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  1. Me again! HEY FRANK! 1- Well I can't see what I'm recording and then I get this "nag" as I call it, asking if I want it! There must be away to set it to do not show this again! AUDIO and MIDI are not shown in real time while recording... Also VSTi are a pain to remove. Even after removing them you still see the info, and on the mixer. Plus all the audio tracks for that VSTi! are not removed. This is a big drag.. 2- I got the part where I can tell SAm to hide the audio tracks for the VSTi BUT!!!! when you tell SAM to unhide, later you can not hide them all at the same time... an other drag..... I should be able to do multiple selections on the arrange window and hide those tracks in a flash! ALSO I want to move to a folder track a bunch of audio tracks or midi tracks but I have to do that one by one!!! no, no, no,!! no good. I want to press control or shift and select all the tracks I want and move them to a folder track! 3- Still having problem playing multitrack VSTi LIKE HALion, Hypersonic 2 and others! EXample: HALion3- I load drums on program 1(midi trk 1) ok! it plays Then I want a Bass on program 2(midi trk2) nothing! still playing track one! SAME with HYPERSONIC2 etc, etc....... With CUBASE I can change midi tracks and play the instruments that are loaded to those midi tracks! NO NEED TO DO ANY HARDWARE SETUP like changing the midi channel on the controller... WHICH I never do nor ever had to do. Always transmiting to CUBASE thru channel one with my midi keyboard controller! Looks like I need an updated demo! SAM 9.1 and take my review from there! I also don't like that the VSTi are taking an insert on the mixer! You should have a VST rack or some VSTi loader of some sort where you can quickly remove any VSTi PS: I'm also testing SAM 9 pro on my laptop! HP Dv9000 AMD Turion64 X2 Had 2 crashes there! the OS is WIN XP Media Center My Studio System (win XP pro SP2) PIV 3.0gHz 2GB RAM DDR(Old system)--- SAM 9 Pro demo been tested here. "HT is off" Intel DUAL CORE 3.0gHz 2GB ram DDR2 (new setup)--- not yet tested with SAM 9 pro demo!
  2. HEY GUYS! YES SAM 9 has great stuff but I see that I have to do all the thinking for it! Take notes!: When loading a VSTi with multiple audio channels, Sam 9 should load the audio channels as they are, stereo or mono! If I have a VSTi with 4 audio-channels, they should show as 4 ST not 8 MONOs also set them on a folder ( the arrange window ) for quick hide out! The tracks on the arrange window are a pain in the butt to distinguish one from the other! What is midi and what is audio! When you import an audio file, the track should be named aswell, automatically. Maybe its berried under tons of option-configurations follow ups....etc. I see where SAM gets the extra CPU juice. I have to share my brain with it. The audio engine does a lot of background prossesing. (you can't do certain things in realtime like cubase does.) No nags please...! "Stop then do"....good at one point but not good in my case! BUT I do give credit to SAM 9 for other features that are very nice to have.. I have never had a problem of under-run system! I always have my PC well over the recomended system. So CUBASE been a CPU hug has never been a problem for me! And I love the way CUBASE lets me work without stopping so much. SAM has great features but others are just too dragging for me at this point in time.. (About the FX! Reverb, EQs and other fx are not all that great!) All are very good stuff but wouldn't be saying they are all better.... To me, the reverb sounds too metallic. We all know that Steinberg never focused on great fx but now they are getting into the idea of having an all in one system with top notch fx! BUT this move is gonna cost dearly! VST3 technology! They have revolutionist the way we make music! They want to do it again.. BUT!!!! they need to stop with their nasty ways of leaving us behind! hahhahaha Sick of that! if they can't fix it, they will jump to a new upgrade. SO WE THINK! but its more marketing than anything else. They lost the love for the software. I have not! CUBASE kicks ass! When you see "ASIO" say thanx steinberg, when you see VST say thanx steinberg. All open architecture! They need a human relations crash couse LMAO hahahhahahaa! more respect to the customer right? BACK to SAM 9: I was mixing a song on the SAM 9 demo! sound different alright (in a good way I say this)! but not as warm as cubase! Also the mixer needs a lot of work.. Anyways! I wish all the best for the Samplitude users! But I will stick to CUBASE and NUENDO! HEY one more thing! ROBOTA is very cool! but it was full of old ripped samples from the YAMAHA RY30! hmmmm! WHO did that!? hahaha! noticed right away!!! RY30 drum samples and percussions... and others! Once again sorry for any typos there! AND ALL THE BEST TO MAGIX!
  3. Key command W "Open Audio File" . Then select Options and make you choices there . hmmm.. Yes just found it! Thanx . .. CUBASE ask you! Like I said, lots of setting up! But we'll get there! What about the VSTi with multiple audio channels? HYPERSONIC2 is only playing one midi channel! channel 2 3 4 5 etc are not playing! I load a patch but can't get it to play at all! Well! I will continue tomorrow! got to go to ZZzzz land!
  4. Mmmmh! DEMO tester Salvador Pelaez has entered! Right now I'm using the demo! SAM 9.. I've been a CUBASE User for over 14 years! Still am! My SX3.1.1 works just fine! no errores, no poofs, no crashes, etc.... NOt in the mood to bash on Samplitude! NOR in the mood to bash on my CUBASE to look good on the forum! OK! NOW! about my time with SAM 9 !! 1 The demo song is horrible! Can I get a real session or something more musically enriched!? Still trying to load multiple tracks in one shot into SAM 9 2 Don't like the way SAM 9 handles the VSTi!(hyperonic2) the stereo audio channels load on the mixer with separate faders and you have to pan. This takes A LOT of space on the mixer too! Testing with HYPERSONIC2 multitracks (stereo) ALSO I was unable to play the rest of the channels on HYPERSONIC2. Only Channel one!.. I selected a second midi trach, put HS2 ch 2 but it ownt play that midi channel (yes its on) Also Don't like the chaos when loading my multichannel VSTi they should be organized like in my SX3 ( all the audio channels in a folder) AND many other things I find workflow stopper to me!... 3 When playing the demo song and I click on the screen to go back the audio engine stops! Don't like that at all. Also there is a lot of manual settings to be done to get you going! I wanted to load a bunch of audio tracks at the same time but only on track shows up! With cubase I can Import a bunch of tracks then it will ask me (all in one or different tracks) Got to find the audio pool if there is one in SAM 9 More later! PS: I have not watched any of the videos on youtube! I wanted to get the RAW experience. Sorry for any misspelles or typos! DURO OUT
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