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  1. I used it for 6 months. It works good but I am getting out of the recording thing. Original box and Codememter $399 free shipping SOLD
  2. I bought it thru the crossgrade deal for $399 I used the MAGIX stuff before and while they are good beginer programs they do not use the same audio engine, and it is very noticable
  3. He is asking about the VIP files, not the videos. Has this ever been resolved. The WS1 and WS2 ect
  4. Like Sebastian said Posted Mar 4 2007, 12:23 PM -> Object based editing in this case. Transitions by crossfade. That's not a workaround, but a working principle in Sequoiatude. Use the Object based. For 5 seconds it is the easiest way and you just save the preset for the effect. Once I got comfortable using object based editing I found it very time saving and I use automation way less.
  5. I have not used CM stuff for years but I remember only having 4 outputs for the entire kit. Kick on 1 snare on 2 hihat and cymbal on 3 and Toms on 4 and the buss the all on aux channels to the same Reverb for the room mic sound. I also found that if you open all seperate instances for the entire kit the cpu still acted like one was open. Not like the twelve mic's I use at the studio but I have got great results with 3 mic's. Depends on the project
  6. Check out the Files in The Folder Magix/Samplitude 9 Pro/ Audio There are some sessions that you can check out and learn from. Remix Demo Score Demo Surround Demo Tutorial Demo 5.1 Tutorial Demo realtime strectching Tutorial Demo elastic audio Tutorial Demo Surroun5.1 Roomsim FX I always learn from reverse engineering them more so than just watching a demo. Get in there and take them apart. I learned all about Reverb, compression and Eq that way years ago. I would look at the presets and see how they were achieved. Great Tool Good Luck, you will really like it I love the sound of the audio engine and once I learned the Object and Range way of doing things I was set. I will never go back to PT and SX3/4 unless I'm at the studio and the band demands it.
  7. I used Pro Tools and SX3 and I can do the same with Samp 9 pro what can't you do?
  8. Welcome You did not exit and comeback without saving did you?
  9. You can bus as many as you need Either select the outputs or use Aux sends
  10. "Anyway . . . I'd rather get back to using and talking about my new Samplitude recording software! I should have it by the end of the week! cool.gif" I think you will really like it. I keep fnding new things I like about it. I was alays interested in the product but the cost was so high $1000 + it was out of the question as I already own Cubase SX3 and and part of Pro Tools HD at the studio. This is for my home setup and possible Mastering in the future. I hope you like it as much as I do.
  11. It's cool, and you are right. It's not like I'm downloading and selling discontinued copies of Praise or Delirium Fix
  12. Actually SEA, the point is that the manual *IS* available, it just costs $15 from Motu (the product has been discontinued, but the manual is still available). I agree that it should be a free PDF download from the Motu site. Actually the point is the manual IS NOT available. I do agree with John and I make a point of not downloading illegal, using cracks, etc I have 50 plus guitar students and it is crazy the way they think it is OK to use Limewire and others like that. Even their parents are oblivious to it.
  13. I pointed out the $15.00 because of how nice the gesture was. The fact is the model I am referring to is out of print. I agree on the subject of copyright infringement. This is not the case though. As far as $15 being a reasonable price is debatable. Every other company I deal with has the manuals for free. I can even get full free manuals from companies I did not even buy from. Selling a manual to someone who bought it already (not my case) is greedy They have every right to do it but it is still greedy. Anyways my main point was how cool it was, and I stand by that.
  14. In this crazy world where everyone is out to make a buck for almost anything we have Dejan I asked about the Motu 828 a while back because I was considering getting one to use with Sampltude 9 Pro. He told me his worked good so I got one from Ebay. Trouble was the manual was not included. I thought if it was short maybe someone could copy it as Motu wants $15. Dejan scanned and sent me it. That was nice enough for free, but it was 80 pages long. I am already impressed with people I have met on this forum compared to the Cu bash I mean Cubase Forget asking for real help there much less a huge favor like this. Thanks again Dejan you are really a cool person. Jimi
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