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  1. Version 9 or 10 SE? Not sure sidechaining is possible in either version. Greg
  2. yes, buy that man a beer, or maybe a ticket to a football game Greg
  3. I can't believe noone has responded up until now. Did you get this sorted out? I think if you group all the MIDI objects and go into the MIDI editor, then you can apply the desired Q across all objects. For longer empty MIDI objects, you can either just copy them (ctrl+d), or create a loop (ctrl+l) and drag more objects across the track. Anything else? Greg
  4. I'm not dealing with other DAWs, so everything is done in 32. If I need to render stems for other DAWs then I export at 24. Greg
  5. I do everything in 32-float, and then render 24-bit files for use in other DAWs. Sound quality will be good using this method. Greg
  6. Even when clicking notes in the midi editor with the hybrid engine enabled? Yes. The note-off issue doesn't seem to happen here on all (sustained/pad-type) patches. Haven't figured out yet why only Omnisphere does this. <workaround is to set a hotkey for MIDI panic/note off>. Greg
  7. However, no issues with Omnisphere here. Also, have been handling larger plugins such as Superior2 and Kontakt4 with no problems. Greg
  8. Hi use ASIO drivers for your sound card or audio interface. download the manual from the MAGIX website and read at least the introduction to learn to operate this programm. I came from Cakewalk and was a little bit overwhelmed by the numerous features of SAM. Regrds Anton i have asio already, is it something to do with the buffers ? You can always adjust the buffer settings and see if it improves. What is your audio interface and current buffer settings? Greg
  9. +1 (except that I usually drag-n-drop VIPs onto Samplitude icon on desktop, or load via the file menu) Greg
  10. Sascha, Just in case you haven't already noticed this related post: http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...st&p=168309 Thanks, Greg
  11. You can find there here www.youtube.com/kraznet Regards Kraznet Thanks for taking the time to split them up into tiny morsels. 'Life is like a box of chocolates' Greg
  12. Yes, freezing tracks captures everything that's resident on that track - including any inserted effects, etc. You can even freeze otherwise empty aux/submix channels that have effects on them It's also possible to freeze objects. I sometimes use freeze for rendering out a quick stem that can be dragged into any other editor (Protools, Sonar, DP, etc.) - since the frozen track or object IS a wave file. Gluing is an option for 'reattaching' multiple objects on a track. Try highlighting multiple objects and go to track (in menu), and glue track objects. Consolidating region is more similar to the mixdown function in Samplitude, since you can also mix distinct tracks, ranges (regions), or objects (depending on how you have things setup). I'm not at my machine right now, so other guys probably have other suggestions. Greg
  13. Object-editing in Samplitude is non-volatile, so once an object is trimmed, you can always drag the neighboring object-edges back over the trim area. Automation - right click on volume button in VIP track or mixer and delete the desired curve as a whole, or use another automation mode to overwrite the automation, or switch to automation mouse mode and window-grab the automation nodes that you want to delete/move, etc. Keep watching Kraznet's videos. They're very good. Once you get the hang of Samplitude's audio editing functions, there may be no turning back Greg
  14. If the Kore player .dll (or whatever it is) is in your main VST folder, it should see it. If the VST was installed elsewhere during the installation, then either migrate it or try creating a shortcut copy of it and move the shortcut (alias) to your VST folder. Rescan VST folder including 'failed' VST's and see what happens. In Samplitude sometimes VST's show up as a synth plugin, or under one of the other categories. Try loading it from the mixer channel rather than the VIP track. Otherwise not sure what else to recommend. Greg
  15. Yes (as mentioned in your other posts). Here's Kraznet's video showing the loop/bpm features. It works great. Greg
  16. Music Studio should give you a good taste of the Pro version. Have fun, Greg
  17. Pretty much yes to all the above. I don't know when the V11 demo will be out. The V10 demo already has most of the MIDI features that are in V11. Greg
  18. The AQ will detect 'beats', but to some degree the Remix Agent will also - although this nifty tool still needs a facelift IMO. Greg
  19. yes, the .wmv links can be shaky sometimes. Anyways, easiest way to get rid of markers is to go into the marker manager and just highlight them all and delete them there. Unfortunately the right-click 'delete all markers' up at the timeline does not really work (known bug IMO). Greg
  20. crashing during installation sounds like something more serious going on. Greg
  21. Ctrl+D duplicates objects, correct. Ctrl+L will create a loop of anything within a RANGE (doesn't have to be an object), and then you can just 'draw' in the loop tagged onto the end of the object. Both functions work perfectly. Greg
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