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  1. Hey everyone (including our friends at Magix) - hope you're all safe and healthy. I had to shut down my studio a couple weeks back but it's given me time to do some long awaited upgrades. The first thing was studio lighting. I made some backlit wall lighting panels for a couple rooms. The front is Auralex foam. They can be dimmed. The photo doesn't do the room lighting justice ((I need a better camera). Would be cool to know what everyone is doing during these troubled times. I don't know if it's a sign or not but I've gotten a couple calls about the studio in recent days.
  2. You know what I like the most about major upgrades? We get to see some new kraznet videos! ;-)
  3. ya so a song I recorded here in my studio (using Samplitude) managed to make it onto the latest Dr Demento CD Covered in Punk. keep chasing yer dreams ;-) PS you can find the song here
  4. Thanks for the update - I've seen this problem too but very intermittently
  5. This was an odd problem and so I thought I would share it here. This morning I received an update message through my iLok Manager program. Latest version 3.1.4 was available. When I tried to install it, I got a cryptic error message saying my version of Windows 7 was not up to date. So I run the Windows update utility and waited for it to show all the important and option updates I was missing. Seemed as though I had the latest of everything. A quick search produced the answer. There is a sort of "hidden" update numbered KB3125574 that has to be installed before you can update iLok Manager. This is a large "convenience rollup" package. Might take a few minutes to download and install the complete bundle. You can find the file here http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/search.aspx?q=kb3125574 If you do a search on KB3125574 you'll find a number of references to it already (I found it on Gearslutz and Avid and Sweetwater websites). Why it didn't show up as an important (or even optional update) is unclear.
  6. Hey Greg - hope all is well! I;m trying to install X3 (suite) and am having problems. X3 is not recognizing my SCOPE/XITE ASIO drivers. X2 works fine. X3 doesn't. At the audio setup window I select the Scope ASIO driver set but immediately get an error message saying ASIO drivers not found (even though I have a Scope project loaded up with ASIO drivers. Like I said, X2 works fine. Any ideas? Are u still using Scope? Thanks!

  7. I welcome new dialog and expression around here this entire forum is about as interesting as watching paint dry
  8. I looked at Reaper last year - just mostly out of curiosity. Actually I had looked at it some years ago but I forgot everything about it. I spent a little more time investigating this second pass. I get it. I get what it is. It's a DAW program. It's a good bang for the buck type program considering the price (<$100). Almost comically small download file. At first I thought I had maybe missed something when I saw the file size. With a lot of internet downloads you get nothing but a small install program first. That's what I thought I had. Nope. That's the whole enchilada. The framework for a nice DAW is there but the stuff that's bundled in is almost a joke. I mean... maybe the plug-ins are on-par with more expensive stuff but it all looked like late 90's design. Very flat graphics. Almost text-based design. I'm sure that means it's snappier though. I'm so used to the "realistic" designs of today's VSTs I don't think I could like working with that very much. But since we all probably have the better stuff already most people wouldn't even bother with that I guess. If you were coming at this brand new (your first DAW) you'd end up spending the same amount as Samplitude to get all the better VST's. So maybe it's a wash either way. As far as the functionality - my needs are fairly simple. I saw nothing there that was compelling me to jump ship from Samplitude. I don't need two DAW's for any reason at all. So I looked and then walked away from it. But since then I've recommended it to some of my younger clients who ask about what they should buy for their own use. You know... the ones with no money to spend lol.
  9. Just as a general response to some of your original comments - I came to SamP via a couple of other DAWs (not PT) and I found Samp's learning curve to be very steep. It took me WAY longer to learn Samplitude than Sonar (for example). I remember sort of complaining about the lack of meaningful information in the user manual at the time (I think I came on board around Ver 9). I remember the index page numbers didn't even match up the correct pages which made the whole thing even more confusing. Application help sometimes lead you nowhere. And then, it seemed, I had to learn a new vocabulary. Everything seemed somehow counter-intuitive to me. But I was determined to press on because one important thing I noted was that Samp seemed way more stable on my machine than the other programs I had been using. It was practically bulletproof. I spent quite a few nights reading through the manual (yes I made a hard copy). That sort of helped but eventually it seemed that the best way was to just go through each and every menu and find out where things were located and what they did. But I will end with this: it was Kraznet's videos that helped the most. I watched them all - over and over and that really helped a lot. It's one thing to sit there and read but quite another to see it in action. It'll take time. Hang in there and have fun!
  10. My understanding of how this works (I might be wrong) is that you have to contact Magix directly and ask for permission. Read the sticky message at the top of this forum. Anyway, that's how I remember getting access. It took a day or two for them to respond after I sent the email. I think it's as simple as that.
  11. This has been my experience as well. Sonar has it's strengths in the GUI and workflow department but all that window dressing don't mean a thang if it crashes and hiccups constantly. Having said that, I have seen numerous people complaining about Sam crashing and hiccuping too so who knows what to believe. I guess no matter what DAW you buy, it's a gamble. All I know is Sam seems to have a much more robust audio engine compared to Sonar and that's the thing that means the most to me. I like the fancy colors and other things but at the end of the day, when clients are watching over your shoulder, I don't want the thing to stutter and hiccup EVER. Rock on Sam!
  12. Hey, Larry, I recognize you from the SONAR forums. I'm also having issues with SONAR 7. One of the main reasons I upgraded to S7 was for the external hardware delay compensation. As far as I'm concered it's unusable, and it looks like we won't get a patch. I've also had an issue with softsynths for some time. So, I too am now seriously considering Samplitude. Can you comment on what you miss from SONAR and what took some getting used to in Samp? Do you use the external hardware delay compensation in Samp? How do you like the workflow? Thanks! John Hey John. I can't comment on the things you mentioned because I'm not using any of Sonar's synths, or MIDI stuff or hardware controllers, etc. I'm embarrased to admit I'm using Sonar (and for the most part Samplitude) as a digital tape deck. I'm basically just doing multi-track recordings for local rock bands. Not to diss my clients but most of them wouldn't know a sequencer if it hit them on the head. Unless you're doing some sort of modern urban hybrid rock/hip hop (a la Lincoln Park), it's pretty much just guitar, bass drums in here. Which suits me fine actually. I will tell you that I like Sonar in spite of itself. I much prefer the GUI and workflow interface in Sonar compared to Samplitude. In my mind, if Sam had Sonar's wrapping, I'd be happy. That's not to take away from what SamP is. I understand why some might prefer it. You can never please everyone. I understand that. I'm so used to Sonar I guess, I find Sam's interface & learning curve a bit much. To me, these two programs actually seem complimentary. What one lacks, the other excels at and vice versa. I prefer Sonar for tracking and Samplitude for mixing and mastering work. I'm just trying to get my comfort level with Sam up there so I can run sessions as fluidly as I can with Sonar right now. When I first got Sonar I was up and running sessions in two weeks. That has not been the case with SamP. Another part of the problem is my work load here. Taking time off to learn software is always a tricky thing. I'm not getting rich doing this and my ability to pay rent and put food on the table is directly proportional to how many clients I book. That means literally trying to book almost every night of the week or weekends. When I first learned Sonar I had the luxury of time. I was able to devote large parts of my day to it which helped. But I alos thought (and still think) there is a more logical methodology to Sonar. I mean even the user manual is vastly superior (that might also be a good reason why it took me less time to learn). I don't know. I guess I like both programs equally but for different reasons. Here's a few things I'll mention in Sonar's favor: I love those track icons. A really nice touch when you're hunting for tracks in a 64+ track arrangement. Visually speaking, I prefer the meters in Sonar. I can see them from across the room. And they show text peak indicators. I find it really strange that Sam doesn't offer this. Color customization is vastly superior. Almost every aspect of the program can be color modified. Grouping controls is more logical and a lot easier. I can group controls in the main project window using a color scheme to group controls. In fact I can generally do anything I want in the main project window. I rarely use Sonar's mixer window. There is more room for track ID text in the scribble spaces. Everything seems smaller in Sam. I like the graphical EQ in the tracks better than the old fashioned knobs like Sam uses. Unfortunately, in spite of the window dressing, Sonar is too unstable. And that, to me, is a deal breaker. It drives me insane when the thing crashes for no good reason (also motorboating and various other audio anomolies). Clearly, Cakewalk spends a lot of time with the window dressing and not enough time on the underlying engine. Perhaps over time that will stabilize but I'm not going to keep buying update after update hoping they get things right. They always manage to break things in the process as well. I guess the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence as all the DAW's have their quirks and foibles.
  13. I think the difference is the Newcomer forum is open to everybody, you don't need to own a license. Since you own a license, you'd post in the others forums. I don't think it's a question of new vs old. no, please ... IMHO, there's already enough things to read, and the advantage is what's to read is related to Sampliquoia, period. That's perfect. cheers Phil I get it. Makes sense (I'm still catching up ).
  14. If you have questions you can pose them here in this forum. Honestly, I don't know why there has to be a newcomers vs old timers forum section. There isn't enough activity on the other forum to warrant separating Sam Pro into two different forums (as far as I'm concerned). Also, it would be a nice touch to add some misc sections to this forum (tech talk, gear, software, coffee house, etc). Seems like the IQ level is a little higher over here than on some other forums. I wouldn't mind picking the brains of a few people around here from time to time.
  15. Hey there, ironic that i am meeting you here I have been a Sonor user since version 4 but have had enough- it hasn't been stable since version 5.2 imho and i am not wasting another penny on it. I absolutely love working in Sonor but its no good Cakewalk ading all these extra features if it compromises the audio engine- nothing worse than trying to explain to paying customers after they have done a perfect take that your DAW went belly up 10 seconds before they finished If you dont mind me askin do Magix do a crossgrade offer for Samplitude? Ha! Misery loves company I believe there is a crossgrade option of some sort but it might depend on the country. I got a sweet deal on Sam Pro last year for around $300 USD.
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