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  1. LBS https://soundcloud.com/hink/lbs
  2. Try saying that on Gearslutz and you will get a 100 page thread lol Try saying that on your typical "home rec" audio forum....and you will get a 1000 page thread!!! Reaper is THE "home rec" DAW app these days......mainly 'cuz it's very cheap. Those folks will never accept that it sounds bad..... please dont say that on KvR...
  3. Hink

    Andre will you please help get this issue settled...it's been since Feb 24th that I have been able to do anything and TIM IS USELESS he wont even return my calls...I relied on his word when he said that if I got pro x I would be all set...he was wrong, I have paid once already through YT back in the day for the samples (all of them candy, culture and majestic.

  4. for the OP, no offense but it seems like you've already made up your mind and looking for reasons to validate your decision, not all hosts are for every user and that's fine. I own Sonar 5, AA2.0, FL8 and I use to sell them all in the early days of DAWS. (turn of the century) I am not going into the dongle debate because it is a no win argument and I have debated it until I'm blue in the face. The best I can suggest to you is go with your gut, if your instincts are telling you not to go with Samp then don't. But...don't write it off either. I demoed 8 before buying a new computer because I could have the company building my machine install samp. I didn't care for it, it seemed to confuse me and I wasn't sure what benefits I would get. At KvR some debates came up about Samp and by then it was version 9 (about 5 months after my demo of 8). and I found myself back on the Samp page because I wanted to know what the beef was. I discovered some new features I liked and I saw that acrossgrade was available. I wrote someone about it (or did I call? ) and they told me if I could wait a few days I'd get a better deal. I waited, got a great deal and haven't looked back. I took to samp right away, the only things that confused me turned out to be because the implementation was so much easier. For instance in AA you have the multi-track view and wav view, I hunted for how I just got a wav view in samp without having this long wav with all my takes. The answer was you don't need the two views in samp. Everything else at the beginning were set up logically like I would like them. Example, I like voxformer and the way it handles things in the filter window. I like that you can change the bandwidth with the center wheel on the mouse, samps eqs are the same way. Of course there are many more examples but I'm tired lol. However one thing that irked me with the demo was when I removed it, it also deleted some Sonar files and I had to reinstall Sonar. The bottom line is you do not have like Samplitude, it's okay...I don't like Cubase but a lot of my friends do. btw remember, do not shop for features...look for benefits.
  5. http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.ph...&highlight= The title of the thread suggests sascha refuses to fix this man's crashing problem...I promised I would post a link here...so please don't shoot the messenger.
  6. Yes - you are correct and I ... Am embarassed Hi embarassed...I Hink
  7. problem solved...I reinstalled the sampler for dfhs and it's working fine now...I'm not sure what was wrong, it worked okay in FL, eXT and Sonar 5...but it's working now
  8. seems too me it makes sense not to show a wave, it isn't a wave...showing events as it does is far more accurate and logical
  9. no, in dfhs's construct panel (bleed window)....where you select each instrument...all the pads except kick go away too...if I load another instance it doesn't ask me for a path...is there an option to save pluggin settings that I'm missing?
  10. yeah it seems to lose the path but I can't redirect it...it loses all my pads and every tone has a * indicating it can't be used
  11. first let me say hi all, I got the 399 deal and am loving it...I also see quite a few familiar names 'round here anyhow I'm sure I'm missing something simple but samp won't remember my dfhs sound settings. I want to save a template but when I reopen the project all my drum sounds can't be found and I have to reload dfhs which sets up different tracks. I'm not concerned about the template though, the problem is it happens when I save a project too, which makes working with dfhs in samp pointless...what am I doing wrong?
  12. I can't reply on the other forum either
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