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  1. Can anyone tell me for sam v8 se, how to simply operate the midi functions so I can get some use out of this program preferably where I can setup my midi controller and how to operate vsti plug ins from the very beginning. The manual that came with it simply misses the topic completely and there is no support or any other help available and Im finding this to be really discouraging
  2. you can find them on youtube, I've seen them all myself and if anyone can let me know where I can get some help for Samp v8 se especially in setting up midi and playing the vsti instruments, also having an issue with keeping the program flowing smoothly while working in 24 bit, keep getting messages saying the ASIO setting cannot load or I get the conversion window popup thing when I try to import 24bit files telling me it has to convert it to 16bit, the manual that came with this program is basically empty and only touches base on certain aspects of the program and just leaves the basics out of the picture to get up and running, Im starting to feel taken
  3. sorry I guess I should of got the version correct it is actually the SE version thanks appreciate the help I've fixed most of those issues my plug ins and with the bit depth, now Im trying to tackle the midi setup and how to locate and play the instruments
  4. the e version I purchased seems to not have the tutorial videos and its asking for a disk. Cannot seem to figure out how to setup the midi functions and also I dont know how to setup a path to my vst plug ins nor can I understand why I would need to. All of the dx plug ins are all setup and work fine. Now onto a different problem, every time I import a 24 bit audio file either wav or aiff, I get an error message saying it cannot play the file at its current bit rate and needs to play it at 16bit and the same message pops up even when I import a 16bit file. Im also missing a great deal of the typical how to do to the basic program functions. I read the entire help section/manual in the program and it just completely misses the whole setup and get going part. I have been using Magix Audio studio 2004 up until the ms10 version so its not all foreign to me. Im stumped on the basics so any help with this or links to tutorials would be so appreciated. Also if it will shed anymore light on it my setup is the M-audio omni studio with a delta-66 card, I know its old but I cant part with it
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