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  1. The list is coming soon. See Volker's post above. Greg
  2. Atmosphere working fine here. Jamsitix records MIDI in the background, and currently (until 9.1) all you need to do is drag the MIDI file into a track. Otherwise Jamsitx is triggering dfhSuperior also fine in my setup. I have YET to find a VST that doesn't work. Greg
  3. Volker corrected me on another post that groovequantize will not be in 9.1, but is planned. I figure something might show up towards Summer - seeing how quickly, yet thoroughly Magix works. Lots of other MIDI features and enhancements ARE coming in 9.1 Greg
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Sorry that groove quantize will not make it in - not that I would ever use it Greg
  5. So, from bits and pieces of posts elsewhere I have a list of updates coming in 9.1: VST internal recording improved routing schemes and enhanced routing capabilities multi-track MIDI editing enhanced score with 'standard' scanner import (?) ability to separate MIDI instruments out into separate tracks (i.e. for drums) groove quantize (?) I probably missed some, but that looks like a LOT of work for the devs. Can't wait. 9.02 is doing great here! Greg
  6. The elastic audio can stretch with or without pitch change. Actually moving sounds in a timeline is dirt simple - just move the audio/MIDI object (or define a position) - all non-destructively. What I meant was that you can now pick a range, define the no. of beats per measure (or whatever), and then put markers on the peaks, etc. , but currently there is no actual 'groove quantize' feature. I usually just play MIDI drums over the audio groove. Definitely grab the demo, watch some of the videos here: , and jump in.Greg
  7. Yeah, definitely grab the demo and jump in. Like I mentioned, I realized watching the demos at NAMM that I have already been doing something approximating groove quantize, only that I think the Samp. devs will have a much more elegant approach soon. Greg
  8. That's why I'm here. Magix usually comes through stay tuned, Greg
  9. There are already several other posts on this topic, including one I replied to earlier today. It IS rumored (and mentioned in other posts) that this is planned for 9.1 (amongst other expanded MIDI features). In the interim you can do composite range/grid/beat/loop functions to determine tempo, beats, and cut points that will get you close to the same result. Demos of these features in Cubase and Logic at NAMM looked really clunky. I will bet that Samplitude's MIDI features will surpass the other apps very soon, since they have a whole team working on it - so feel free to jump in! Have fun, Greg
  10. They are already bundled in Samplitude 9.x. If these are all that's required to 'push you over the edge', then check back in a month or so for 9.1 . Greg
  11. My understand is that improvements in this area are coming in 9.1. In the meantime you can pick a range and give it a number of beats in the grid setup, set your bar/mesure setting up to 1/16th, and pick the choice for resetting the tempo. The MIDI tracks will remap to the new tempo. I realize this is a workaround from what people EXPECT to be able to do - like it SUPPOSEDLY does in Logic (looked cludgy at NAMM last month), but I have faith that the Samp. dev's are working on it. Greg
  12. I jumped from Notator Logic on Atari directly to Samplitude 4 eons ago and never looked back. I have ALWAYS enjoyed the professional demeanor and pro-participation of the developers - despite how busy they are. Have fun, Greg
  13. You can save sessions, or channels as presets, or mixer setups - so once you have things setup the way you like to work, just save it and it will always come up in a flash. Have fun, Greg
  14. No, but the Sascha suite can now be purchased separately. Greg
  15. range markers are so old school <hehe>. Old habits die hard. I prefer the real-time range setting in Samplitude rather than having to tell the darn timeline where a range is. Greg
  16. Yeah, the workarounds are always there, and for me it's hotkeys that rule the day. I'm no coder, but I would REALLY like to be able to setup scripts with bundled hotkey sequences at least. I know some folks are already working on it using 3rd party scripting, but I don't have time to learn all that - I just need to bundle hotkey sequences. I know this is coming, but at least Samplitude does 100% of what I need - even MIDI - at this point, and does it EXTREMELY well! Greg
  17. I use 'heavier' effects tools like Atmosphere, and dfhS, and use tons of effects and mix-bus stuff, and it's awesome to be able to hit a button and burn the mix. Samplitude does all the tasks you mentioned that you are doing - only a little bit more elegantly. Greg
  18. Well, you're in luck. You can hear effects during recording if you have the effects monitoring turned on and/or are working in the new hybrid engine mode. This includes reverb tails and delay lines, etc. rendering/freezing, etc. is all done later on - and even that is optional - not a requirement. You can also just 'render' the whole song via the mixdown button in the mixer. From there you can burn to CD. Greg
  19. It doesn't do that now? Have you tried recording multiple tracks simultaneously and checking the take manager? Greg
  20. I think, depending on the density of the material (i.e. kick drum vs. vocals, etc.), it will go for a 'default' scan that matches the perceived tempo, or of course, go for the click-tempo. Have you tried something simple like drums? After that try more dense material like synth, guitar, or vocals and see what happens. ALL the supposed 'audio quantize' and 'beat tracker' features I saw demo'd on Cubase, Sonar, and Logic at NAMM were done on DRUMS. Much easier than something else. Greg
  21. From what I saw of those 'other hosts' versions of audio quantize at NAMM, the Remix Agent can be tweaked to work in the same fashion. I haven't had time lately to really try it, but other posters have mentioned that this is how they are using it. Greg
  22. You can also freeze a MIDI track, and Samplitude will render the track including all effects, etc. - even the reverb trails! I was blown away the first time I tried it. It replaces the MIDI track with a wave object that can be mixed and burned directly to CD if you wish. Greg
  23. Samplitude's Remix Agent is by far easier to use than what I saw of the autoslicer or audio quantizer at NAMM. They seemed clunky in comparison. Greg
  24. I'm not aware of specific updates being planned for the mixer, however, I'm pretty sure that because the mixers are bitmaps, that it may never totally expand to full-screen. Word is that the mixer setup will be upgraded in near future release. Save mixer position, whether it's open when you close the VIP, etc. There are other discussions in the past on the forum re: this and other mixer GUI requests. Greg
  25. Again, there is no external hardware support yet. It'll probably show up around v9.1 in a couple months. automation: the plugin automation has to be assigned. MOST plugins that I've tried are working with automation - at least the few settings that I've tried. To bypass the effects, just hit the button in the mixer. Here's a picture of one of my favorite Synthax skins. I left Cubase and Logic way behind a long time ago, and have never looked back. Have fun, Greg
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