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  1. Thanks for putting up the video Kraznet. Now my Novation Remote 37 SL is working, however the GI-20 (USB) simply doesn't show up as a device in the 'Midi In' section (after pressing 'Y' and clicking on 'Midi') Rather than continue down this path (after trying many different settings) I have taken the path of least resistance and hooked the GI-20, via midi cable 'Out' to my Presonus Firestudio Mobile 'In' and now the GI-20 is working. (The GI-20 has both a USB and midi out) Thank you for your prompt reply.
  2. I am having problems with getting Samplitude Pro X to recognize my Novation Remote 37 SL midi keyboard and Roland GI-20 Guitar midi interface. The "Help" menu doesn't seem to cover the setup procedure for midi keyboard controllers. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the GI-20 drivers several times with no luck. Going to Control Panel > System> Hardware> Device Manager, the GI-20 Drivers are installed. I have tried the "Y" key and midi configuration page, however the "Add New" seems to be primarily for hardware controllers and not really midi keyboard controllers. I couldn't find a reference in the manual either. In any other DAW this is simple plug and play stuff. Not sure why it's turning into such a major annoyance. I have searched thru various Samplitude video tutorials without finding this basic information, not even in the "Getting Started" video and this is very puzzling. If anyone can help clear up this mystery for me, by breaking it down into basic step by step instructions, I would be most appreciative.
  3. Hi all, Not much recent activity regarding Lynx products. I would really appreciate hearing from users of Lynx PCI cards. Those of us trying to make an informed choice, would benefit immensely from hearing real world feedback on which Lynx models work well and which models, perhaps, we should avoid. Also, if any of these cards performance can be improved by tweaking particular settings, this would also be very helpful information. Does Samplitude/Magix have a recommended interface list? Considering that the interface is the pivotal component in every audio workstation, this topic seems worthy of an ongoing discussion. Thanks in advance for your anticipated input. -Midiaxe
  4. Here is the word on Pro Crossgrade V.10 pricing from Orange Hill. How do you all feel about this? Personally, I think this pricing is too high and I for one will not upgrade to V.10 - this will be one of those upgrades that I sit out. Perhaps Magix/Orange Hill will reconsider and reprice this upgrade under $200 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I just want to make one thing clear before things get out of hand and that is the V10 Free Upgrade requirements. ONLY users who have bought a full version at $999 within the last 60 days are eligible to receive a free upgrade to V10. You must provide a receipt with your date of purchase and amount to qualify. The same rules apply to all other FULL versions of Samplitude Master and Classic. Users who have purchased the $499 Pro Crossgrade will be required to pay the $250 upgrade price. If you have yet to purchase the Crossgrade special you can do so now through Pro Audio Toys and get both V9 and the V10 Upgrade for $699 (while supplies last!). Get the details here: http://proaudiotoys.com/magix-samplitude-v...-378.html"
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