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  1. You can't open .mmm project files in Samplitude, but you CAN render out your individual tracks in Music Maker and load them in Samplitude. Most of the soundpools work, but Samplitude doesn't see the 'harmony' information that's embedded in some of the Music Maker loops. Yes, you should just download the Samplitude demo and see how it runs on your system. This would also help you disqualify whether or not there is some conflict on your system that causes the crashes. Greg
  2. Check you KVR post. Media file manager, combined with Take Composer and Revolver tracks are a pretty good place to start. Greg
  3. Check out AATranslator. I don't know if/how well it works. There are some other Sadie users that may have tried it. Greg
  4. Ahh... you've found the OE. Pretty powerful stuff there. Anyways, the effects used in OE are built into that object, and the mixer effects are track-based. You can also send from object to aux track effects. I believe gain is extra gain that is pre-fader. It's also possible to freeze objects. I use a combination of object and tracks during mix, but for compiling CD's and mastering, etc. the object approach RULES! Check out Kraznet's Object editor tutorial videos on youtube being uploaded today! Greg
  5. Make sure all the track objects are ungrouped. The objects change color when you select them. Greg
  6. No. Not really a VST, and is native only to Samplitude 10 and 11 (can't remember if it was in V9 or not). Where did you find a V8 demo? Greg
  7. Toontracks ignores Samplitude, but it works. Greg
  8. THanks Greg, so I guess you can't do anything like that in samp huh? I know all of those techniques . They are just a lot less elegant than a one key global command . I need to be able to reduce or increase all volumes across the mixer or all pans etc. How is this achieved?? Like I said, if you temp-group all the tracks, then all controls will be grouped. Or you can assign a hotkey to 'hard' manually group track controls. But there is no global highlight-all-tracks (that I know of) because Samplitude ALSO uses objects in addition to just being a track-based paradigm. You have to select the tracks that you want grouped. If you want them to stay grouped, then use the 'group track controls' (for a more robust grouping), or link the tracks (via the mixer button or hotkey). It's just a matter of adapting Samplitude to your workflow because it is NOT Protools, and there are added functions when working with objects in addition to tracks. Greg
  9. shift (or ctrl to selectively select) + highlight tracks at the track name window to temporarily group tracks. ctrl+a selects all objects in the tracks if you want to do things like object fades, etc. Greg
  10. So, I'm presuming you're working with audio... Anyways, you'll have to trim/cut your object at desired bpm change positions and then slide the object edges using the time-shift mouse mode. In other words, if you have an object that's 16 bars long, and have tempo markers/changes at bars 4, 8, 12, then you should first cut the object at desired bar (or cue) positions, and then slide the edges over. No, it's NOT automatic, so it won't just make the audio slip/slide/warp into the new positions. Unfortunately it's been this way for a while in Samplitude (with it's objects) - later on the 'other guys' like Sonar, Logic, and Live eventually added in their 'warp' features. I'm doing some of this now on a lead-guitar track, and while it works, it can get clumsy and unpredictable if you have a lot of tempo changes in a short range - (or in this particular case odd time signatures as well). Is there room for improvement? Definitely. I have about 3 requests for improvements/updates with this feature. Greg
  11. MEP15 is a fairly decent video editing program. Greg
  12. Yes, turn on CPU meter in view options: The metering for each track will show up in the tracks' VU level. Greg
  13. The objects should bump to the desired grid-point if you nudge the node at the bottom-corner of the object using the pitch shift/time-stretch mouse mode. Greg
  14. I'm not sure, but I don't think Magix offers SFR anymore, and we're now on V11.1. Where are you planning on buying Samplitude, and have you tried the 30-day demo yet? Greg
  15. cool idea, you mean use pitch shift and time mode? no, probably just pitch shift, right? Greg
  16. Yes, try recording the bassline on guitar - using mostly low string, and then pitch down in Samplitude's Elastic Audio. Then run the result through Vandal bass amp and maybe amphibia. It's not real-time, but you wouldn't have to necessarily use MIDI. ...or just get a MIDI guitar (that's what I do ). Then there lots of options. Greg
  17. 1) I don't think so. 2) I don't think it's possible to remove from the list unless you turn them off before you scan your VST folder . Hmmmmmm... Greg
  18. Try some of the other automation modes. Greg
  19. I don't tweet. I'm not popular enough for people to give a crap about if I buy new shoes or not. It's a total distraction. Greg
  20. very similar. Revolver tracks combined with Take Manager is a pretty powerful combination. Greg
  21. Try turning on monitoring in the plugin's window, as well as on the the active track. Click on the speaker icon in the track. Greg
  22. You can also setup the audio output path in Kontakt and have audio tracks record the audio output in Samplitude coming from Kontakt. Make sure you have monitoring turned on in Kontakt. I usually just use track freeze. Greg
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