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  1. Thanks Sebastian, I have copied the url of the page and told him - thanks.
  2. I often recommend Samplitude and Sequoia on various forums. Someone has taken me up on my recommendation and is trying to download the demo of Samplitude Pro. However - he seems to be having trouble and has just posted THIS on the Souind On Sound forum. He says:- "Every time you recommend samplitude I fully intend to go check out the demo and for whatever reason I dont. This time I will persevere, John. Well i did persevere, have registered with them, got my email and logged on and..... no sign of a demo, even on the addons and demos link. Now where is the scratching head smiley....? " Please can someone help him? Thanks. John
  3. As far as I am aware all Magix audio editors use the same basic engine - that would mean that there is no sound quality difference at all between them. The differences being in the facilities you get for the money. So, should be no problem with 24-bits. Personally I think I would go for Samplitude SE over Music Studio as MS is limited to 48kHz and SE will do 96kHz.
  4. I can imagine the question, but hey, if I had the money I'd buy Sequoia as well.(the best all-in-one program there is) Unfortunately I don't have the money, but I'm happy with Samplitude V10 You will be delighted with Sequoia - I am. It's worth it for the source/destination editing alone.
  5. Send an e-mail to Samplitude Service with all the details and they should sort it for you.
  6. Just bumping this. I'm definitely up for training with Eric - it's well worth it and excellent. But a small group would make it more cost-effective for us all. So............................ ?
  7. Magix's Dongle policy is fair and good. If you lose a Dongle or it gets broken or stolen - you report it to Magix who imediately block it. You can buy a replacement Dongle, which is delivered quickly. If continuous working is vital for your business, you can buy a spare "emergency" Dongle which can be put into use immediatly. The cost, I am not sure, but I think it's about £100 (but that could be €100, I'm not sure). All very fair and reasonable I think. At least, that's my understanding of how it works.
  8. Why not upgrade to XP Pro - XP Pro with SP3 is supposed to be better than Vista. I think I will skip Vista completely and only upgrade when Windows7 comes out. Having said that - people do seem to have Samplitude running well on Vista machines, so I don't think you will have a problem. It may just be in the settings.
  9. Ring Tom at Orange Hill - he is very helpful. Either the upgrade code hasn't taken or you have a faulty or corrupted CodeMeter - as I see it. Tom should be able to talk you through it. As an aside - have you installed the latest CodeMeter Runtime v3.20c? It may not work if you still have an earlier version insytalled. If you have an earlier version, download and install the latest version. Or maybe you just have to click the update button to install the latest code ........... ? I hope this helps.
  10. The second dongle can be useful for a pro studio as an emergency spare that can be used immediately if the original gets damaged or stolen. I *think* it has a limited life until fully activated by telling Magix support to block the original and activate the new. At least that's how I understand it. Though Murphy's Law states that you will probably have forgeooten where you safely stored the emergency dongle just at the time you need it.
  11. This is all very good news, Eric! I await the SOS articles with interest, and hopefully a few of us can pool together for some further training later in the year. Thanks for the info. Ditto - I'm up for it. And I have mentioned several times to Sound On Sound that Eric's excellent Samplitude pages should be more often and regular than now. Thanks Eric.
  12. Sequoia is amazing and I strongly recommend it - but as I do classical and don't use the facilities you are asking about; I will leave it to others to give the detailed answers. Hardware interface - I use the RME Fireface, but would get the Prism Orpheus if I had the cash.
  13. Yes - he's excellent. Yes - that's the main reason I upgraded. Actually I may have to go back to Eric again for a bit more fine tuning. I was wondering whether it would be useful for a few of us to pool resources and have a small group training ???
  14. No, I have not compared them to the Lavry Blue - I just know that the Prism are about the best on the market bar non and the Orpheus has the same converters that are in the £5,000 Prism unit - that's why I'm drooling. The next best are the Audio & Design ones (reviewed in the latest Sound On Sound) at a tenth of the price of the Prism - but that only has an AES3 out and is not a soundcard like the Orpheus.
  15. Hi Indiana and welcome. Sequoia blows all the others away. It's as good as SADiE (if not better) at less than a quarter of the price. I started with Samplitude and upgraded to Sequoia and have just upgraded to Sequoia 10. It's the source/destination editing that clinched it for me and it's worth every penny of the extra over Samplitude. Editing is so much more accurate and faster, so much so that even my client commented on how much better it was. And the service and backup is second to none - not only is this forum very helpful, proservice is also fast and helpful. I had problems getting the upgrade code from the website on Thursday night and sent an e-mail to pro-service . The code was e-mailed to me on Friday morning and the upgrade worked perfectly. Much better than others. I can't comment on the Lynx issue as I use RME (but am drooling over the new Prism Orpheus). I hope this helps. But Sequoia is the best - go for it.
  16. Will you be doing an updated Optimization Guide for v10, Tom?
  17. It sounds like your registration has not taken - send an e-mail to Samplitude Support - proservice@magix.net They will sort you out.
  18. You *only* need to do this is if you are upgrading v8 to v9. If you are just installing v9 you do *not* have to do this upgrade on the CodeMeter as you already *have* a v9 CodeMeter.
  19. Not yet - just drooling. I saw it at the AES in Vienna (Wien). I think it is on the market now - I know that 0VU (who frequents the Sound On Sound Forum) is due to get one to try from Prism as soon as it's available. He *does* use Sequoia, but I'm not sure he frequents here; he does know urmeric well. I will try and find out if he has tried it out yet and what he thinks - my understanding is that it has all the Prism ADA quality at a much lower cost than their other units. I'm too scared to try it - knowing that if I did I would have to buy it - and I'm getting low on cash, now I have just ordered the upgrade to Sequoia 10.
  20. No contest - Prism Orpheus. I think it's about £2 - 3,000, though. Otherwise - RME. I use the RME Fireface 400 (but drool over the Prism)
  21. V10 is only starting to ship this week I understand. If Magix have made an error, give them a shout and get it swapped. But, and v9s sent out over the last few weeks or so all have a voucher for a free upgrade to v10.
  22. Ypo *do* get full support with Samplitude - you just have to have a registered copy first.
  23. Hi Mark, Sequoia is fabulous and I will get v10 as soon as I can. SADiE is also superb, but way way out of anything I can afford. Even Sequoia was a lot for a spare-time recordist like myself. But Sequoia is so superb it was worth the push for me. Better than SADiE? - I would probably say equal but different - Eric has excellent experience of both and I will take what he says, as he has the first-hand experience. Eric does excellent courses on both Sequoia and SADiE and worth every penny (I spent a day with him learning Sequoia's source/destination editing).
  24. Samplitude all the way. Sounds better = doesn't have a sound. Samp. does not change the sound and it's totally neutral and trustworthy. I would not use anything else.
  25. Hi Mark, I think Tim has answered it pretty well. I do exactly this - load Sequoia on several PCs and move the CodeMeter (dongle) to whichever I want to use. Mostly laptop, but I prefer to burn masters and DDPs on the Plextor drive on the mains machine. I tend to use Sequoia only for editing, preferring a dedicated recorder for the actual recording - though I am drooling a bit over the Prism Orpheus. I didn't know about the maintenance contract - I got Sequoia as an upgrade from Samplitude Pro. If you get v10 you get free upgrades until version 11 comes out and then it's 20% of the price (say about £400) to upgrade from v10 to v11. Unfortunately I only upgraded to Sequoia 9 about 4 months ago and I will have to pay the upgrade about a year sooner than expected. - ahh well, c'est la vie.
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