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  1. I was a former Cubase user, but when I jumped ship, I decided to use both Sonar and Samplitude. I am equally satisfied with both products. If I need any advanced MIDI stuff that is currently not provided in either platform, I can use my MPC500. Welcome, and I hope you will be as delighted with Samplitude as I have been.
  2. There is a certain 'snob' aspect to the cubase.net forums. There are a lot of really good dudes over there, but there are just enough weenies to make it hard to take. And then there is SEA who got banned for being too positive
  3. Once you get your Samplitude registered, e-mail Andy and he will hook you up. Make sure you use the same e-mail to register Samplitude that you used to register for this forum.
  4. Hi, How does the crossgrade thing work and where can I get it for $399 in the USA? Regards, JD... I have PM'd you the information on who can provide you with the crossgrade. I prefer not to list contact info in the forums due to spam bots who scan them.
  5. Another important fact to note regarding MIDI. Samplitude's MIDI timing has been spot on here. I have tested it with the RME ff 800 ports, the M-Audio ports on the PCI cards, and the ports on my USB devices. Even after the big 'MIDI overhaul' in SX 3.1 the timing was still dodgy at best. Cubase has some good MIDI editing capabilities, but its timing is crap; good icing on top of defective cake. Samplitude has good timing, but its MIDI editors could use some enhancements; solid cake in need of a little more icing. Ask any baker, cake is harder to come by than icing. I think Frank is a terrific programmer who has an impressive thought process. He has implemented a rock solid foundation on which he can build. No matter how sophisticated the editors get or how many bells and whistles they add to the MIDI part of the program, that data is being routed through a solid core; which will make these features more valuable when they show up because they will work.
  6. Yeah, VSTi's are my bread and butter. I sunk some coin into NI's Massive and TeraTec Producer's Komplexer. I use the Waldorf Edition a lot as well. I use Kontakt 2. I used to use HALion, but decided to focus on HALion. I use Wusikstation a lot. It replaced Hypersonic in my line up. I am also really fond of Tera, Albino 3, Blue, Sytrus, PoiZone, and CronoX3. I use the Virus C to get the wicked fat sounds, and the SH-32 has the supersaw waveform for cutting leads. Dude, I am only an e-mail away if you need something.
  7. As for myself, I have found a home. Come on in, the water is fine. Hey Ric!! You have been an SX user for a while right? Can you elaborate on what systems you have used and why Samp 9 RULES!!? Also... do you use midi VSTi's a lot or do you record live into Samp? Jamie (aka SEA) First, I am by no means a Samplitude Guru. I have a lot to learn about it, and I don't feel I have gone through every aspect of the program adequately. I have a day job as an engineer, so the time I spend with Samplitude varies from day to day. I became a Cubase user with VST 3.7, but VST 5 was released like 2 weeks after I bought VST 3.7 (did not qualify for a free upgrade), so I had to buy VST 5. From there, I went SX -> SX 2 -> SX 3 -> C4. I am sure that you recall from cubase.net that I spent a lot of time taking up for Steinberg and asking others to give them the opportunity to grow the product. Even during the SX 1 / SX 2 era, I really felt that there was a push to keep the customer first. Early on in SX 3, about the time the denial of the MIDI timing problems started, I began to get the impression that things were changing for the worse. C4 and the cancelling of the SX 3 update drove the point home. I am not bashing Steinberg, I am just offering my impressions of the situation and insight into why I migrated. I don't have as much hardware as I used to. I got rid of my MS2000R, Lexicon MPX-110, and Behringer DSP2024, 2 Virus C's, and a bunch of other stuff. I use a Virus C and an SH-32. What makes Samplitude 9 rule, the stuff that is there works as advertised. No bloody workarounds, no voodoo, I just fire it up and it works. You have alluded to the quality of the audio engine, so I will not spend any more time with it. MIDI is rudimentary, but I can work with it. I am not sure what you are driving at with the question about the VSTi, but I will take a stab at it. VSTi are the primary instruments I use. I play them from MIDI tracks for the most part. Many of the VSTi's I have do offer MIDI out, but even in Cubase I never really used it. The notable exception is the Virus editor from rekon audio. It was a graphical interface that let me tweak the Virus parameters from within Cubase. My fireface 800 just showed up, so now I am going to retool my setup. Let me know if I did not adequately answer your questions.
  8. As for myself, I have found a home. Come on in, the water is fine.
  9. What's being overlooked here is that Samplitude does a lot of things right that Cubase doesn't.
  10. If you haven't visited the site and set your country, the link won't work goto http://www.synthax.com It will prompt you to select your country. Once that is done, move your mouse over the shop link at the top of the page and select Buy Online. On the left hand side, select skins. You can choose on or choose 'em all.
  11. Thats right . There's a guy on the forum who's customized his skin to look more like the Logic arrange page colorwise . So I'm sure it would be possible to create one similar to Cubase , thats the beauty of skinning . Cubase's color scheme is downright hideous. Dressing Samplitude up in Cubase colors is like putting a straw hat on a thoroughbred.
  12. Exactly, that is why I think I need to spend 3 months (or more) with the program to learn its workflow and its methods before I make feature requests. Samplitude's approach is, in many ways, different from Cubase. Before I can make a serious suggestion for product improvement, I have to have, at the very least, a workingman's knowledge of the product.
  13. Yes - you need to use the same e-mail address for both. The Fireface 400 actually arrives in a couple of days (hopefully Monday). But Synthax loaned me a unit last weekend as I had loads of pre-booked editing to do. It worked great, other than I could not get digits out - probably just an incorrect setting, but I did not have the time to chase it down and used the analogue only - which was great. A colleague uses the Fireface 800 and highly recommends it, which was partly why I went for the 400 - plust the 400 can be bus-powered and my laptop has a full 6-pin Firewire socket. It works fine and RME are about the best converters out there (I would probably add Lynx and Apogee to the top list). I hope this helps. Thanks John. My forum account has been sorted, and I appreciate your taking the time to provide me your opinion on the fireface. I believe that I will be adding the fireface 800 to my rig in the very near future. I have an M-Audio Delta 1010 right not, and it has been a good card for me, but with the demise of PCI, I needed an alternative when I build my next rig.
  14. Thanks Ric for your reply! You are right about what you said! Us Cubase users need to work with if for a bit and then start asking! However, I was perhaps addressing those who have used it for a bit. I am definitely planning on ordering the crossgrade soon! $399 usd is a deal to me! Say... what do I need to get it? I have SX 3.1 manual around here somewhere. I hear that I need to send a copy of it or something. Thanks guys, Jamie P.S. Anyone else who has used Samp 9 Pro for a bit and would like to chime in? The best way to get the details is from the source. I would recommend giving my man Jeff Peterson at synthax (U.S. & Canada distributor) a call. He is right friendly chap and has the full knowledge. Here is his phone: 330.259.0308 x107 I will PM you his full contact details, as posting it here would make him susceptible to spam bots.
  15. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here are my answers. For number 1. Having made the jump to Samplitude 9 Professional, I am rather fond of the default skin. However, if you don't like it, it is skinnable. Some of the fine members of this forum have offered skins for free, and there are also skins for sale. For instance, from here: http://shop.synthax.com/index.php?cPath=21...d04376d7962de2e So this has already been addressed. For number 2. The plugs included with Samplitude are pretty kick @ss. I am curious, have you tried them? They are far superior to the bundled offerings from Yamaberg. Given Waves reputation for being hard to deal with, asking Magix to bundle Waves plugins with Samplitude is like asking them to walk on fire. A developer has already posted and said that Magix is committed to enhancing the MIDI capabilities of the program. Given Magix' track record for keeping their word, I am convinced that they will deliver in a grand fashion. Coming from Steinberg, I am used to being treated like a hump and ignored. It's different here, and I like it. However, I don't think it is right for me to start making feature requests until I have taken a few months to really get under the hood of the product. Just my opinion.
  16. Synthax handles the Samplitude distribution for the US and Canada. http://www.synthax.com The guy I deal with is Jeff, and he is a right proper bloke. If you need the canadian office. It is http://www.synthax.ca/
  17. The Peavy USB 10 is not a control surface, it is simply a mixer that can output audio to a USB connection. In order for a device to control the Samplitude mixer, it must send some sort of MIDI message to the program that the program can understand. In your case, when you move the fader on the Peavey unit, it does not send any MIDI messages, it simply controls the level of that particular channel. That's probably not the answer you wanted.
  18. I am having the same exact problem. I will PM the guys and see if I can get it remedied. I have copies of version 8 Pro and version 9 Pro registered. My upgrade went off without a hitch though.
  19. Once you have registered your copy of Samplitude, come to the Forum and register again here. And that's it. The software registration uses your e-mail address and the Forum uses your user name - simple really. Thanks John for the reply. I have registered my product, and I have registered here, but I don't see the special forums. If I used different e-mail addresses for the forum and product registration, would that screw things up? Also, I niticed in your sig that you have the RME fireface 400. I am thinking about getting the fireface 800. If you don't mind my asking. how do you like the 400?
  20. How do you get into the registered user's forum? I have registered my copy of Samplitude 8 Professional, but I did not receive additional forum privileges. I do have access to the updates and extras though.
  21. Hey D-funk, I think I finally figured out what your avatar represents. It's the Steinberg development process... always chasing a runaway lawnmower.
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