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  1. In Cubase, you can automate the muted section when needed (on/off).
  2. He is asking about the VIP files, not the videos.
  3. Audio warp on Cubase = Elastic Audio in Samp 9.1 has added a better way to drag and drop the inserts to reorder them Rt clicking on an effect in the list opens the window for that plugin... very cool 9.1 has added so many new features, it is like a whole new program. (I sent you an email, did you get it?) Also check out the demo videos that Kraznet did. They are in the sticky section up above in this forum. Also, do a search for Samplitude in YouTube, there are quite a few of the demo vids there too.
  4. Thanks! I have now duplicated this thread in the main Samplitude software forum to hopefully attract more attention over there. Here is the link: http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=12346
  5. Up until now, My Samplitude experience has been limited to playing with existing projects by importing tons of WAV files and then doing some remixes of older songs. So far so good... But today, I got to my first attempts at recording something new into Samp. I recorded a basic drum sound with 3 mics (kick, snare and a mono OH). Lots of problems. 1) I had a really tough time getting the 3 tracks to sync. It seemed that the first of the 3 tracks was way behind the other 2 tracks, and it sounded horrible. You see it visually on the screen where the cursor was moving in sync on tracks 2 and 3, but track #1 was quite a bit behind the other two. Playback was a nightmare, nothing was in sync, and it was just a general mess. I was able to get it to work properly after a reboot (actually, Samp locked up on me, and I had to do a hard boot to fix it), but after a few takes, it went back to acting up again...badly. Once again, a reboot fixed it... at least for another take or two. 2) Errors on recording. Every time I get the window asking me to confirm the recording, there are always errors listed, and for a 2 minute drum recording, this can be as many as 12-15 errors, which are clearly audible as clicks on playback in some cases. It seems like these errors could be buffer overruns and ASIO driver issues. I have tried several different buffer settings, and it seems like I am having to keep the buffers so high that the latency is getting out of hand. Even at 512 samples, I am getting errors, which means I need to jump to 1024 samples for my ASIO driver. What the...??? Just to give you a point of reference, I can run the same system with Cubase SX at 128 samples. I have also tried the Samp buffers as high as 4096, which seems crazy to me. Samplitude is unusable to me if I have to continue to keep the buffer settings so high, as the latency is unacceptable for multi-track recording. I am running a Lynx AES-16 card, and at one time was told to turn off the ASIO Boost settings with the Lynx drivers, so I tried it both ways, with no success. I am talking about a project with only 3 tracks, no effects or auxes. Just 3 tracks. Audio engine set to Hybrid with Dual processing enabled and ASIO boost OFF. My computer is a Core2Duo, so this is not about a weak or wimpy computer. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!!!
  6. Open the track properties dialog (right click on track name in arranger) and look out for the "Track name by first object" or similar, it is in a combo box I think. About the lost plug-ins.. Maybe you did an Undo, and sometimes the plugs are removed then also. Some people reported they press Mute and the unmute again on a track after routing/fx changes to force an Undo-Step creation so the routing/fx are not lost with the next Undo you do. Could it be this what happened? Greetings, Frank Anything is possible!!! I do use a lot of mutes and solos, and it was a whole group of effects that disappeared. I lost: Kick: EQ and compressions Snare Top: Transient Designer, Comp and EQ Bass: Comp and EQ. Pretty weird! It is like I would have had to hit "undo" about 10 times! Anyway, as I said above, I revisited the same project last night, and re-added all of those same effects, and things seemed ok. I have been getting some weird messages and crashes however that I need to sort through. Thanks to all who have responded.
  7. Done! In fact, I went into a lot more detail in the following thread: Mackie Control Suggestions Thread I am wondering if it belongs in the Midi forum or the hardware forum however??? Anyway, it is in the Midi forum for now, if someone wants to move it, they can have at it!
  8. No, but thanks for replying. I have been using DAWs for many, many years, so I would have to say that I am a pretty experienced user of these types of programs. FWIW, I worked on it again last night, and everything seemed to work fine, although I found a VST plugin that is crashing Samplitude EVERY time (PSP 42). Bummer. I need to look into this some more.
  9. BUMP! Anyone on the losing of the plugins???
  10. Thank you for your response. If I may, I would like to provide some feedback that will hopefully be of some use to you. I am just used to working with the Mackie Control with Cubase SX, and the new paradigm is a bit difficult to get used to. The bank over switch is designed to move 8 tracks at a time in most implementations that I have seen, even when more than one unit is used. It would be nice to have the *option* to go with 8 faders *or* 24 faders. Also, even if the system worked as a 24-fader bank, it would be nice if just slid the tracks to the last track in the project rather than clearing the system and treating them like multiple, independent sets of 24 faders. As I mentioned in my original post, when using the MCUs in Cubase, if there are only 4 tracks that are not shown on the MCU (let's say a 28 track project), it would be nice if the fader bank switch just slid the tracks to the left or right by the number of unshown tracks, rather than by the full bank of 24. In this example with 28 tracks, a bank shift loses all of the tracks except for the 4 that were "off the end". This means that I have 24 physical faders, but only 4 do anything when I shift banks. Seems weird. With regard to the scribble strip display: The MCU implementation in Cubase is much easier to read than in Samplitude. With Samp, each track runs into the next one without any spaces between them. This makes it difficult to quickly find a track. For example, in Cubase, I might have this in the scribble strip display: kick kick2 snare snabot OH L OH R, etc... in Samp, it looks like this: kickkick2snaresnabotOHLOHR, etc. It is much harder to read and find a specific fader in Samp than it was in Cubase. Then add in the fader position display, and it becomes VERY difficult to decipher. Thanks for listening!!!
  11. Wow! Thanks for that quick reply! I'll check it out this evening. Cheers!
  12. I was playing around last night with a remix for a song with about 28 tracks, and I ran into some "unexpected MCU behavior". I have the Mackie Control and 2 XT units for a total of 24 faders. I have them set up left-to-right so that the main control unit is on the right, with the 2 XT units to the left like this: XT -> XT -> MCU When the project first loads, I can see the first 24 tracks displayed correctly from left-to-right. So far, so good. But then when I hit the Bank Shift button, instead of shifting everything 8 channels to the left as I expected it to do, it cleared all the faders, and showed only 4 tracks on the furthest left-most XT unit, with the middle XT and Main MCU turning blank (empty). When using this same setup in Cubase SX, the tracks would scroll 8 tracks to the left to display the next set of tracks that exceeded the 24 track limit. If there were only 4 tracks remaining to show (in a 28 track project like this one), it would scroll to the end of the list (4 tracks instead of 8). The main difference being that there are ALWAYS 24 tracks showing up as being available at all times. This is very difficult to explain, but hopefully, you got the gist of it. Can anyone help me here? Also, one other thing for you Mackie Control experts: Is there any way to disable to fader position digit display from the scribble strips and only display the track name? The screen is so cluttered, it is driving me crazy! Thanks in advance!
  13. Well, I am finally legal! Got Samp Pro 9.02 installed, registered and authorized! I am still a newbie however, so I will continue to have some basic questions for a while I am sure. Here's one: I imported a collection of about 32 WAV files (at 88.2) into Sam from SX3 to do a "remix" of a song that I completed last year for an album project. Everything worked fine, but I did have one "glitch" that had me worried. I spent some time adding effects (inserts) to several tracks. I put a transient designer, EQ and comp on a snare, a comp on a kick, EQ and comp on the bass, etc. I then added some aux sends with 3 different reverbs, and sent some of the tracks to the different reverbs (snare, vox, BGvox, guitars, etc.). Well when I went back and was doing a playback, I noticed that all of the insert effects were gone! Poof! Nothing else seemed amiss, just all the inserts. Anyone have any idea what I could have done? Is there some esoteric key command that deletes all insert effects that I might have hit by mistake? While I am at it, here are a couple of more things that I came across last night while playing: 1) Is is possible to name a track with the name of the imported WAV for that track? For example, if I import a WAV file called "Kick" into track 1, is there anyway to get Samp to name the track to "Kick" for me automatically? 2) I am used to using the mouse scroll wheel to move up and down in the arrange window (to scroll up and down to see tracks that don't fit on the screen". When I do this however (universal mouse mode) I get a zoom in and out. There must be a setting on this somewhere. Thanks all! The more I am using Samp, the more comfortable I am beginning to feel.
  14. Hey Kraznet: Thanks for your latest video on the Take Composer. That helped me a lot, and was exactly what I was looking for! Of course, each new video that you do just sparks more questions in my mind, which is a good thing! Keep up the AWESOME work. I am not sure if you realize just how much help you are to us new guys!
  15. WOW! This latest file is the best yet, and very helpful. I hate to sound all mushy or anything, but Kraznet, you ARE THE MAN! Thank you!
  16. My *REAL* version of Samp finally arrived after several days of delays due to bad weather! YA-HOO!!! Finally!!! Hopefully tonight I can get down to the studio and get it installed and registered!
  17. Actually SEA, the point is that the manual *IS* available, it just costs $15 from Motu (the product has been discontinued, but the manual is still available). I agree that it should be a free PDF download from the Motu site.
  18. Very minimal use to this point, but it looks like my MidiMan 4X4 is working fine in Samplitude.
  19. I am so jealous! My Samp was *supposed* to arrive on Thursday according to UPS, but the bad weather delayed it until Friday (yesterday), and then when it didn't arrive by last night, I checked the UPS site again, and they say that they inadvertently left it at the UPS facility, and that it will be delivered on the next business day! I am pretty ticked off about it! I can't believe it! I was sooo looking forward to getting the full version for this weekend. Oh well... there will be plenty of time to play come next week...
  20. Thanks for updating that link. That was a helpful one! As far as the comping of multiple takes goes... I normally record multiple passes of the lead vocal for example. In Cubase, I would put each pass on its own track, and mute all but the "best take" from the bunch. Then I would go through the vocal part phrase by phrase on each track, and would cut out the best part from the bunch, and then copy and drag it down to the final "keeper track". This was pretty easy to do with Cubase, and it sounds like Samplitude has some cool features to accomplish this task as well. One thing that Cubase had was a "speaker icon" option for the cursor which would initiate playback on a single track from the point you clicked forward until you released the mouse button. This was great for auditioning a single phrase on multiple tracks. Select the speaker icon, the cursor turns into a speaker... now: Click and hold on track 1 to hear the phrase, then Click and hold on track 2 to hear that SAME phrase on the new take, then Click and hold on track 3, etc. Does Samp have a similar feature? I see that there is a scrub function... As another suggestion, how about showing how to automate some of the effects. For example, a filter sweep, or automating an echo on and off during different parts of the song (on on the chorus, off on the verse for example). Thanks again for your encouragement. I know I will get there eventually, and I just need to be patient and spend some time with it. Cheers again for all your hard work! Great job!
  21. Kraznet: Thank you so much for doing this! What a great help that is! A couple of comments: 1) The first 2 vids have voice over, which is a real help. The others without voice over are a bit harder to follow. 2) The Gigastudio video is not very clear on my screen, and I cannot read the elements. 3) The last 2 links are to the same video (automation). I would love to see some more info on clip editing, especially when comping tracks. I do a lot of cutting, and moving of bits of audio between takes, and want to make sure that they are time-aligned after cutting and dragging. I was just reading about this last night in the manual, and it looks like there is a great implementation of this feature in Samp. I plan on experimenting with it tonight. I also understand that there is a take manager? Sounds cool! I'd love to see a video of this feature. Once again, thanks for doing this! It is really encouraging to see someone working with this program that knows that they are doing. I am really struggling to grasp the new paradigm after using Cubase for SO MANY years.
  22. Well, not good news. I tried the Melodyne plugin last night with the audio engine at one tick to the left of the Hybrid mode, and when using Melodyne, it immediately crashes Samplitude with no error message, and does not unload the ASIO driver. I cannot reload without a system reboot to clear the ASIO driver. I am still on the Samp demo version, so I will try this again when the full version arrives (it was supposed to be here yesterday, but got delayed due to all the snow). bummer.
  23. Kraznet: Thanks, but that is not the error I am seeing. It is just scrolling all over the place and just going wild, but there is no error message. So I cannot use Hybrid mode and Melodyne, eh? That is a bit of a bummer as Hybrid mode was recommended to fix my latency issues. I'll test it both ways tonight and post my findings. Thanks guys!!!
  24. Does anyone have a map of the Mackie Control surface? For example, which buttons do what? I know there is not a formal template overlay available (yet?), but I am having a tough time figuring out what the buttons do (if anything). Thanks, and sorry for all the noobie questions.
  25. Has anyone successfully got this to work within Samplitude? I tried it last night, and it was wigging out on me.
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