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  1. Someone else will have to answer this - from my point of view its the equal of SADiE at 20% of the price. Samplitude and Sequoia share the same engine and many questions are pertinent to both - just that Sequoia has extras way and above Samplitude. I don't have a list but know very well respected engineers trust Sequoia over the others - that's why I bought it in the first place. It's the price it is because of what it does - Sequoia has been around for quite a while and is very well respected by those in the know. Many companies do this - have both top and bottom end products. I think the history was that Magix bought Samplitude / Sequoia from Sek'd in the same way as Adobe bought Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium as they had the money to progress it fully. I don't think you will be disappointed, but thers will need to go through this bit with you. For classical music editing, Sequoia has the finest editor out there, equal to SADiE but much cheaper. I certainly would not touch any of the others - personally I rejected both Pro Tools and Nuendo for what I want to do.
  2. If you buy Samplitude now you will get a voucher for a free upgrade to v10. This does not apply to SE, though, as far as I am aware - if it's anything like v9, the v10 version of SE will be about 9 months after the main laubch.
  3. Suggestion - how about bundling these with Sequoia for location recording without a Dongle - do the raw recording with Sam 10 and edit at base with Sequoia. Maybe the original registration of the Sam 10 version needs the Sequoia CodeMeter to prevent fraud - but it seems a good idea - please. :) :) :) :) :) :)
  4. CodeMeter is very secure - probably the best - and Samplitude and Sequoia have not been cracked since the CodeMeter was introduced. It is very reliable and should not cause any trouble in a project once started. If you break it you can get a free replacement, if you lose it you can buy a replacement relatively cheaply - you do *not* have to buy a complete licence all over again like other software packages. These can be supplied very quickly. You *can* purchase an emergency CodeMeter as a spare if you are very frightened - I'm not sure how this works, though. I would have thought it would work immediately, but with a limited life until you move the full licence over to the new CodeMeter. I hope this helps.
  5. You ignore that bit as you already have a v9 dongle - it goes away in 3-days (it only returns in case of problems).
  6. Really? I updated to 3.20c from the Magix Samplitude Download site days ago.
  7. SE does not have Dual CPU support - all other versions do. The comparison chart is HERE.
  8. My understanding is that the upgrade from one version of Samplitude to the next is the difference in price. So if you get Classic and then want Pro the price will be the Pro price less the cost of the Classic you already have. Personally I started with Pro and realised that I really needed the advanced crossfade editor that was in Sequoia and so upgraded - exactly as I said above. It's a great program - enjoy.....
  9. You can always download the Demo Version and have a play at home.
  10. As far as I know, there is no on-line upgrade and it *does* need a dongle. The upgrade price is the difference between the one you have and the one you are going to. If you are desperate, how about using the downoadable Demo Version for the short time it takes until your upgraded version turns up. Generally speaking the dongle is fine if you are using the latest version. I hope this helps.
  11. I bought Samplitude and was so happy I upgraded to Sequoia - and yesterday was the first time that a client I am editing for commented on how great the program was. Why not send a PM to urm eric who did the review and ask him personally? I went over to him for a training day on Sequoia - well worth it and means I can use it much better. It's a great program.
  12. Hi digitalaudio, You really need to look HERE and HERE where this has been discussed in detail. But sit down with a cup of tea, as there are 456 postings on the first thread and 17 on the second (as of the time I post this reply).
  13. Yes SADiE is good - but Sequoia is just as good (if not better) at about a quarter of the price. The good news is that there is an easy upgrade path from Samplitude to Sequoia when you have the funds available. I did it this way - and the 4-point editing in Sequoia is very much faster than Samplitude - but that's what the extra dosh is for. Samplitude / Sequoia are superb programs.
  14. Hi Cyrral, Persist, Samplitude is an excellent program. I got so hooked I upgraded to Sequoia - and now I'm so hooked on the Source /Destination edit in Sequoia I'm glad I made the switch. And - considering it's as good (if not better) than SADiE at a quarter of the price.....................
  15. The best option is to sit with someone who knows the program. I spent a day, yesterday, with urm eric learning some if the details of Sequoia - and it was worth it's weight in solid platinum. If there is someone close to you who knows the program , it will be well worth it, and better than any book.
  16. Yes, it's easy - but it depends how you record. If the wav files already exist you create a new folder and start the new vip project in that folder. Import the wav files. The vip and all associated stuff will be in the new folder, while the wavs stay in the original folder. Though, I must admit, I do prefer, myself, to have everything for a project in the same folder.
  17. Well it wasn't in the July issue just received. Let's just hope that SOS will put it in the August issue instead of the September issue.
  18. For this use, use a short USB extension cable so the Dongle doesn't get damaged if it gets knocked.
  19. Sorry, I've not used MMM 2006. You will find quite a few Cubase users coming here, though. And I like Samplitude so much that, after buying the Pro version, I upgraded to the full version of Sequoia. It's an excellent program. But you do need to allow time to get to know a program. The Samplitude engine is, I think, the very best out there.
  20. Yes, I'm looking forward to the next one in the next issue of SOS. Having had a good talk with Eric, I hope to go over to his place for a personal training session (after my Sequoia upgrade arrives).
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