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  1. Yup - I have a problem. I downloaded the demo version of Sam Pro 9 and I really wish I wouldn't have because now I have to come up with $999 to buy this thing! I'm, a long time Adobe Audition user (in fact, as far back as Cool Edit Pro) and I've been looking for something new with MIDI capabilities. I've spent time at a friends house with his Sonar equipped DAW and just didn't care for it. Not sure why. I've played with a lite version of Cubase (came with a piece of hardware I bought) - same result. I just have not been able to get comfortable with either. So - I downloaded Sam Pro 9 and FINALLY I find the program I'm looking for. I've read some reviews that describe Sam as having quite a learning curve. I have found just the opposite - it seems very simple and intuitive. Granted I've tried about 10% of what this program can do, so I will still need to keep digging in, but so far, so good. So my only reason for posting here was to say I really like what I see of Sam Pro, so far. Great program. Now - if I can come up with the $$$!! By the way - what's up with the crossgrade offers I've seen online? Is that legit? Thanks for listening to my rant. Once I make my purchase I'm sure I'll be back with plenty of questions!
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