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  1. HOORAY! So I hear you are going to have a dedicated video track in Samplitude 11! Hooray! Where's my credit card ... wait ... what? I hear you can only have one video file in this video track? PLEASE CHANGE THIS MAGIX! I SWEAR I WILL BUY SAM IF YOU DO! I am desperate to ditch N****, but can't while it's the only app with features I utterly depend on - the only thing it does which Samplitude doesn't is having multiple video tracks on the timeline.
  2. I do apologise, it was quite a while ago! I am impressed by your memory So any chance of a change in policy over this? I'm sorry if my previous message came across as agressive or rude - really my frustration is directed towards S- rather than yourselves. I just do very strongly believe that it would be of a huge benefit to yourselves, your product and you customers, and I feel that it would not take anything away from the benefits of Sequoia if such a feature is added. As I stated mentioning rival products - this level of functionality isn't really a 'premium' feature, and I would be surprised if there were people who had bought Sequoia over Samplitude *exclusively* for this extra functionality.
  3. Rise from your grave! Hi, sorry to ressurect an old thread here, just it's the first time I've looked at it in a while - now we are on the cusp of Nuendo 5 and it appears Steinberg have already released Cubase 5 with some SERIOUS flaws in it that somehow passed it's clearly utterly inadequate QA (i.e. whilst such fundamentals as Solo and Mute were broken in Cubase/Nuendo 4, Steinberg have upped the ante but not only leaving these things broken, but decided to now break Automation as well! In other words, Cubase is not only flawed, but completely broken and useless. And Steinberg don't care). So, more than ever I want to switch to something else. I'm a bit disappointed that there was never any official response on this thread - I hope someone on the team read this. The only people I've been able to speak to before have been in sales and they have been a brick wall "no and never" in their response. Just so it's clear what I am after, is a single video track (not trackS) in Samplitude, in which potentially multiple video files can be placed at desired starting and ending points on the project timeline. No more, no less (although more is a bonus!). The current features are simple inadequate for serious audio-video work, even just writing music to video where you may want to time a moment in the video to be a bar start. I am after what ALL other audio applications offer, even in their most cut down versions (well, perhaps not in their FREE versions!). Pro Tools LE, Sonar, Cubase (even Cubase Studio), Logic, Digital Performer, Reaper ALL offer this level of functionality. Nothing would be lost from Sequoia by adding this limited version of it's functionality into Samplitude - people are NOT going to decide to NOT buy Sequoia because this feature is in Samplitude! If someone wants this feature right now, they will buy something not made by Magix! So please can I get some official Magix feedback on this!
  4. You might want to have a look over my earlier posts again My problem is there is no video 'track', so I can work to multiple video files in the same project.
  5. Check around and see if you can pick up a used Yamaha Motif ES 6 for about a grand. I own a Triton and a Roland XV as well but the Motif still rules when it comes to doing everything well including strings. The drums also sound great. You ever use the famtom x6? The sounds on the Fantom aren't much better than the older Roland workstations. The sounds on the Yamaha Motif range are definitely a step up in my opinion. Some of the acoustic sounds are quite convincing. However, the interface is horrible. Horrible!
  6. I'd love to give sequoia a try! But as far as I am aware, no demo is available I was made quite a generous offer in email from Magix as a crossgrade from Nuendo, but it was still out of my price range - and in fact this cost was still higher than the cost of Nuendo outright. Again - this is my point - this functionality should not be limited to Sequoia.
  7. I'm not sure I follow. There are an awful lot more differences between Sequoia and Samplitude than just the video functionality. Also, Sequoia gives the user the ability to capture video, which I'm not asking for here. I think if you were to include the functionality of your video editing apps into Sequoia so that Sequoia becomes a kind of 'ultimate' app for all kinds of media related work, that would be fantastic. But that's not what I am asking for in Samplitude I don't believe that offering the level of functionality I am asking for undermines Sequoia. The only 'editing' functionality I am asking for in terms of video is the ability to have one video track and multiple video objects on it which can be moved around, not say chopping up or fading between multiple video tracks for example (although I'm not sure if Sequoia can do that!). Perfectly sufficient for someone who wants to work audio to video - not working with video itself - and the same level of functionality other manufacturers offer to customers in their most basic versions of their software. As a good example, Steinberg don't seem to think this level of functionality in Cubase detracts users from Nuendo. I believe being able to work with video files in this way is a standard feature for any sequencer, and shouldn't be restricted to an extremely 'premium' iteration. I'd be interested in hearing what other registered Samplitude / Sequoia users think of this. Are you a Samplitude user who would benefit from this additional functionality? Are you a Sequoia user who only went for Sequoia over Samplitude for this functionality? If it is possible this could be posted on the registered users forum that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. This is my point! I feel it should be a Samplitude feature also - at least in a cut down version to what appears in Sequoia. I understand the video track features in Sequoia are quite advanced - I am given the impression these features allow things such as video capture and editing. I believe a cut down version of this that allows a similar level of functionality to your competition in Samplitude should be implemented. Whatever kind of functionality that someone working on audio to video supplied by a third party, such as a composer writing music to picture or a sound designer creating the sound for video sequences. These tasks often require multiple pieces of video to be worked on within the same project, so a video 'track' with the ability to have multiple video objects spread across the timeline would be sufficient. At present, having only one video file locked to the start of a project is insufficient for my needs. I would have happily switched to Samplitude if this functionality had been available when Nuendo 4 came out. Sadly, it was not so I have upgraded to Nuendo 4 to gain it's additional functionality (and, sadly, it's bugs and lost functionality). Again, this level of functionality is available in Samplitude's competition so I see no reason why some of Sequoia's video functionality could not be carried across to Samplitude.
  9. A bit of background first - I've asked about this before on this forum, and have also spoken to Magix about this to no avail, but would really like this issue brought up and discussed on a serious level. I am really keen on Samplitude, and am currently a Nuendo user. I am getting really sick of Steinberg's attitude to it's customers - Nuendo was an incredible app with phenomenal potential when it came out, but with every new revision it seems to be driving itself into the ground, so I am looking to switch. Samplitude appears to be the best nearest alternative. However, there is one thing that stops me crossgrading - the video features. Now, Sequoia I must admit offers everything I want and more, but I cannot legitimise the cost - my employers will simply not purchase it for me. What I am after is a dedicated video 'track' a la Sequoia, so I can have multiple video files on the timeline. I don't need the more advanced features such as editing and capture of video - just a proper 'track' for video. I really think it would be a very good idea for Magix to give this feature to samplitude users and I can see it doing no harm in terms of sales to Sequoia - if anything it will encourage more people (well at least one!) to switch to samplitude. It is worth mentioning that Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Reaper and Digital Performer (and perhaps Pro Tools) all offer this functionality in their even most basic versions. If any users and potential users think this is a good idea, please join me on my campaign to encourage Magix to include these features in Samplitude!
  10. Hi Sebastian, I'm not sure I understand the point you are trying to make here. I'm not sure what LTC chase has to do with anything. My point is simple - I like Samplitude, however I cannot use it as it lacks a feature I require which is only available to premium customers. I do not understand why this feature is only available to premium customers when virtually all of Samplitude's competitor products have this feature in even their most basic of iterations. I would request that Magix seriously consider making this feature available in all of their products. I very much doubt it would negatively affect sales of Sequoia.
  11. That is a great shame. Such a feature is standard in many other products cheaper even than Samplitude. I don't understand why Magix consider it to be a 'premium' feature that requires such a hefty cost. I cannot legitimise the cost of purchasing Sequoia and keeping it up to date. I think Samplitude is a fantastic app and I would probably switch if it had this feature. It doesn't, for reasons I do not understand, and so I cannot.
  12. Re-viiiiiiiiiiive! Hello! Is this changing in v10? Nuendo 4 is out now and, well, I'm not terribly happy with how Steinberg are behaving and I'm considering switching. However, I cannot afford Sequoia.
  13. Thanks muchly - got that working nicely. Shame it isn't as flexible as Nuendo, but it'll suffice I suppose Anyone know what the current crossgrade price to sequoia is? I believe the PDFs on the site aren't current.
  14. Hi - I'm currently trying out Samplitude as a possible replacement for Nuendo - I've got a few issues which I'll start a thread about in a few days, however one thing that I've hit a brick wall on so far is working to video. In Nuendo, you can have video tracks which you drop video files into much as you would audio. Now I am getting the impression the only similar feature to this is only available in Sequoia. However, is there any way to work to video in Samplitude other than syncing it to an external video playback app? I noticed there is a video window so I assume it is possible to use Video within Samplitude. Can anyone explain how to a troubled noob?
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