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  1. Nah, it's not too much effort. It's mainly Urs, and we're harvesting the seeds he's sown years ago. Jan and me just include a hash file and flip a switch. That's all, set & forget. It really seems the groups have given up on us. Either we're smart asses, or they're just fed up. It's a bit like in our business: non-working stuff creates support cases. A lot of 'your stuff doesn't work' shouts adds up to all the whiners in their forums begging for this or that as crack, 'pleeeaaazzzeee!'. One of the group eventually parted because of the scene demanding too much for their taste, at least that was what they wrote in their final .nfo file. That was almost cute. Anyway, I was trying to point out that communicating you care and relate to customers' fears of losing invested value is important, IMO. That's way more than 24.000 added turnover, it's a great part of the company's business ethics and drives both sides onward.
  2. That's what I call a positive spin....lol... I don't think it is a "business practice" - rather it's their way of combating piracy. Plain and simple. No, but al least their products are not losing their value. You can re-sell them because they are not available for free. Great benefit to users. Try selling your copy of Sequoia, Samplitude or Waves - good luck! U-he don't do sales. Never had and probably never will (Urs is very stubborn on this, maybe his Northern nature). It's carved in stone here. Not even edu licences. I'm often the first in the office here and there's rarely a morning where nobody's on the phone trying to persuade us to do discounts for music schools or teachers. We're explaining we try to keep things low enough for everybody to afford, given a certain quality and effort put in. Thing is, you can't tell people to invest in your products when they're on sale for a fraction of the price a couple of months later, which is common business practice among the 'big' plugin players. As soon as I explain Zebra still costs the same as 10 years ago and updates are free, they're usually convinced. But you probably can only do that when you're small enough and niche and have customers buying the entire portfolio (strange, but happens more often than we thought). Sebastian, please don't see things from the wrong end. We're not happy with piracy at all. In fact, it bothers us big time. When there's a happy ending and we get sales, we're fine. But only for the moment. Of course we could spend the day much better. But at least, our scheme has proven to be bullet-proof - it's not only a technical thing but also psychological, we got deep insights to the cracker scene meanwhile and how they 'tick'. A couple of devs already follow our routes and observations, and Urs already considered releasing it as public domain.
  3. At least in the u-he universe. And frankly, I'm glad Urs cares. We're small, but already 10 people, and can't distribute the risk like big or multi-market companys can. Apart from trying to stay uncracked, keeping a product's value is an important thing. Urs never did sales, and no edu discounts (although constantly asked for), which is a principle nailed in stone here. Zebra costs the same than 10 years ago, which is good for resellers. What I personally see more of a rising problem is that people begin to think audio software has to cost sigificantly less, since mobile apps are so cheap. It's become harder to justify a plugin's price of, say, 100$, when you can have a full-blown sequencer or guitar-suite app for $4.99 or so. [Oh, that reminds me of those nights Urs & me used to spend with Jürgen from Jomox (of X-Base fame) who kept saying we software guys are destroying the hardware market... that was many years ago... I'm glad he's still around...]
  4. I've got 2 things to throw in here: 1. We're experiencing major fuckups with Pace here. Every once in a while, their signing process goes haywire and permits our build servers from successfully building and signing the AAX versions. We have several accounts (on several iLoks) and it's happened several times that only one remained active while others got blocked for no apparent reason. During the build process, it's mandatory for these to phone home. Well. We also suffered badly from the 'ilokalypse' that hit the music production scene a while ago (you may google that...) where Pace knocked us out of ProTools business even longer than for the downtime the end users experienced back then. That's a pity for Avid who get miscredited regularly although it's Pace' fault. 2. We haven't been cracked for several years. All the recent u-he cracks out there don't work. Period. They might work at first glance or even be ok for the occasional user but what we're interested in is to have customers that work with our stuff on a regular basis. We can say that our efforts definitely pay off. On every special day per month, it is 'ACE day', where a deep check within ACE kicks in, and we immediately have sales spikes afterwards. We also had the same in July where people used serials from one of the big warez places, which led to one of the most successful months in our company history, because they were bought with a stolen credit card and we blacklisted them (where our deep checks kick in again when people least expect them). What makes it annoying for those people is that we don't do stuff right away so that they feel safe and start investing a great deal of time in their music. Again, we want the 'power users', and we apparently get lots of converts this way. If interested: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5756335#p5756335 Urs: "Well, we're facing two different problems: Leaked serial numbers and cracks. Leaked serial numbers can be met with updates. We make updates that seem to work for a while but then, well, don't. In the meantime nobody knows which versions of our software worked with the leaked serials and which don't. So most of them blow up at some point, usually shortly before x-mas. Cracks is a whole different story, and we found a very simple yet efficient answer: Analyse how users use the software (casual vs. power user) and only if it's a power user, do another 4-lines-of-code serial check (do so in 10 different areas, once a month or so). It's a simple heuristic, it's simple means, but they are damn hard to find for someone with a classical toolset (IDA Pro, OllyDbg etc.). Hence there has not been a working crack of a release version in 8 or so years. There has been a supposedly working crack once of a beta version a few years ago, but that has been long forgotten by the trackers and we had it removed from all filehosters. Therefore we can proudly say: The only usable warez of our stuff is either buggy betas, or really, really old versions. Not much to worry about." And: "If anyone is interested, I checked traffic from "expired demos" a week ago. We had about 250 unique visitors which we could match to 20 or so sales. That's pretty consistent with previous months. So we actually make 2000 bucks from people who thought that our stuff was cracked. Each month. And that's only those who click the buy now link in the software. In the meantime I think we have 10 different "delayed checks" in our software, each taking up 10-30 lines of code and no measurable CPU. The most of these checks that was ever cracked away was 4, by Team R2R, who since gave up on us, like Assign, Beat, something with D, something with A, Union, AiR and god only knows who before. As I said, the only thing out there that's usable is an old beta with a crash bug. Good luck working with that "
  5. Running more or less in bypass mode is the intended behaviour of the expired trial. To me it sounds like you have a very early version of the plugin (pre-2012). In my memory, the first version didn't have a timeout notification. If you click on the wrench icon next to the top LCD and hit 'about', which version & date is shown? The problem remains that you can't renew the trial (unless you re-install your OS), so overwriting it with a new version won't work. Current installers give you up to 30days trial period (if I remember correctly), but you still have to check things within that timeframe (or buy a serial).
  6. Are you sure your trial hasn't expired? What does the startup dialog say?
  7. VariVerb II ist grundsätzlich Teil von Pro X, egal ob 'normal' oder Suite. http://pro.magix.com/de/samplitude/im-ueberblick.36.html
  8. Yes, it's slightly OT... We plan to have it out the first week of Sept., at least everything looks good so far. I don't feel like hijacking this place, there's more chatter probably here on our forum, and probably some info why it took us a bit longer: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=384309 http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=388428
  9. Hi André, FYI, I've quoted your post over at kvr (http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5333551#5333551), as there was quite some talk about some of the issues lately. Glad that you guys keep it all up! Cheers mate
  10. No, missing by a mile By the time my ears got 'printed in', I was still in school, it was '91 or so, and I got myself a Peavey T.B. Raxx all-tube preamp as the only 'real' thing I could afford back then. Still the heart of my system, running like on its first day, caps replaced, Telefunken tubes inside (ripped from an old radio I found at the local recycling facility), driving a QSC 850 and a custom boutique 4x10 (FMC, some Germans might know that guy). I also had an SWR 220 head, where the contour control might have inspired me somewhat. At the peak of my musical endeavours (doing less these days), Ampeg was just out of reach, although I've always admired them. That being said, the bass amp in Vandal is perhaps the one I've always wanted if it would materialize. Was just personal taste. It's that simple.
  11. André, Kraznet postet a VIP in the main forum, and I can confirm that. Just sent an email to Wolfram. Apparently I left a bug in the RT60 calculation when I migrated VV2 to the newer framework back then...
  12. So weit ich mich erinnere, hatte ich da was für die Version für iCON geändert, d.h. der Codestand für den OEM-Vandal ist neuer. Sofern die Kollegen für den nächsten Patch den regulären Stand noch mal durchbauen, sollte das auch dort verbessert sein. Ich hoffe nur, ich hab's nicht 'verschlimmbessert'
  13. 'Response' affects both attack & release. However, the release behaviour is controlled by the current RMS energy, sort of semi-automatic.
  14. Der Link geht nur bei Dir (via Cookie). Es gibt eine Demo für ProX und eine für ProX Suite. AM Suite, Vandal & Independence ist nur in der Suite.
  15. Hast Du denn die Pro X Suite-Version installiert, oder nur die kleine?
  16. My 2 cents, unsorted: - I'd choose short guitar cables whenever possible. Too long, and the sound gets muddy, you'll loose treble and volume. Plus, the higher the impedance of the pickup(s), the more trouble with RF interference occurs - Humbuckers are less sensitive to RF noise. A Strat or Tele will pick up more noise than a Les Paul, for instance. Unless you split the humbucker, of course - In most cases, an angle close to 90° to the RF source should be best, at least that's my observation - Moving away from the source as much as possible is a good thing. Should you leave the monitors' focus, wear headphones (use still both if you need acoustic feedback). I wouldn't use long cables here, though. I'd prefer active DIs, a HI-Z preamp, or a good stomp box in the signal path, as an impedance-matching device (or 'repeater'). So: guitar-> short cable -> stomp box/DI/preamp -> 2nd cable -> recording device I wouldn't worry too much of possible additional noise from an in-between device. I'd rather fear quality loss from too-long cables. - 'Feedback': unless it gets out of control, it's your friend. The essence of rock'n roll. To avoid it, wear phones. For things to become alive, crank up your monitors. - LF hum noise is often induced by bad/double earthing of devices. Using rack gear, 'humfrees' might help (they can help isolate a chassis from common ground). Otherwise, consider patching gear from/to the PC or mixing desk through transformer-based DI boxes. - A software amp acts in no way different from a real amp: it amplifies. Garbage in, garbage out. Which includes avoiding RF emissions wherever possible. No neon lights, energy-saving light bulbs, halogen lamps etc. Also check for household equipment on the same power line, the fridge, A/C, whatever.
  17. Alles klar, danke. Werd ich mit verarzten.
  18. Meinst Du lediglich die Anzeige? In dem Fall wäre eine Änderung abwärtskompatibel. Wenn allerdings der Bereich an sich geändert werden müsste, wird es komplizierter. Also nur die Oktavlage in den Listen der Preferences?
  19. Wir arbeiten dran. Bedingt durch die x64-Portierung werden einige Stellen, wie etwa Freischaltung, gerade aktualisiert. Auch müssen wir noch abwarten, bis die Mac-Variante den gleichen Stand hat. Sobald das der Fall ist, sollte die VST/AU-Version rausgehen können. Vandal mussten wir eine Weile parken, da eine Menge Plugin-Projekte auf x64 umgestellt oder anderweitig aktualisiert werden mussten.
  20. Much on the desk currently. But Vandal is somewhere on that pile
  21. VE Suite 2 ist noch im beta-Status. Kommt im nächsten Patch.

  22. Ach so ja, VariVerb wird das auch haben ;)

  23. Die AM / VE Suite v2 (wobei die AM-Plugins ja bereits in ProX enthalten sind) basieren auf dem eFX Framework. Entsprechend finden sich dort hinter dem 'Schraubenschlüssel' weitere Einstellungen, wie etwa Mausmodus.

  24. Freezing a track results in a 32bit float file, which means it can't get any better in terms of quality. So you don't lose anything. If you wish to make edits later on, like cutting/editing objects or making adjustments on the plugin, just unfreeze the track and you get the previous state back. The frozen file is stereo by default. But there is a 'keep mono' option in the system preferences (->resampling/bouncing). This will result in a mono file when the source file was also mono before, although it wouldn't make much sense if the plugin outputs stereo information like, for instance, free panning, stereo chorus or reverb.
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