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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to find out which is the most stable version of Sam you guys have experienced for audio playback. What im trying to do is have sam play about 12 stereo tracks of audio from a PC desktop (meeting minimum requirements) for a theater show. What i also need to do is make markers along the timeline and have jumps to the next marker upon "cue calls" while playing the current marker. I have tried this and it works but with a slight problem...as soon as i jump to the next marker ,there is a slight dip in the audio as if there is buffering or something going on. It's very obvious with ver 10 pro but much better with ver 8. I can't have the audio dip like that in any way...it's got to start right away with all tracks playing from that new marker point....just like you would on a cd player or playback machines like that.....instant replay. Any help would be much appreciated. st808
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