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  1. Yes, that and the DDP DVD burning. For me it is an extremely expensive option, as I only do this spare time (Sennheiser/Neumann pay the mortgage) and it does not get used that much. Just this year I have a contract to do four piano CDs and I'm spending a large chunk of the money on Sequoia. It's hugely expensive - but everyone I speak to tells me it's well worth it - so I have bitten the bullet and ordered the upgrade from DACS (not in stock, so I have to wait a week). Hopefully it will arrive in time so I can burn the DDP DVDs that have to go to the pressing plant later this month (Though I suppose I could chat up out mutual friend IR in HW to do it for me on his system if it doesn't arrive in time).
  2. Thanks Eric - your SoS columns are much appreciated - just want more of them But - the one thing I HATE about Samplitude is that I will never use about 90% of what it does - and what I DO need is all in Sequoia - so I've just forked out for the upgrade
  3. I had a similar (though not identical) problem - discussed HERE with the solution. It may help.
  4. So if you don't like it you can use the paper for another purpose? John
  5. BWF is a WAV file - it just has a bit more info in it, but it is treated exactly the same as a WAV file.
  6. Yes - I use BWF files all the time (24/96 from Fostex FR-2). But even v7 could do this
  7. OK - I now have my laptop fired up. You will see various markers you can set:- M - Set Marker - This just sets a marker for you to use, it has no bearing in the CD. T - Set CD Track Index - You use this at the start of every track on the CD. S - Set CD Sub Index - This is the sub-marker for a CD, setting a mark within a CD track (eg: new movement in a classical piece). Some CD players can't jump to or display these. P - Set CD Pause Index - Does what it says, I don't use this one at all. E - Set CD End Index - This goes in automatically at the end of the last track. Also................. If you click on "CD/DVD" at the top - the drop-down list gives you various options The CD Track / Index Manager enables you to title the tracks and a sub menu enables you to put more information into CD Text that can be displayed by modern CD players. CD Disc Options enables you to write in the disc informations. There are also options to write in the ISRC codes if you are registered. I hope this helps. This really is about the best CD burning around.
  8. It sounds like you are not putting the markers in properly - Samplitude has a superb CD burning. The little "T" is the track start-ID and you can put these wherever you want. You can also put in the intermediate markers if you want (though many CD players won't go to them). You also have the option of putting in CD text about the track if the CD player can read this information. If you still have difficulty, post back. I don't have Samplitude open at the moment (It's on my laptop and I am at work with their PC). I hope this helps.
  9. Regular - but not every month. I have just passed on my thanks to Eric via Hugh at SOS with the plea for "regular and very often". But Steinberg users do need more help as they don't have a helpful Forum like Samplitude/Sequoia.
  10. It's probably because you are not set up prope4rly or not using the correct password. It's different from the one you registered the product with and you have to register separately for the forum. Look at the top pinned post and it tells you what to do if you have a posting problem. People are helpful here - really.............
  11. CD burning has been improved with more dithering options and a verification check that compares the burned disc to the original file.
  12. I have not been a Cubase user - but the following was posted on the Sound On Sound forum by a just about to be ex-Cubase user answering this very question:- The advantages I found with Samplitude over Cubase are the following; 1. Better built in drum machine 2. It has a better sounding reverb. 3. It also offers a convolution reverb. 4. The Elastic audio editor is easer that what Cubase offers, and more flexible. 5. Red Book CD facility 6. Burns CD's. 7. It allows you to see the entire mixer with EQ, inserts, and FX all at once. 8. Better compressors over Cubase 9. Program uses less CPU to run. 10. Better program for mastering, more bells and whistles for mastering needs. 11. Arrange page shows more info on the left at the same time. 12. Everything with automation is seen on the wave. In Cubase they are hidden underneath on sub waves. 13. You can change the order of plug ins with the FX button in the track editor. 14. It has Sample Tank LE. Yeah I know Cubase 4 has a something too. 15. Has punch in markers which are separete form regular markers. 16. You can lock a track so you can't accidentally erase or change anything on a wave. 17. Object edior allows more control form one display page than Cubase. 18. Arrange page has different view options (depending if your mixing, recording or mastering). 19. There are different mixer skins to choose from. 20. Studio Editor is sweet. 21. People at Samplitude talk to you on the forms, not just some moderator. 22. Better customer service.
  13. Congratulations Dr.Funk. I recently got a contract for 5 or 6 CDs - three weeks recording + two weeks editing. All editing done on Samplitude9 Pro. So far, only five days recording and two days editing done; but the customer is delighted and the feedback from the first editing session has been superb. First CD will be released after Easter, in the summer as the next recording session will be just before Easter and we have to record a few more tracks for the first CD.
  14. To post in the main forum you need to register for the forums with the same e-mail address that you used for your product registration. Then all should be OK.
  15. My understanding is that if you are doing classical stuff it's either SADiE or Sequoia - and Samplitude Pro is the little brother of Sequoia at a third of the price.
  16. Don't delay, though, as the special £300 crossgrade price for S9-Pro only lasts until the end of Feb.
  17. Yes - you need to use the same e-mail address for both. The Fireface 400 actually arrives in a couple of days (hopefully Monday). But Synthax loaned me a unit last weekend as I had loads of pre-booked editing to do. It worked great, other than I could not get digits out - probably just an incorrect setting, but I did not have the time to chase it down and used the analogue only - which was great. A colleague uses the Fireface 800 and highly recommends it, which was partly why I went for the 400 - plust the 400 can be bus-powered and my laptop has a full 6-pin Firewire socket. It works fine and RME are about the best converters out there (I would probably add Lynx and Apogee to the top list). I hope this helps.
  18. Bl**dy Hell - and I paid much more for mine - I didn't know I could have got a crossgrade discount from moving over from Wavelab6
  19. Once you have registered your copy of Samplitude, come to the Forum and register again here. And that's it. The software registration uses your e-mail address and the Forum uses your user name - simple really.
  20. OK - I got the RME Fireface 400 last night. BTW - I highly recommend Synthax (RME Distributor) - excellent company - My Fireface 400 will not arrive in the UK until next week, so they have lent me one for my editing session this weekend. Superb service. Anyway - Fireface 400 into the laptop works absolutely perfectly; both with the 24/96 VIP files and the 16/44.1 CD WAV. The original problem was with the mains PC - so I'll have to look there again.
  21. In another thread, Volker says a couple of months But v9.02 in 3 days
  22. Well, NAMM is on now - or will be in a couple of days. So it's imminent
  23. Thanks for the help. The Fireface 400 is yet to arrive and is for the laptop. The problem is with the main PC using a Sek'd 24/96 card and RME drivers. The replay is set to "Automatic".
  24. Thanks - but it's not a VIP - that plays fine. It's the WAV file made for burning CDs - and I'm playing the WAV, not the VIP.
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