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  1. No, that doesn't make any difference. Fortunately I have a copy of SAM 9 on my laptop as well so I can play around with it - its a fabulous bit of software!
  2. I'm running Cubase 5.5.1 with OSX 10.6.4 - downloaded the Vandal demo which installs OK and appears as an insert in the Cubase audio track but doesn't open. No GUI at all. It's Cubase 32 bit BTW. Any ideas?
  3. I originally bought my V9 Classic copy from Dacs, the then UK distributor. How do I purchase the upgrade now? Is it via Germany or is there a new UK distributor?
  4. You would probably be well advised to get hold of Tom sailor at Orange Hill. He knows the program as well as almost anybody and runs seminars and demos. The plus/minus is that under Samp/Sequoia you can do many things many different ways. I'll just try to equate some of what you describe to what I do in Sequoia... though I must say that my current needs are far less demanding than yours. I'm doing mastering and remixing. By the time I see a project, submixing and comping have been done. Seldom do I see more than 32-40 tracks total per VIP. So I cannot address your total track count needs, other than to say that most of the time NOBODY has 190 tracks running concurently, and most any software can run large numbers of tracks for short durations. Playlists: I use multiple VIPs (Sequoias' EDL) open all the time, and grab and copy Objects among them. There is also 3 and 4 point editing to consider, plus the Take Manager. Groups: Yes, multiple tracks can be grouped. But I don't know as to mixing, or even quite what you mean. Import session Data: Not a part of my world, but I believe so. Softsynths: Again, not my world. But when Magix was represented by Synthaxe, they also represented NI and Yellow Tools. I'd take that as a hint. Hardware: My own choice has been RME/Mytek. Lynx is good, too. Computer: this changes almost daily. You buy one, you takes your chances. Perhaps you want to approach a dedicated DAW computer box shop.... but my own foray down this path a few years ago was a disaster, and in researching it last year, I decided to build my own with the help and suggestions of some hard core Sequoia users. Control Surfaces: I've had the Mackie since it came out. I really don't use it much... doing much smaller projects, I haven't needed to do so. Looking at your proposed requirement, I'd want something though. There is a lot of power in the Sequoia/Samplitude format, but as you are changing horses in mid-stream, expect some growing pains. In the DAW world, few fearures are even referenced by the same name among applications, few function identically. To a man used to salmon, steak might taste a little strange at first. Bill
  5. I am a SAM 9 user and really like the Vintage fx that come with it but I also use Protools LE for some things so decided to buy the Vintage plugins package as a download for 99 euros hoping to use them in PT with the FXPansion wrapper. Well, Magix took the money, charged me shipping costs (for a download?!), sent me an order confirmation, told me serial numbers would be sent in a subsequent email (which hasn' happened) and provided a link to download the demos which if I had the serial numbers could then be activated. Since then I've discovered the VST Rtas wrapper doesn't like any of the plugins so I'm left with demos, no serial numbers, and shipping costs for a product that more than likely I can't use in PT. I think Magix/SAM need to sort the online ordering out -it's a dreadful process. Other buyers beware!
  6. Is there a way in which you can record audio directly in real time when playing VSTis? I have got an instrument output routed to an audio track and the meters are responding but when I record I get nothing. Surely there must be a way of doing this easily? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, but that means I am stuck. Do I use ouput 3 & 4 to my Apogee's, and then route back in. Or do I go to Bus 2 and do it that way? I tried either way and it did not work. I have the same issue as you in a slightly different context. If I try to set up individual tracks routed to different hardware outputs on my Presonus Firestudio (ie track 1 to h/w output 1/2, track 2 to h/w output 3/4 etc, it doesn't work until 1) I change the mixer setup to deal with multiple i/o AND 2) change the settting on the mixer/fx monitor slider. As a result of this it means that if I record a guitar part using Amplitude on track 1 and want to route it through a h/w output to my mixer, I can do so but only after changing the fx monitoring slider, after which I lose the ability to monitor the signal going through Amplitude so the track plays through the correct h/w output but without fx. Ludicrous. In Logic, I can just record the part with FX monitored, route it anywhere and then go onto the next track, record whilst still monitoring the first track with FX etc etc. It works as expected and its the same with PT and Cubase.
  8. Well this turns out to be another one of SAMs 'find it by accident' bits of functionality. If you want to use separate hardware outputs, make sure the monitoring engine mode slider is not set all the way to the right (works on all the other settings but not this one). This is the sort of painful process that is all too common in SAM - in other apps this sort of thing just works. If its explained anywhere, I'll eat humble something or other....
  9. Well I've found the mixer presets and selected multiple i/o bit it doesn't work. Any clues please?
  10. I may be missing something obvious here but I'm using a Focusrite Saffire and the h/w outputs show up correctly as 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8. These are routed to my Tascam DM 24 mixer. However, if I take an audio track and change its output from default 1/2 to 3/4 etc it still comes in on 1/2 of my mixer. I've tried routinh to busses with different h/w outputs but can't get this to work. What am I doing wrong in SAM?
  11. Not to ruin the party but SAM 9.01 is certainly not all rosy in the midi garden. I can't fault SAM for audio but I'm praying 9.1 will improve the midi side. As an example, do a 4 bar phrase, create a loop object, drag it for say another 8 bars. Fine. Now change the tempo and watch SAM struggle.... .Also, if you are looping over a selected range on midi parts and change the tempo, why doesn' t the loop range stay the same? Just some examples of frustrating 'features' for midi users and there are others on the VSti side but I know these are being worked on. Also what about better support for us Mackie Control users?
  12. I've got the files but hey guys, the screenshots are of the German version with an English voiceover and the quality is really poor...............
  13. It's not an upgrade. It's just an update. Once in the service area, go over to the downloads tab and 9.02 will be in there.
  14. It's not comlicated in SAM9. Add a track. select MIDI. Select VST of your choice in the output box (and also select is audio is routed to the same track or different. Go to inserts and add fx if you do it this way but its better to set up an aux bus for reverb and yes, you can now hear the fx in real time. Bounce down to wav file (with various options). Simple. All current DAW audio/midi progs can do this.
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