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  1. Good morning Greg,

    thank's for your efforts.

    No, till now I'm not a registred samplitude owner: I'm just looking for a new DAW, I've used Mackie's traktion but that one seem to be dead.

    So, there are three DAWs that are of further intrest:




    and I've three features that I compare between the three.

    1. Crossfade between two clips in different traks. Interesting issue. None ist supporting that in a direct way but with a little trick reaper is doing, sonar nearly and samplitude ... I don't know ;-)

    2. Routing of the filter and effects. I'm rather sad to miss the way traktion does. That is really impressing easy.

    3. Templates for filters and chain effects: You will say: just save as presets. No, I would like to have the used filters absolutely depending on the presets: when changing a preset, all the used filter that have initial used the same preset will follow ( for example just the way microsoft word is using the templates: changing the *.dot will chand the depending *.doc). But that is a feature none of the three is supporting (as fas as I know).

    I believe, I'have to mix all the three by myself (lol) , horst

    Not sure yet what else to suggest re: crossfades since I can't see what you're doing.

    Effects can be routed pre/post, and shared via aux bus, and...

    ...if I understand you correctly, effects can be grouped and setup inside each track/mixer channel, and then saved as a group preset that can be also loaded later on via a template VIP (or whatever), or merely calling up the fx preset. If you assign a preset to an object, you can clone it across other objects, or group objects and have all of them respond (depending on which effect, etc.). I have effect groups setup as fx insert/presets for guitar, vocals, drums, bass, etc.

    Good luck,


  2. I watched Kraznet's video on midi recording several times and tried it myself. It basically works, but not trouble free:

    1) I'm experiencing far more latency while recording than in my other host (Orion, same setup, same VSTs, same ASIO buffer size). So much that quantizing doesn't work correctly. What can I do about that?

    2) If I record, say, 4 bars and play over the limit into the 5th bar, then (after confirming to keep the recording) Samp replaces the recorded "MIDI Take1" with "MIDI Take2". The latter only has one hit in th efirst bar. If I open the Track Manager it's empty. No track in there.

    If I switch off "Loop" before recording, Samp automatically switches it on again as soon as I start recording (recording mode Normal).

    3) If I switch MIDI In source from my keyboard to my Axon system then I don't hear any sound. Samp recieves MIDI data, though, and I can see the peak meters operating while I play!? (Monitoring is activated)

    I'm evaluating Samplitude 10 downloadversion with an Edirol USB audio interface. Any known issues with those?

    Any hint appreciated, thanks in advance!

    • If you're loop recording/comping - such as recording over the 4 bars, then I think the different TAKES should show up in the Take Manager. Track manager would I believe only see the take that's visible in the track.
    • Not sure what to tell you about latency - I also use an Axon, and actually PREFER it to say, a Roland due to it's lower latency, and Samplitude doesn't seem to slow down if receiving good data.
    • If you have loop turned off, then you may still have a range highlighted. I think this has been fixed, but may not be fixed in the DLV.
    • Not sure why switching from keyboard to Axon doesn't work other than you may have to reset your MIDI input drivers in the systems settings ('Y' key).
    • Haven't heard of any issues with Edirols...

    Hope this helps,


  3. Sorry to hear it's still not working for you.

    If you're a registered Samplitude owner, then you can post on the main forum, and see if anyone can offer more help than I can.

    I've retested the auto-crossfade mode here in V10.21, and it seems to be working as intended. Otherwise, when I have some more time, I'll retest some more to see if there's a missing step somewhere.


  4. ----

    (I'm surely not the smartest guy around, but I'm not completely stupid either. I'd be willing to accept that Samplitude is only addressing an audience of accomplished audio professionnels, which I'm not. But here in Germany a crossgradable Samp 10 SE is destributed in magazins. Seems like Magix is targeting a customer segment right now which I am belonging to. I'm willing to take the bait, but it seems a pretty tough one to swallow. Sorry for bothering anyone with my frustration.)

    Well, we've all been in your position at one time or another - at least I have been - but that was years ago.

    I think very soon you'll find yourself suddenly having an epiphany when everything will suddenly make sense. ;)


  5. One way:

    Try changing to object mode, and also change snap mode to objects. Turn snap on.

    Then try smashing the two objects together (you don't have to group objects ahead of time)

    The other way (again, no need to group objects).

    Highlight a range overlapping the edges of the two objects.

    Open the crossfade editor and adjust settings. The crossfade should appear within the range (if that's you have it set). You can then adjust the points by dragging them with the mouse.

    It's in the help file :P


  6. HOORAY!

    So I hear you are going to have a dedicated video track in Samplitude 11! Hooray! Where's my credit card ... wait ... what? I hear you can only have one video file in this video track?


    I am desperate to ditch N****, but can't while it's the only app with features I utterly depend on - the only thing it does which Samplitude doesn't is having multiple video tracks on the timeline.

    One video track in Samplitude, and multiple video objects in Sequoia.

    Video ProX is cheaper than Sequoia, and you can EDL to/from VPX out of Samplitude. (You can do this now in V10.21).

    VPX also has MTC/SMPTE, so there's that option as well. :P

    By the way, even Music Maker has video tracks/objects :)


  7. Hi, just looking for a new software:

    is it possible to perform automatic crossfade between two clips that are part of two different traks?


    Yes, pretty much, but you'd need to temporarily group the two objects (ctrl+click/highlight) and then treat it that way.

    Ideally you can also just set a range (highlighted region) and add in a crossfade within the range using the crossfade editor.

    When in snap-to-object mode you can also bump the two neighboring objects together to get the crossfade (similar to video editing).

    Lots of options.


  8. Well, I *think* I figured it out. If I'm doing it wrong someone let me know...

    You have to create your midi track. Then record that midi track to an audio track. Then add fx to the audio track and mute the midi track.

    So when you build a song you're going to have two of each track, one midi and one audio. Then you mute all the midi and mixdown the audio. I guess...

    I'm coming from Cool Edit Pro so working with midi is new to me. Pretty cool though.. editing will be so much easier.

    Yes, I think that's the way you'll have to do it for now, since it looks like you're using separate USB inputs to record MIDI and audio - otherwise it might be possible to record both at the same time.

    What I would do is not even record audio, but only record MIDI, and then edit the MIDI to hearts' content until you're satisfied, and THEN record the audio for mixdown later on. In the meantime you can just monitor the audio during playback of the MIDI. This way you won't have to re-record the audio everytime.

    I recommend watching Kraznet's video tutorials here.

    Have fun,


  9. You can record Amplitube directly if you use it as an in-channel insert.

    I would record Amplitude as a raw amp (like a real amp), and apply effects later - of course this doesn't give you immediate 'feedback' on what you're going to hear with the effects.

    If you have hardware such as RME or Scope where you can loop back the audio output to a separate input, then it is possible to record effects separately.

    (If I'm understanding you correctly).

    Part of this limitation is also in Amplitube, since AFAIK it's an amp modeler with inline stomps, etc. - but still just one output.


  10. Seems to me you should be hearing effects on the AUDIO track, since your synth. is external to the computer, correct?

    So, you won't hear effects on MIDI tracks unless you use internal VST synths.

    Put the effects on the audio track that you're recording/monitoring from your synth. and see what happens.

    I also think the reason you were hearing feedback was that you were hearing the MIDI retriggering you synth.

    So, all pre/post fader settings won't matter until you put the effects on your audio track.

    At least that's what I THINK is happening, so I hope this helps.


  11. I've never been able to get this to work properly, and I personally don't consider this functionality to even be finished yet.

    I personally never really use it myself.

    At least the program gives you some options for MIDI files when you drag them into the VIP (tempo match, etc.) - but not for looping preview.

    Currently when I have autoplay set, and hit a MIDI file for example, playback starts, but I don't know where to map the playback to (which instrument? track?) - so there's obviously no sound.

    If someone can show me the trick to get it to work properly that would be awesome!

    To the contrary Magix 'baby brother' program Music Maker does this EXCELLENTLY - better than even Acid does (wonder who had this looping paradigm first :P ) IMO.

    Seems that all the Magixians need to do is build the MM looping functionality into Samplitude and we'll be good to go.


  12. Anyway . . . Is samplitude 10 pro equal to sonar 8 producer or cubase 5? idk, I've read so much today I think I am more confused then I was before I started.

    and is reaper any good?

    btw- I am still in high school so when I see $$$ I cry

    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes, Samplitude is in approximately the same market segment as Cubase 5, Sonar 8, Nuendo, and Pro Tools. IMO Reaper is still new and still mimicking/copying a lot of the basic favored features of the other major hosts such as Samplitude - and it's price-point puts it more in league with Music Studio - except that Music Studio has tons more features for the money, and is a much more mature program.

    The Reaper and Cubase people are very loyal to their program, so many don't venture out to see what Samplitude is really about.

    I would say if you're mainly doing audio ESPECIALLY check out Samplitude to see what it can do.

    There's plenty of tutorial videos and support here if/when you need it.

    Good luck,


  13. There are some people here, like me, coming from Music Studio.

    Yes, you can do some serious work with MS and it's the same workflow as Samp.

    Just for the moment, don't imagine using the istruments of MS in Samp...


    You can always freeze the instrument tracks and then import them into Samplitude Master/Pro later on.

    Also, I haven't had any problems with 3rd party VST's in MS VIP projects opening in Pro.


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