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  1. I really don't think that we will see Sequoiatude as a pure and real 64bit app any time soon. If this is really what you think you need now, I guess you better look somewhere else. Hard to imagine that, because the adress room of 64bit is already in the quintillions of bytes.Regards, Sebastian Isn't Sampliquoia already effectively running at 80-bit anyways? I somehow remember discussions re: this ages ago, and it again cropped up in a recent session with Tom S. online. IMO 64-bit is a marketing ruse until ALL the hardware aspects catch up - and basically redundant since I think most of the extra overhead is for handling higher RAM-intensive plugins anyways, and is IMO relatively moot when it comes to audio. Cubendo is using this as a selling point - when IMO it's compensation for poorly designed software Plus, people listen to crappy mp3's, so what's the point? Greg
  2. IMO 64bit is a bit of a ruse due to no real 64bit drivers or even 64-bit apps - despite what they say, since the OS is still the decider and limiter. 32bit float on a dual system with 3G switch, and hybrid mode will give you REAL overhead that the other more integer-driven apps out there only barely harness. So, when all the hardware, drivers, converters, OS's, memory, etc. all REALLY are properly utilizing 64bit, then Samplitude will probably be there. 10.1 beta is testing 8 cores or more, and people are already running it on Vista (for what it's worth), so if 60+ full stereo tracks with multiple instances of heavy synths, reverbs, compressor/limiters, etc.a ll running on one machine are what you're looking for (as well as fast, clean editing), then you're in the right place. Greg
  3. What is your... system? hardware? audio interface? Greg
  4. Tnx Samp M are pretty FM. I tried to read them, but are a bit chaotic (just MHO ), so I learned Samp through the Kraznet's videos. It suppose to be on page 205 and 207, nice but I don't get it. - nice. How and where? Yeah, got it, but can't figured how to set up midiout on EZplayer Cheers Alex I think it's actually VST MIDI out (as opposed to EZ MIDI out), which can be turned on by right-clicking at bottom of mixer channel where EZ is (I think - I'm away from my machine) - near where you assign the MIDI output. It's not exactly clear in the manual, and the routing manager gets confusing. Also, since you're using Scope (Luna), you should make sure you have ASIO dest module setup in the Scope environment - say off the outputs of a Scope mixer. This way you can monitor the EZ output separately if you wish. I have dfhS, but have NOT used it to attempt to further trigger other samplers, so I HOPE I didn't miss a step. Nevertheless, it's not a secret Perhaps people are just busy. Greg
  5. It's actually more of a warning - actually sort of a nag. If you click on the monitor button FIRST, then this 'error/warning' should not popup. Especially since you're already set to the ASIO drivers, and the VST is ready to go. Greg
  6. You can insert new MIDI object to length desired under MIDI menu. There's a long-time wish to simply drag one MIDI object into another and have them merge - like the old Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro used to do. There may be a way to do it in 10.1, but I haven't found it yet! Greg
  7. I don't think so - at least not 'real' side-chaining. I don't have C1, so I don't know for sure. Maybe try the C1 in an aux channel and see if it can see the side-channel. Ammunition in V10 is awesome for sidechaining by the way. Greg
  8. To expand on this: You can use the "Edit Root VIP" function on any object that is the result of a previous mixdown or bounce. This opens up the VIP, from which the object was made, in a separate window. You can re-edit the bounce and any changes you make are written back to the final bounced object. For this to work in all cases, it's best to "Save as" your VIP with a new name after doing any bounce or mixdown. Cheers, Simon That's what I meant by no. 2 above. Just forgot what it was called This works great on drum submixes - you can edit without having to solo and edit in the main/source VIP. Greg
  9. I think current options are: comping - just grab sections from the various performances/loops/etc. into the working track from the take manager mixdown VIP into one object and edit from there (essentially a VIP becomes a track in another VIP) freeze track objects and copy the edited loops into a fresh VIP open multiple VIPS and cross-cut/copy/move to a 'master' VIP. Use the Remix Agent to create loop regions and trim/move, etc. to your hearts' content There's plenty of ways to do what you want - just have to find the most appropriate for your workflow. Greg
  10. Feel free to come on out to San Diego. PM me if you'd like to come on out to the beach Greg
  11. It has an icon - and again, stopping at the end of the last object is not automatic. try double-clicking outside to the right of the longest object/track, and ctrl+space bar for playback to the end of object (I think). This is the type of sequence of commands where having Magix consider adding a scripting command for grouping different steps. For example, highlight object/range-to-object/playback to end of range - all with one hotkey. I think someone mentioned that they are working on a scripting feature (I know about 3rd-party scripting). Greg
  12. Ahh - ok. Thanks. Seems clunky to me though. In Sonar it stops at the end of the last clip (object) automatically. Why wouldn't that be a default setting anyway? What's the point in letting the playback cursor keep running if there's no more audio in the VIP to be played? Why am I asking myself these questions? I don't know It won't automatically stop unless you pick 'play to end of range', or 'play to last object' (or something like that - not at my machine right now, and I use a hotkey). Greg
  13. 1) can you group faders easily? in that i selec track 3-4 and 7 and put them into a group so one fader moves them all? *YES 2) is it easy to label inputs from my RME FF 800? i have 4 inputs now (api, pendulum quartet, la 610, and sebatron thorax) and i want to label the input api 610 quartet thorax and ca i label my output to my macki bigknob - to bogknob? *YES, but you can only label in the project. I don't think it's possible to label the actual input in the system settings. 3) was looking at the bird skins (very nice) is it easy to order if your from the US though? not sure how to pay with it in euro's *I found it to be pretty easy. Don't know how he does the conversions, but today's prices is approaching $1.50USD to 1Euro. 4) how is automation with samp pro 10? i don't need to automate plugs often, but how is it with third party stuff? and i take it the basics are good, fader rides, pan, mute, etc? The basics are good (volume/pan). No automated mute (yet, they are working on it), other MIDI controllers on 3rd party synths, etc. I find are very good, but may be considered cumbersome if you're used to other hosts' approaches to automation. However, there IS a lot of flexibility in assigning, coloring, viewing, editing, reading, overwriting, 'touch/no touch', etc., and it's been stable here. 5) is there a dither plugin included? how is the wuality if so? do i need to activate or buy it seperately, that thru me in sonar and was a PAIN *Dithering is included, is very good quality overall, and is one of the top included features in Samplitude. 6) is it easy to set up project templates? i normally use a 32 or 48 track template with ez drummer, addictive drums or stylus RMX in addition to 32-48 audio tracks. *This is simple. I have a 24-track starter template using dfhSuperior drums, Atmosphere, guitar channels, vocal channels, etc. all ready to go, including all plugins, EQ, etc. Love it. 7) how does samp work with ez drummer or addictive drums? does it set up properly with the multi track outs of those programs? i like 8 tracks set to the main midi track to control mic'ing in thos programs *Like I mentioned in #6. It integrates well with dfhSuperior, so should be fine with EZdrummer. I don't have addictive, but Samplitude loads up extra channels - in various configurations of your choosing - for multichannel plugins. 8) how good is the hardware insert? if i want to use some outboard reverbs or comps etc? *This is relatively new feature that I honestly don't use very much, but once it's configured for delay compensation, etc. I found it to be pretty good. I've tested it with external TC and Eventide effects with no problems. 9) dumb question here but you can set up samp to work on dual monitors correct? *Yes. I have it running on 4 (!) total (because I'm nuts, and my eyes are getting old) using TripleHeadToGo (3 Dell monitors), and an extra 20" monitor. I use the main 3 for tracking and large mixers, and the 4th monitor for all the plugins and such. It's sexy and looks great for clients. 10) hos is ASIO implementation with an RME FF 800? *RME in general is very Samplitude friendly. I have an older Multiface I that is rock solid on my laptop. I don't have the FF, but haven't heard of any problems. Have fun! Greg
  14. Looks like no takers, I'll be the first to say that after reading the help files and trying to work my way through the program I'll admit defeat and uninstall it. You only waited two days for a response? OK.... This hasn't been a focus for the developers. It DOES exist for most VST's. It IS a request that they are working on, but the development has been focused on automation, side-chaining, external hardware integration, etc. etc. Did you try the external hardware configuration? Sorry you didn't give Samplitude more of a chance, since it's MUCH deeper than the other hosts in many ways, and the instrument definitions can be mapped in manually rather than automatically. Greg Sorry Greg I use Sonar 7.02 and Cakewalk Forums have a very quick response time and a very informed and helpful user base. I'll have a go at your suggestion though, so thanks. I really like the Samplitude Audio Engine so I won't give up on it yet. OK, sounds like a good plan. Once you get acquainted with Samplitude, it will grow on you I presume the response on the main registered forum is much more immediate compared to the newcomer section. It's a great, supportive, knowledgable community. Have fun, Greg
  15. Orangehill's skins are great, and my latest favorites are the Birdline skins. Very nice. http://www.birdline.gr/ Greg
  16. Looks like no takers, I'll be the first to say that after reading the help files and trying to work my way through the program I'll admit defeat and uninstall it. You only waited two days for a response? OK.... This hasn't been a focus for the developers. It DOES exist for most VST's. It IS a request that they are working on, but the development has been focused on automation, side-chaining, external hardware integration, etc. etc. Did you try the external hardware configuration? Sorry you didn't give Samplitude more of a chance, since it's MUCH deeper than the other hosts in many ways, and the instrument definitions can be mapped in manually rather than automatically. Greg
  17. It sounds like I could cover a good deal of ground with Sequoia and then maybe just use something like Ableton if I need to do loopy stuff. Remotely distinct paradigms and approach between Samp. and Live. In Samplitude you can slap down enless loops in a track by hitting ctrl-D, or by other means. Live is different. I find Samplitude much more transparent this way, but then the approach is very different. I've mixed a friends composition done in Live in Samplitude, so this approach works great also. Greg
  18. MIDI has been upped dramatically over V8,9 and 10. No comparison to before V7. It is supposedly a little behind still compared with Logic and Sonar, but in comparison to ProTools, that has itself an even shorter history than Samplitude when it comes to MIDI, I don't know if you really will be dissapointed. Cheers, Sebastian I'm a moderately deep MIDI user nowadays, and am totally happy with Samplitude's MIDI features. Definitely mature and competitive IMO. Samp's history has always been audio quality, so that's where it excels over the other hosts that MAY be stronger in the MIDI department. Greg
  19. This is a request currently running in another thread. Currently there are no direct playlists as some people are used to in PT, but there IS the ability to simply load a template project and be ready to go. You can open up multiple VIP projects and edit between them. I've done this with no real issues other than staying organized . It's not directly transparent as playlists would be, but it DOES work very elegantly. Yes, the whole power of Sampliquoia is the object editing, so you can grab grouped objects in many permutations (neighboring tracks, distinct tracks, distinct objects, etc.) and cut/splice them as you desire. If automation is applied to the tracks or objects, then the faders (or whatever) SHOULD migrate or copy over accordingly. Yes, you can save a whole VIP project as a 'session' - in essence a starter template for future projects. I have several starter projects that I've built over time with drums, guitar, bass, etc. all mapped and ready to go. Individual tracks can be saved as a template as well as mixer setups. Heck yeah. I use Atmosphere, and am now toying with Independence. I also use multichannel VST's such as dfhSuperior, which can be routed out and/or recorded to separate tracks. MIDI synth tracks can be frozen (essentially turned into audio) with the touch of a hotkey. Sampliquoia seems optimized for RME hardware IMO/IME. I use an older Multiface I with my laptop. I am also having much success with Sonic Core (formerly Creamware) DSP cards. Rock solid clock sync with the RME's especially. I suggest going for dual core and lots of RAM. Highly optimized PC with all the background crap turned off. I personally avoid overclocking. I don't have an exact list of my latest desktop components, but I'm getting 50+ stereo tracks with tons of plugins, automation, etc. with no issues (scared the crap out of me to be honest). Not sure about your 190 tracks, but with a dedicated system it's a definite possibility. I recommend getting a configured system built by folks that know Samplitude. There is a list somewhere in the forum that I (or someone) can track down. HUI, and some other dedicated protocols are coming along. I'm currently integrating a new Yamaha 01V96V2 and am so far pleased with the results. I personally don't have a lot of experience with controllers, since I got so used to doing everything inside Samplitude . Hope this helps. Sequoia is helping guys win grammy's, so it's a definite contender Greg
  20. Well thanks for the reply, i'll be getting my hands on NI Komplete 4 or 5 and some other VSTi's form Steinberg, just wanted to know. @$3000.00USD it has to be better sounding and operationally great. I think it's worth it. Can i be directed to a place on this forum with MP3 Demo's of work done in Sequoia 10 ? Cheers. Andreas Neubronner has won grammy's using Sequoia. http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/neubronner.html You'll be in great company after joining the Samplitude/Sequoia community! Greg
  21. I thought it did. Somehow a friend with SE did it. Oh well... Greg
  22. You can export audio as an mp3 file directly out of Samplitude. No need for Lame. File>export audio>mp3 - adjust settings to your liking and hit OK, and it'll spit it out for you. No need to 'save-as' mp3. Greg
  23. I say go for it. You'll find many PT and Logic converts here - many due to being frustrated external synth integration works great if you have good sound card/hardware interface. Get a good stable PC and good audio interface (I recommend RME) You should have no problems. There's plenty of help here if/when you need it. It's a great community with active developers. Greg
  24. I honestly haven't taken the time to try multiple instances of V10 (believe it or not), but obviously multiple VIPs can be opened, so my next 'test' will be to do some 'external' hardware routing out to Scope (actually internal to the PC), and back in. It SHOULD work. Too much flexibility. Makes my head spin. Greg *****
  25. That's interesting! Is it because of the dongle or why 7.23? Best wishes, Peter Yes, 7.23 didn't require the dongle, so I can have multiple instances on the same machine. Greg
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