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  1. Hi all I'm building a new PC system & would like your input. I am switching from Logic Pro (old PC version) to Samplitude & have purchased Ver9 Samp Pro. I'm considering the Q6600 Quad Core & one of the Asus P5K boards. (Win XP Pro) Also, I will be upgrading my old Delta 1010 to something from RME. (Either the Fireface 800 or Multiface II) It seems that RME & Samp get along well so I'm hoping it's the smart choice. So basically I'm wondering if going the Quad core route is advisable & if the P35 chipsets are solid with Samp? I've read mixed opinions with the Quad/Samp combo. It just seems pointless to buy a Dual core when the Quads are about the same price. I'm also wondering if I should go with th proven although aging P5B boards? instead Any suggestions would be appreciated! FWIW My current (old but solid) set up is... PIII 1G Win 98SE Asus CUSL2-C board Logic Pro version 4.7 (PC) Delta 1010 Thanks Sean
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