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  1. I've been very glad with the release of Sam11.2Pro since Vandal's midi options were adjusted and considerably improved as far as automation is concerned. However, it took me some time to get Vandal respond to midi data. There was no problem with automation via midi control messages, but: default notes for preset and scene selection weren't working correctly - I changed them to start with C0 and go up from there but to my surprise the notes I draw in midi editor (C0 upwards) did nothing as if they didn't match. Only entering the same notes in ME at C-2 brought the expected results. To sum up, Vandal's C0 is Sam's C-2, it could be much easier... Vandal's patch list functionality is also a bit off. After assigning presets to program change slots it turned out that slots numbers and program change numbers don't match when automated. Example: if I want Vandal to load preset from slot 8 I need to draw program change data at 7. So, what I must remember is to always subtract one to get what I want. It could be much easier as well... well, the last thing is that with a 12 track project [4 Vandal instances loaded, ezdrummer vsti, cpu at 25%] playback stutters a bit when Vandal automation data is received - a major annoyance if you ask me... I don't know if the listed issues were/are experienced by any other users. I appreciate any feedback... All in all, keep up the good work.... Vandal is IMO the best ampsim out there and if its sound will be equalled by its functionality then... wow!
  2. Thank you for your responses! After reading all the info you've provided, I've tried to automate scene/patch selection via midi cc 23/24 but I've failed... Here's what I did so please tell me what did I do wrong: Vandal's on the track [global settings set to scene change] => set midi out to VSTx Vandal [channel all]=> go to track automation => choose midi cntr automation => choose 23 or 24 => draw the value up so the scene 1 should jump to scene 2 => nothing happens upon the playback [only a wee control on Vandal interface blinks when it receives midi message]... So... any step by step tutorial would be greatly appreciated, guys Thank you!
  3. Hi there, I have a problem with automation in Vandal and, hopefully, someone can enlighten me how to do it... I know how to automate all the little knobs in Vandal using both external midi cntrl and automation drawing tool. But how do you automate scene selection changes? preset changes? Can't figure it out... I suspect it's quite obvious and I'm missing it totally OR it's impossible and no wonder I haven't found it yet...
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