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  1. can anyone confirm this? I read in another thread it won't be, but I would like to know from MAGIX. Thanks, dw
  2. how much will that be? is there a price on them yet? dw
  3. I hope so, and I hope the 399 crossgrade will still be available, if I won't be able to afford it I'm currently selling of some of my gear in anticipation. dw
  4. I'm hoping 9.1 will be what I want. I no longer purchase hosts with the hope that they will provide something else in the future for me. dw
  5. thanks siriusbliss, Your answer before lead me to beleive that you were saying it could find the tempo of audio, not groove quantize. There are just a few things I need, then I will jump ship to samp I don't have the demo yet so I can't test out what you explain. thanks for the help dw
  6. I'm wanting to switch to samp as well from SX. I really want there to be groove quantize that I can extract from either a midi file or an audio file. Then I want to apply that groove to my other midi and audio tracks. just checking as I've not gotten an exact response on this yet. Thanks, dw
  7. I don't understand. I dont' want to set the tempo, I want to quantize the audio and midi hits. I hope they can get this, there is also NO (as far as I can see) mention regarding elastic audio actually moving sounds in a timeline, only repitching them. dw
  8. that's to bad, it would have pushed me over the edge. dw
  9. Hello, If I crossgrade to this samplitude, can I use the included plugins in my other hosts that accept vst as well? Thanks, dw
  10. I read about the remix agent, but it is not very in depth. What I need to be able to do is to get the groove from an audio or midi file, then apply that "quantize grid" to all my audio and midi tracks. Is this possible? The groove agent only says it can extract the quarter note information. thanks for all the help. dw
  11. yes this is one of the most important things for me as well I want to be able to quantize audio and midi to a groove template. dw
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