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  1. You can also select range. Hit ctrl+L, and then drag the end of the object, and it will draw in a loop of the range endlessly as far along in the track as you want. This is similar to the old Acid Pro (and others). Also, in my system settings I assigned ctrl+R keys for applying range over selected objects. Greg
  2. were they quantized as short notes? Were you zoomed out? unclear what you're seeing, so please consider posting a screenshot. Thanks, G
  3. congratulations on going Pro Studio is basically the (really) 'lite' version of Samplitude and Samplitude Pro. Be sure to join the Samplitude forum after it arrives. Have fun, Greg
  4. nothing is confirmed. You can scroll down manually, but cursor travel during playback will presumably stay the same. Greg
  5. What do you want (besides text and chord diagrams)? Greg
  6. highlight object and hit spacebar playback while holding down ctrl key. This solos the object for playback. I've also assigned a hotkey ctrl+R for 'range over all selected objects' under keyboard/Menu>edit range in system settings. Greg
  7. As far as i understand, is not a very complicated thing, just a trick to avoid to have lots of track for a single instruments because articulations and keyswitches, even their expression maps are just xml files. Even if it is propietary, i dont believe it is, VST is too, and you know, we are using it. Best Regards. Yes, understood. Still have read mixed results with re: to how well some synths respond to the expressions. and for all I know VST is licensed (but probably not) Greg
  8. New notation features such as...? VST expression seems proprietary to Cubase, and as well I'm not sure how many VST's out there actually respond to the expression commands. I don't know what's planned, if anything, but it's been requested to build in more chord symbols/text and some other things related to video-post. Samplitude does export XML out to Sibelius, etc. Greg
  9. Check out Kraznet's Jamstix video. I personally haven't tried using EZPlayer with Jamstix, though it does work well with Superior2. Unfortunately I don't have SSD. Greg
  10. and you can even use your Acid loops in MS15. Greg
  11. Hey, at least you'll get going with the program. It does everything a good inexpensive DAW should do (IMO). You can always contact one of the distributors off the Samplitude.com website and see if there are any upgrade deals available, but I think Music Studio (and Music Maker) are distributed via Magix directly. Greg
  12. The program is too cheap to offer upgrade deals (at least historically). Plus usually the English version is several months after the German release. Greg
  13. For pitchshift or timestretch use PSTS mouse mode and drag object edges (at the corner nodes) - OR - right click highlighted object and go to edit object>resampling timestretching and key in the values you want. To move CONTENT inside an object, I think ctrl+alt+9 or 0 moves content in predefined steps (I rarely use this feature). Greg
  14. Just post it here and they'll find it. Greg
  15. They musta taken down the old list comparing all Samplitude versions. Well, mainly MS is a scaled down Pro. Take away Ammunition, number of VST's per channel, enhanced time stretch, and a ton of other 'deeper' features, and you get Music Studio. Maybe someone will post the old list showing the comparisons. Greg
  16. yes, objects can be 'normal', timestretched, or content can be slid inside an object. Greg
  17. Or I sometimes just range loop record and keep the playback rolling as you record all the takes. fun stuff, Greg
  18. My old Samplitude 8 is more stable than new 11. With Sam 8 I can make 1,4 gb project in RAM - thats work stable. But the Sam11 above 1,1 Gb is going to crash. Every time. I have 8GB RAM and can not use. Up to here I was loading the .VIP from version 8, maybe here is the problem. I have problem because I'm using a lot of samplers in realtime. Hmm. What happens if you reconstruct the old V8 project in V11? Greg
  19. Ammunition is awesome. Otherwise DLV will give you a good taste. Greg
  20. Got it! http://www.samplitude.com/en/shop/samplitude_10_dlv.353.html OK. Good. Note that the DLV probably doesn't have all the latest plugins, etc. - but Music Studio does. Anyways, you should be good to go. Greg
  21. In the main forum, the devs mentioned that V11 is already LAA. I'm still on XP Pro with 3Gig switch, so I'm at least over 3Gig on a 4G RAM, but some people are already running W7 with more than 4G RAM with no issues. Overall Samplitude is a very stable program. Greg
  22. hmmmmm.....they used to have the V10 demo up on samplitude.com, but now, with the updated website, I can't find it! Hopefully someone will post a link. In the meantime, maybe download the Music Studio demo and dig in to that until the 'big' version is posted. Greg
  23. I don't know when 64-bit will come. They are apparently working on it. Samplitude is stable above 1.5G here. There is a LAA version of V10, and I think a LAA version of V11 is coming soon. (Have to search the forum to verify). Greg
  24. Is monitoring turned on in the channel you want to record on? What is your MIDI input channel set to? MIDI recording turned on in the channel? Greg
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