap&grid setup, and setup the grid/tempo based on the range (get bpm from selected range).

    In V10 you can also audio quantize.

    You can also try using the Remix Agent, which works very well at finding tempo.

    You should also be able to tap tempo down in the transport window (where the bpm is).

    MIDI tempo should work automatically.


  12. Hi. I figure I put a few questions into one thread.


    It seems the File Manager is kind of sluggish: when activated, it sometimes takes pretty long to load. I reckon this shouldn't be the case, as it's just supposed to show a list. Is it because of the program, or because of my computer system (or both)?


    Is it possible to import stereo files as split mono (to two tracks)?


    For some reason, I can't preview audio files when using 'w' to import (in the import window). The buttons are greyed out, no matter what. (I'd use the file manager where it does work, but, as said, loading is slow.)


    Is it possible to show in a toolbar whether 'loop' is on or off? I don't want to hassle with the transport just to see the loop button.


    When VST instruments and MIDI objects are played back, and playback is stopped in the middle, and I go back to the beginning of the project to play it back from start, the ending from where it stopped continues upon playback, even if it stops again, as it has to totally die out first. Is there a way to totally restart every playback without these "leftovers"? (Maybe a buffer size thing or something like that? lol. Im trired/)

    You can also drag the file out of windoze explorer directly into the VIP.

    Yes, sluggishness in the File Manager MAY be due to your system, but the FM shouln't be slow.


  13. hi,

    :) it's very annoying sometimes ... +1 with Martin !

    When I don't want to see the cursor move, I use the horizontal scroll bar instead of mouse wheel... it's become automatic...



    yeah, but scroll bar is so 'old school' :)

    anyways, the stationary cursor with waves flying by is sorta cool when working with video - but I'm so used have the cursor follow the mouse, that I never think about it.


  14. Hi. This has been bugging me. I couldn't find an option herefor either. Example: while zoomed in, when I scroll horizontally through the arranger, the play cursor moves along which I don't want.

    Try hitting the 'p' key and switching the cursor mode - however this is for during playback, so I'm not sure what you're looking for otherwise.


  15. > I have score auto zoom already turned off. Zoom behavior is the same in either mode.

    So if you open a MIDI object in the Score Editor,

    1) the note head size resp. staff line distance is changed (set smaller),

    2) or is just the horizontal section quite large so that the horizontal distance between the score symbols is scrambled so they visually overlap?

    1) would be a bug, 2) is "natural" behaviour.

    If I have multiple staves and zoom in to fill the (let's say) 8 staves to fill the screen vertically, and then zoom in on one track, the staves 'scrunch' themselves back up against the top of the window.

    I DO occasionally get treble/bass clefs overlapping notes and staves in the middle of the tracks.

    Also, if you drag the bottom edge of the score window - to reduce the piano roll window (that you can't turn off), zoom in/out, etc., close the MIDI editor, and when reopening, the piano roll is back up to where it was. In other words I don't think the various window positions and/or zoom levels are retained during the session.

    You can test by opening a multi-track, multi-stave song, drag the bottom edge of the window down (to reduce the piano roll window that can't be turned off :) ), zoom in one one track both vertically and horizontally, and see what happens.


  16. Hi. One of my last prime motivators to like Samplitude, and to help me in making a decison, is how it performs regarding its use of resources. I've used SONAR before and, while it's nice, it's a bit bloated it seems, and gives me dropouts while it shouldn't, which is the reason I move away from it. On the other hand, using something like REAPER amazed me in this regard, as it was extremely stable and fast, but its lack of notation turns me off.

    Where would Samplitude fit in here on the scale of efficiency and stability (bugs?) according to objective tests?

    (What I experienced so far with the demo is that I did notice performance problems (clicks) when doing simple actions like muting and soloing while playback is active. It occasionally crashed as well. And I have the impression third-party DX and VST effects aren't functioning efficiently.)


    Samp have many ways of streamlining resource-efficency according to needs and tasks at hand. Nothing I ever tried ever comes close when it comes to numbers of plugins and fx with large track-numbers & mixing. (Samp was kinda slow with getting multi-cpu-support, and I remember a test-project with heavy plugs; getting as many plugs in Samp spending one core, as maxing out two cores with Nuendo!)

    First off, you must choose the right engine (press "Y") - Personally I always prefer economy-engine's track-fx mode. As it uses the vip-buffer, giving great headroom for the cpu. For some, live fx in busses & auxes are important, and they choose Hybrid engine, but then there's only the asio-buffer for the cpu.

    And then again there's having all kinds of variation-possibilities with the different buffer-settings..

    Can be a daunting task, but pays off in the end IMO.

    Regarding DX/VST third party, I never had problems. Some very few plugs report wrong latency, but that can be fixed with a manual force latency value. When that is said, I havent used dx-versions for a couple of years, as they are not automatically latency-compensated.

    Maybe good to mention specifically those you have trouble with - someone might know if there's any known issues, (although I've never heard of any.)

    This engine thing of Samplitude is a bit unclear. I don't really record audio all that much and I don't use live effects on it. I mostly have use for audio manipulation in the box, MIDI, VST instruments, mixing, using plugins, and such. I reckon the Economy mode with HW input monitoring fits this. What would you say? And what would you say about buffer sizes?

    (I have more or less followed what I know and what I read separately from the engine descriptions.)

    EDIT: either that engine mode, or Hybrid with HW.

    I use hybrid engine a lot nowadays.

    I recommend you just open the help files and search under 'engine' or 'buffer', and read what comes up there.


  17. > when I can zoom in without the staves scrunching up towards the top of the window

    That should only happen if Score AUTO ZOOM is enabled. Have you switched it off and tried again?

    > is there a way to turn ALL windows off and have ONLY the notation window open

    You cannot hide the piano roll completely in linear score view mode, but you can of course hide the list and controller view.

    > Is there a way to get the controller window to change to show a chosen track/stave?

    Activate the "track display filter" (little button besides the track name field on the right). This should do it.

    > Otherwise, overall the MIDI editor in Samp. is WAY ahead of other hosts IMO.

    Thx, I'm glad you like it :)



    yes, it would still be great to be able to have only the notation window open rather than having to slim down the piano roll.

    I have auto zoom already turned off. Zoom behavior is the same in either mode.

    Track display filter was already turned on. Had to turn it off and back on again to get the channel/track changes to switch in the controller window.

    Thanks again,


  18. Thanks, guys. Actually, I did use Universal mode in the beginning just the way you said, but for some odd reason it gave me that particular error message or warning. It was only after I saw that linked video and specifically went into Range mode when it actually worked. However, later I just used Universal mode and suddenly it DID work how it should, while I did the exact same thing :) Is this some kind of bug? It was at least very inconsistent, and I don't like these kinds of surprises or stalling actions out of my control.

    No, it's not a bug, but more like getting into the habit of doing things in a consistent way - after you get comfortable with some of the more unique paradigms built into Samplitude - as well as it's flexibility (somethings 3 different ways or avenues to do the same thing), you should be rockin'. You'll find that you suddenly get a 'eureka moment' when 'all is revealed', at which point you'll start jumping to the next level.

    I've been using Samp. for 10 years now, and am STILL finding ways to do things - especially chasing down V10.x features vs. what was offered way back in V5 or 6 - it's like night and day how far it's come.

    IMO Samplitude is the most copied host in the industry. There have been discussions on this before on the forum. 24/96, freeze, objects (now being emulated in Reaper), etc. all began in Samplitude.

    Have fun,


  19. Hi Bren,

    objective tests aren't existing. I suggest that you rely on your own findings. I guess that what you experience on your system is very typical for your working environment and nothing can replace that experience.

    That does not mean any allegations to the potential sources of your obvious issues. I just want to say that you should use what works best for you. If features, performance or stability are the most important points for you should be left to your decision.



    Yeah, it's entirely relative to your system, your approach, etc.

    Sonar and Nuendo have always performed in a much more 'bloated' fashion on my system, and as well I found it took me twice as long to get anything done, or to even get into a good flow with them. Others may disagree.

    You should just really go 'on the attack' with Samplitude for a while, and push it to see what it can really do.

    Hang out here for a while, and many of the veterans and developers will be here for support - which is 'half the battle'.


  20. I usually just drag mouse sort of upwards and counter-clockwise up across tracks - usually out in the open, and then just delete tracks.

    For single tracks, you can just click the track out in the open - make it active by alt+up/down to the track, and delete the individual track. You can also right-click over at the left pane of the track you want to delete, and delete the track from there.

    Kraznet's got it covered - either shift-click objects, to delete, copy, or whatever - for object-oriented approach, but yes, just highlighting the tracks and using track>delete tracks works.

    You can assign a hotkey as well of course.


    p.s. apologies for replying out of sequence. Too many emails stacked up, and lost track of this thread... :)

  21. Hi. This is such a trivial thing that should be easy which I do easily in other DAWs, but somehow....

    Being accustomed to Windows, I figure I select a particular track whereafter I press SHIFT and click a track that is a few tracks further, to select multiple tracks in that range: it doesn't work. You can understand my reaction was something like: :)

    Or what about using CTRL to select some tracks here and there? I was forming a better liking for Samplitude, but this just turns me off.

    Shift+click and ctrl+click DO work just fine.

    Check out Kraznet's 'Working with objects' video:


    Remember, you should pick the objects rather than just the tracks.

    For picking multiple tracks in a range, just double click the range area at the top of the VIP arranger (tracks) window (at least in V10).

    What are you trying to do by clicking multiple tracks?


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