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  1. Hello, a few answers to your question. Yes It does that to me as well. I think it's the manager that's a bot slow. the biggest is the dick the longest it takes. I think It need time to sort media files from the non-audio files. It does't worry me that much. Non I don't think so. What I do is import it then File/export /convert audio / convert from stereo to 2 mono. It works quickly that's fine. or make a batch processing if you have heaps of files to convert. With the "open audio files" the preview is desactivate when using ASIO drivers. ( I don't know why but we can preview on the manager.... even in ASIO) There is an option ( in the options on the "w" window) to activate it anyway if you want. As the "w" is really quick I often open lots of files on the VIP then I choose the right one. I don't konw the answers to you other question event If I have the same thing here. Best Christophe
  2. I droped pro tools 5 years ago. The same as you. Working sound began to be really creative. And so, it sounded better too. Welcome. Have fun. Toff
  3. I quite agree with you Laurent. I'm not using Sam for audio/video works, so things like EDL or OMF is not really important to me. About SCV : Why Synthax manage to sell and to promote Sam properly and not SCV ? Il think SCV should make an little effort anyway. I hope Sam will be a nice pro software in V10 or V11. Tahnks to all regards amicalement Toff
  4. Hi, i have to write a word because I'm quite concerned with the implementation of Samplitude in France. Many efforts should be done by SCV, who sells samplitude in France. Not many people knows sam here, and it is a pity. I work in studios and I use samplitude, and I've been teaching how to use it to over 50 peole as I'm a teacher too. I keep saying every one it is great software. SCV should behave a bit more like Synthax in USA. It would work for sure. I think that SCV is probably not the best one to do that, as they also sell Pyramix, and Waves plugg wich are a lot more cost-effective. About translation : it would be a good thing ( I use it in english without any problem) but only if the what i wrote before is done correctly. France is also a nice productive place for sound ! regards Toff www.arteradio.com www.tanakan.org
  5. That's a real good news ! ! Thanks sam's team for your great work. regards Toff
  6. Samplitude and RME is the best things to do as they works real good together. I've been using both for a 5 years now, without any problem. regards Toff
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