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  1. Believe it or not I still have V6, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, and now V10 on the same machine.

    Yeah! But why? O.k., I Understand but... Don't get me wrong I had the same on my computer (including V5 but except V10 on XP) and I always thought that I would switch maybe back for one project for any reason. But it never happend so on my new Notebook I just installed V10 and I'm fine with that. I already mixed a lot with V10 and sent it to someone with V8.31 for some more editing he does and got it back afterwards to go on...no problems! So for me there is no reason to keep my harddrives full with the older versions anymore. :blink:

    Best wishes,


    Like I said, no particular reason. Just nostalgic.

    Actually on my main DAW now it's just V10.x and 7.23, which I use for mixdown ITB routing through Scope environment.


  2. I'm recording a band live - no multi tracking, in my rehearsal studio using 11 channels. I'm playing in the band and will also watch the levels. Meaning, no engineer. Making sure I have a robust computer, presonus firestudio and Behringer ADA-8000, is it best to create one file and let it run throughout the session? Most tunes will be recorded in a single take. Or is it best to use a template and create a new file for each tune? Or does it matter?

    Also, it was suggested that I run my leads into my 16 channel Mackie desk to warm up the sound before it hits the presonus/digital gear. He suggested that I would find a "sweet spot" this way. Any comments on this concept?



    I use the template approach - even for just recording my own tracks at home since I don't want to lose the 'creative moment' farting around with settings. My template has two guitar, bass, drum (MIDI) all ready to go - as well as all relevent effects/plugins.

    Not sure about the Mackie 'sweet spot' approach...


  3. I use Samp v6, it works fine on XP. It also works on Vista but I can't rely on it. I was getting audio glitches every now and then using Echoaudio Gina3G card. It was also quite sluggish in Vista, and I'm using a quad core with 2gb of ram.

    Believe it or not I still have V6, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, and now V10 on the same machine.

    Somewhere I have the original V5.x floppies :)

    Call me nostalgic.


  4. Oh big time on the audio side. I agree. I have access to Nuendo 3 / Cubase 4 (.1 sucks btw ) , Adobe Audition, PT HD3, Final Cut Pro, Vegas, etc..for the different places I go and things I do, but for pure audio..samplitude / Sequoia is top notch.

    There are for me and some of the producers I work with, some MIDI only features that are right now either missing or ALMOST implimented in sampliquoia. Not a lot of stuff, but stuff we are all used to. Multi-Overdub being taken out because of its issues is kind of a let down, but I know they want to fix it and bring it back.

    The midi plugins in cubase / logic, are things that actually get used quite a lot with people I work with. If SAM-DEV came up with even just a couple good ones, yeah I could easily make permanent sales for Magix, man I so want to do that too. Make Chicago a Samplitude / Sequoia town. Damn! :)

    But to get back to the origional posters query : If you choose Samplitude, we are here to help. if you go Cubase, you have cubase.net ( wich I can honestly say needs a fresh start )

    Actually, I've been doing more label remix work almost exclusively using 99% Sasha's plugins. Ammunition is friggin' awesome!


  5. A lot of people are still on logic 5.5.1 for the midi features. If Sampy can get some of these, then I wouldn't even mention it anymore. :)

    Thats all really, since vsti's are such a hot commodity, then naturally the midi side of any daw needs to be able to do what you want / need it to do. but really its no biggie, as Im sure magix have some ideas up their sleeves for updates to 10. :)

    With Samp. 10's latest MIDI upticks in features such as full automation, I believe Magix closed the last of the 'gaps' between it's native MIDI functionality and something like Cubase.

    Even with V9.x I found myself no longer needing to go external to Samp. for ANY MIDI functions, and I'm getting pretty deep with MIDI guitar, routing/layering, sequencing, comping, etc.

    I personally think the 'MIDI argument' is over. Besides, it comes down to the AUDIO quality, and NOTHING beats Samplitude. I don't CARE what anyone says about the other hosts anymore. Believe me I've done my own tests over the past 12 years + in DAWS (Atari Logic anyone), and am not turning back after using Samplitude since V5.x.

    The problems people have seem to be very sparse compared to the number of users that have stable systems. I've read through the other hosts' forums and see a LOT more complaints about bugs and incompatibilities with computer setups or VST's, or whatever.

    I say stick with Samplitude and we'll all help you have fun and keep things stable! :)


  6. sorry if this question seems stupid, i'm just a hobby musician that would like to start to learn more about (pre) mastering etc.

    are the track effects presets (eq, dynamics etc.) given for the different applications (instruments, voice etc.) any good / do they make sense (would audio engineers use similar settings e.g. for compression), so that i could learn from them or - even better - actually simply use them if the ear says yes?

    and the same goes for amphibia / amp track etc.?

    thank you!

    (i'm back from the doctor from an ear investigation, and from what i heard, it's probably not the best idea to trust my ears but to follow some guideline numbers.. i do not seem to hear anything above 8 khz anymore, f..k, and i'm still young :rolleyes: and do not make techno)

    WOW, you have a serious problem if you do not hear anything above 8k.

    For mastering you need GOOD EARS.

    And a lot of experience with GOOD EARS.



    All native plugins, EQ, etc. are superb in Samplitude.

    Amphibia is my first go-to plugin for inline compression on drums and guitars.

    The new Ammuunition in v10 is awesome!


  7. this friendly forum, the very good support and the kind PMs received to help me have converted me !!!! That's it i have purchased SAM Pro 9 this morning !!! I just need to wait for UPS now...

    As an information : SAM Pro 9 is VSTi 2.4 so Stylus RMX and all the vsti are pefectly compatible ! I am really happy. Buying Nuendo would mean at least 4 times the price i have paid for SAMP PRO 9. Can you believe it ?

    My DAW is based on a DSP system (soniccore / creamware boards) and i know people that are very happy with the SAM/soniccore combination. Goooooo !!!!!

    A new SAM fanatic,

    Welcome aboard Neil Finn (from Crowded House - hehe).

    I suppose I'll see you over at the Scope planetz.com forum as well.

    Have fun!


  8. There is a consumer encoder in NERO 7 Premium which wil accept interleaved files from Samplitude.

    I heard recently that Magix has an encoder now too for its home video programs.

    There is no provision for it directly in Sequoitude yet though.



    I'm still investigating whether the surround encoding in Video Deluxe or Movie Edit Pro are 'real' surround, or just stereo emulated functions.


  9. Hi Kraz !

    Right..so thats how i imagined it.. so Samp really truely doesnt import ACID Files (the ACID feature in the file anyways) ...it just loads them as waves . It doesnt read the imbeded BPM info. like in ACID. You`d have to manually T/S each file for it to do the same thing.

    Rex works the same way but the slices just conform to your Hosts tempo . I do use them Via RMX ,but it would be nice if Samp could recognize these formats.

    The reason being , is that when you can import a ReX file then you can manipulate the audio slices very easially since its easier to see whats going on with the wave forms than just the midi file and edit groups in RMX.

    Its not a big deal, it would just be convienent in some situations :wub:

    Cheers , Rich

    You can always just 'compose' in Acid and then export the whole tracks into Samplitude for sweetening and mixdown.


  10. for speed = hotkeys!

    Acid files (wav's) - you can fly the loops in just fine in Samplitude. You can't 'draw' them in like in Acid, but you can bulk-copy along the time line - and it's all non-destructible.

    elastic function is great because you can do the stretch by pitch OR time, OR both - on a per object basis!

    MIDI functionality in Samplitude 9.1 is awesome and in my opinion matches the other MIDI-centric hosts out there.

    video can be imported as .avi's and I'm also toying with synchronizing via MTC with Magix Video Deluxe for other video-centric requirements.


  11. In many other discussions on this (and other) forums, the guys at Magix have said that GQ is coming soon AFTER the 9.1 release. Other features have higher priority.

    My opinion is that GQ is a bit of a crutch, when you can just key in the groove yourelf (?).

    You can probably tweak the existing beat detective function to get some results approximating what GQ does.


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