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  1. Hang in there Charlie, it took almost a week before I could post. Did you send some PM's to Andy per the sticky? Cheers, -Tony
  2. Phil, I'm new to Samplitude, but I did take a look at the first two videos in the list at YouTube. They seem to be the same ones that are on the install CD (with the female English voiceover). Cheers, Tony
  3. Update.... Finally able to post in the software forum now. Thanks andy-opf! Tony
  4. What do I need to do to be able to post? I've sent PM to Andy-Opf as suggested in the sticky, but received no reply, nor can I post in the Software forum yet. It's been almost a week since. Not a good way to start off..... Tony
  5. Has anyone ever come up with these tutorial VIPs ? I'm a new user of Samp 9 also, and come across the same problem... the videos refer to a bunch of VIPs named WS1, WS2, etc. They are not anywhere on the CD, so the big question is where do I get these files? Tony
  6. Hi, Received my Samplitude 9 Pro package today and got it installed and registered, but I cannot post in the Samplitude software forum. Since I can only post here I have a question. Q: When I download the updates, I see there are v9.01 and v9.02 updates. So do I need to install 9.01 first then follow with 9.02, or just go straight to 9.02? Thanks, Tony
  7. You can add me to this list too, I ordered Samplitude Pro v9.... should get it next week. After working a little with the demo, I was convinced. Can't wait to get started. I've been viewing the Kraznet videos and found them to be quite helpful, although I'm sure I'll have many questions for the veterans here. Tony
  8. Hi Everyone, After playing with the Samp v9 demo for a while I decided to order Samplitude v9 Pro. My package should arrive next week. I'm really excited to begin working with it. Been a Cubase SX3 user for the past year, but decided not to get Cubase 4 due to, well, you know the story in recent weeks.... (plus, a version 4.02 update just posted, and users are already complaining about the numerous issues that were not addressed in the update). I also looked at the Sonar 6 demo, and while it does have a lot of nice features, I felt that the audio engine was a bit unstable. There's also quite a few folks on the Sonar forum having problems with crashing and stability. Since I do mostly audio recording, editing, and mixing and just occasional MIDI stuff, I think Samplitude will be a good choice for me. Plus the object oriented editing feature is awesome. Can anybody recommended some good tutorials or books that cover all the features in Samplitude? I've already viewed the tutorials by Kraznet (which are great, by the way!). Looking for stuff I can read or learn while waiting for the program to arrive. Anyway, just wanted to say hi all and looking forward to being a Samplitude user. Tony
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