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  1. how can i tell? seems to be using my 64 bit plugs without bridges so i believe it is the 64 bit. help/about didnt supply the info. thanks
  2. I T W O R K S !!!!!!!! i went out and bought a pci usb card w/ 2 usb 2.0 ports on it. i disabled the usb ports on the motherboard using the bios. samplitude fired up the very first. i am not thrilled about losing a pci slot and added another irq or two but it works. i am going to enable the other usb ports next and see if they will work. if everything is cool i might keep it this way or just get another motherboard that is recommended. this has been a weird experience. i wonder if that gigabyte motherboard is just not compatible. thanks for the help.
  3. thank you so much for trying to help. i will check on these things. in my troubleshooting i did unplug all usb devices (and they all otherwise work fine). the codemeter was the only thing plugged in. it was recognized in device manager ect. since it is the only thing plugged into usb i wouldnt think that i dont have enough power for usb. and since all other usb devices work i wouldnt think that there is a problem with the usb ports. it must be somthing with this computer (motherboard) since everything works fine on my other computers. i would hate to have to buy another MB. i will try to load usb device drivers again. not sure what else to do but get another MB. thanks, dan and cheers from the usa houston, texas to be exact. howdy partner
  4. maybe i dont know as much as i thought. i am just a network admin. please tell me what this is all about-- This means examining the USB bus for device enumeration, device state, energy state and so on. thanks
  5. maybe i dont know as much as i thought. i am just a network admin. please tell me what this is all about-- This means examining the USB bus for device enumeration, device state, energy state and so on. thanks
  6. thanks for responding. i called support in germany and guess what- the voicemail was in german so i had no way of knowing what to do or what button to press. please tell me about the power requirements that you talked about. this is a gigabyte motherboard so hopefully it is up to spec. it is a faily new motherboard with the am2 socket. is there anything else that could cause this to not work on that computer?] i also registerd on the official forum and i am still waiting for the email so i still cant post there. this sucks.
  7. i received samplitude classic last week. I am trying it out using the sam for lease option. I cannot get it to work. The problem is with the great protection scheme called code meter. I have search about my problem in the registered forum and nothing helped me. since i am not registered yet i cant post in the other forum. I decided to try it out on another computer and it worked great. what could be the difference between the two computers allowing it to work? I custom built both of them. So I decided maybe it was windows xp causing the problem so i decided to rebuild the whole thing. yep, i formatted and reloaded xp. turned the filewall in xp off. loaded samp classic and got the same crap. the webmin for the codemeter always says error 201 the codestick piece of crap isnt there. when i try to start samp it says prog needs cm stick 100058:65536 code 200 license not found. would someone also please tell me how to register? this is samp classic as a sam for lease. i understand that i have to register with customer support. is there a form i can fax over? is so, how do i get to the form to print it out. there is just no reason to have to go through all of this to get a program to work. I know computers quit well so what happens to the non-computer geek people? do i really need to call germany from the usa? someone please help me out before i return it and go to saw studio because this sure is one way to lose me as a customer.
  8. having an accent is no problem. its being so rude that ticked me off. having a potential customer calling to puchase a program that costs over 1000 us dollars and being rude just doesnt cut it with me. luckily samplitude has proven itself to me to spend that kind of money.
  9. thanks, i guess the bad accented jackass gave me the wrong number. i will call the correct number and try again to give somebody my money.
  10. http://www.samplitude.com/eng/sam/sfr_90.html this is the addres for the sam for lease page. it has a telephone number at the bottom of the page that must be in germany. there is no option to call anyone in the usa. ideas anyone??
  11. thanks everybody. i am in texas (usa). i was trying to call magix usa directly to find out about the lease option and thats when i spoke to the jack ass with the accent. he told me the only way to get the lease option was to call the number that i posted. i will keep on trying that number and see what happens. hopefully my experience with magix will improve.
  12. not very happy at all. i called magix and couldnt get through. called again and a man answered with a very very thick accent. he was rude and didnt seem to give a crap about me. he gave me a number to call to purchase samplitude. (330 259 7514) i have tried to call that number over and over and i am getting no where. perhaps i am making a mistake by purchasing samp? this is not a very good start for such an expensive program.
  13. i suppose that would be obvious if i knew that the upgrade to 8.31 was free. I am not the owner of the program and dont know much about how magix and there updating works. the studio owner is going mental and i am just trying to help out with the last project that he is not able to finish. is this making more sense to you now? my point was and still is- i am a newbie with a question and your answer was smartass-ish. you should not assume that I know the same information that you know. that is the reason for posting a question. got it? thanks to the rest of you that gave helpful answers without the attitude.
  14. am i sensing someone being a smartass? does the update to 8.31 solve this problem? if not, then yes you are being a smartass. just looking for an answer to a question. did you see the name of the forum? its for newbies aka newcomers. wow, you just really rubbed me the wrong way dude. but thanks for at least attempting to get me somewhat of an answer. well, do the update ! if 8.31 exists, it is for something, no ? cheers Phil
  15. does anyone know how to save effects presets (both vst and dx)? I have a bad feeling that I read somewhere that 8.01 doesnt do it but that some revision like 8.3 does. anyone know??
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