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  1. Samplitude prox 3 Suite

  2. Once again you are on top of the game :-) I´m a subscriber and I will see it for sure. Regards
  3. Ok I understand the stand alone then I have to use Soundforge to get acces to the isotope Mastering...bugger. I did a rescan of my folders and now the cleaning and restoration suite is there . Is there any tutorials about how to use the other programs and how to interact with sam? Very best regards Kraznet
  4. Hi Kraznet, I just bought the prox 3 Suite but I cant find some of the pluggins/addons that should be there..? I can´t find the "cleaning and restoration suite" ; The "Izotope Mastering and repair Suite" It is installed but doesn´t appear in the program the same goes for spectralayer...? Is there any thing I´m missing? I Installed and authorised everything " succesfully" Regards
  5. Very nice from composition to final mix. Congrats Juan
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