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  1. Absolutely not. i loved VST32 v5.1 and if they'd carried on with that i would still be happy (this was on Mac). Since moving to PC i have tried SX3 but i don't like it - the way it handles VST instruments is riduculous (Samplitude does exactly what i wanted SX to do in this respect). i'm also in a position where i do not want to give that company any more money. The forum here has already shown me that the developers are responsive (and they're actually here - rather than some knobhead trying to sell you Cubase 4). At this point i have to pay full price for whatever software i am going to use in future - this copy of SX isn't mine to sell/upgrade so whatever i buy next has to be IT. And it's definitely not going to be Cubase 4. Maybe i should track down an old copy of VST32 v5.1 (which as i recall was also promised a final version - 5.2 was just a beta though).
  2. Well i got used to Cubase's working methods so that's obviously where that stems from - you get used to the tools you have - if i'd started on Samp i would never know my way of working. It is funny recording a loop and then sitting back to hear it in context only for it to stop though
  3. Cheers for that, just checked it. i couldn't even find that menu before. i still don't like the way it stops after a the range - wish that was toggle-able. In Cubase i liked to loop, then leave that loop point but just disable loop and hear how it went into the next section. This way i have to clear the range before i play it, sort of backwards to what i want to do, as if i then want to loop it again i have to redraw the range. i realise i can save ranges etc. but frankly i work on the fly and have very little time to remember to save things like loops points and remember what key i assigned them to etc. In every day use i cannot see that stopping function being of any use and in fact i know it will wind me up Oh well, maybe if i ask Mr Samp nicely he'll put a toggle switch in to allow continuous playback.
  4. OK, so we've discussed the lack of left and right locators to death and i'm just going to have to get used to Ranges. Can i get a range to snap to bars though - can i heck as like. i tried the help menu and yes there are some snap functions - only they're in a menu page i don't have - i assume the help is from Samp8 or something because all the snapshots look different to what i see, so so far i haven't found how to snap a range to bars. Also if i have a range stiil on screen but loop off, when i play it stops at the end of the range. i don't really see any use to this function (maybe you can enlighten me) but i'd like to switch that function off for starters - why would i ever want a song to stop there? Thank you for your patience, i really want to feel comfortable about this program before buying it as i will be giving lessons to my co-writer and looping is our most needed basic function.
  5. i still use my Midex3 (thanks for thew support Steiny ). i seems to work OK with Samplitude, but i may get another - perhaps a model that might actually be supported from time to time.
  6. Wow, it's so nice to see actual humans who actually have something to do with this program here. i am so close to ordering Samp now. Will Ivory 1.6 work in Samp9 now or do i need to wait till 9.1? How long before the 9.1 update is out?
  7. You see, you just confused the hell out of me with that expanation . Generally i'm very lazy and never bothered with hotkeys in Cubase - sounds a great idea except that i know i'd just forget what hotkeys i'd set-up (memory of a goldfish). All that stuff sounded far more complicated that than locators: left click, right click, hit loop - that's all i want (and it doesn't disappear - recalling ranges that really sounds like a faff to me). It took you a paragraph to describe what i want to do - took me three words. OK ranges do a lot more but right now i don't need that. i realise it's a different program and there are obviously going to be different ways of doing things - s'pose i'll just have to get used to it. Still trying demo at the moment - i wanted to try as much as possible not to read the manual to see how intuitive it is and managed to setup all my ASIOs with Scope, MIDI in out, record audio, use VSTis etc. i managed all that without the manual, but looping (which is the basic sequencing feature) i couldn't get going without looking it up.
  8. i don't see why they couldn't have the current ranges and a 'traditional' left/right locator that just sits where it's told - it's just a simple thing us Cubasers like. And Tobben, woah there! i wasn't suggesting getting rid of any Samplitude features, jeez i only just got here, that would be rude. Adding a couple of very simple features that YOU don't have to use but would make the transition for us Cubasers easier though .
  9. After messing a bit with it i would agree with an earlier poster above that looping could be better - just a simple left/right locator that snaps and kerching!, you're there.
  10. Can i just say how much nicer this place is that the old Cubase.net nonsense. Look at this: Actual feedback on something that i'm sure will actually happen (and not in six month's time). And i won't be charged for it by calling it a new version. Thanks to the other respondents, the wikipedia has been bookmarked. So any BFD users - this one's the most important?
  11. i am seriously close to getting Samplitude Classic, but i just wanted to check on comapatibilty of my VST instruments - so if any of you have them and can comment on how well they work (or not) in Samp i would be very grateful. Currently i own: fxpansion BFD Synthogy Ivory GForce impOSCar GForce Oddity GForce M-Trom AMG ONE/Solo and thinking of getting TruePianos. Everything else i use is on Scope so should be fine.
  12. Ain't that the truth. Steinberg invent VSTis and then how do they impliment it in SX? Call up VST Instruments menu - select VSTi - select channel for VSTi - open mixer - select audio output for VSTi - even if you've already selected a track you have to now assign the MIDI. Cripes! Already i found (without the manual) on Samplitude, you select the track - you can see all the options there, audio dest, select a VSTI and it automatically realises that (surprisingly - not) you want to control the VSTi and changes the MIDI for you. Simple. Hey someone might even have made an SX skin, you never know .
  13. i think Samp's problem in terms of being used in so-called Pro studios is that most big studios probably still run Macs - i work in the telly industry and until very recently people were still using beige Macs with Avid! You can bet there were (perhaps even are) still some audio places using such equipment - especially if the main grunt is in outboard like ProTools. However i have noticed more Avids running on PCs, so maybe the 'Mac is Pro' mentallity is starting to shift and we may see Samp in some studios - it's certainly Pro enough. The fact that there is no Mac version has kept me away from this product too - i'm trying the demo. i've gone from Atari (pro 24 to Cubeat) to PC (Cubase 1-3.5 i think) then Mac (up to VST5.1) then to PC (up to Cubase SX3), so you can see that all these platform changes have been a breeze because there were other platform versions of what i was already running. However i've had enough of Steiny (long before this recent debacle) and may just bite the bullet and stick to PC. However i have been conciously trying to buy all new software (VSTis etc) to be cross platform in case i ever go back to Mac (eg. i don't use SE VSTis), Samp doesn't fit into this model, but seems such a good program with regular updates so i may yet be swayed. i too would be interested to know if there are any Studios using it.
  14. OK looks like something weird was happening with the installation. Today i launched and could only get the Transport Bar, no Project. So i uninstalled and reinstalled and lo and behold, the record buttons work! i was doing the right procedure, but obviously something went awry in installation. Just while i'm here, anyone have any issues with the dongle protection?
  15. OK, so i'll have to think of loops a bit differently, just a different way of working. To Siriusbliss, here's what i posted as a reply on KvR (sorry for spreading this over two threads - i'll try to stick to this one from now on: Cool you are a Scope user - you're now officially my sponsor on all things Samp/Scope . This is what i was trying to do [your suggestion of recording MIDI of VSTi and monitoring via ASIO/Scope] - but i couldn't even get Samp to record the MIDI whilst playing the VSTi - even though i can hear the VSTi - MIDI lights are all flashing. i can hear the VSTi too. i'm pretty sure all my ASIOs are set-up, pressing Y shows me all the ASIOs (16 stereo in all). Am i right in assigning the output of the VSTi from the Audio section of the 'Inspector' (sorry don't know the Samp name - you know the column on the left)? i've hit the Record arm button on the track, tried with and without the MIDI button selected, then hit record on the transport bar - flashes red (not continuous) and no part (is that an object?) is created. Glad to hear Samp is fine with Scope though.
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