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  1. Hey.. i've noticed that there are a LOT more people, and a lot more activity on the Samplitude forum than the Sequoia forum - understandably. But, since there are a lot of things that are the same.. is it ok for me to post (the same) questions in both forums?? Obviously if i have questions re. the DDP export, or some such issues that i know are specific to Seq. i'll post accordingly, but i am realizing that there is a lot of info in the Samp. forum that's relevant to all of us. Let me know. Thank you
  2. Seems pretty stable right now, but i've bookmarked this one.. for future ref. Thanks!
  3. I'm using 9.1 and AV 6.06 (i believe.. it's the latest one, anyhow). I'm putting AV in the PRE Vst slot, and moving the PAN before or after it.. as per the previous post. Are you using Altiverb, or are you talking in general? This is a problem for me, as i have lots of mono in / mono out IR's that i've made but can not use. More general, I don't have altiverb. Back in the v8 days I always had to be careful about where I put my plugs in the chain for mono operation (Amplitube was a problem). Those issues resolved with 9. I'm at a loss here. I've got Magix and Audio Ease tech support working on this. A large part of the problem here is that Altiverb was only just recently ported to the PC, so i'm assuming there are not a lot of Seq / Sam + Altiverb users out there, yet. Which is a shame, as it's by a long shot, the best IR reverb out there..
  4. I am aware of that.. that was the whole point of the thread - maybe i was not clear enough. My point was, that since Seq. needs QT or QT Alternative to open AIFF files, and according to more than one person, QT is 'a pain in the rear'.. then why is IT on the install disc, and not QT Alternative?? This was preceded by my original point about my troubles with Quicktime in general, and that leading to unstable playback of sessions with AIFF files (including everything i master) and problems with Altiverb, which i'm fairly sure uses AIFF files in their IR's. I had found that going back to the QT version that was on the 9.X install disk, and not using the latest version, my system got a lot more stable (knock on wood). SO - i guess this now officially brings us back to square one....
  5. I'm using 9.1 and AV 6.06 (i believe.. it's the latest one, anyhow). I'm putting AV in the PRE Vst slot, and moving the PAN before or after it.. as per the previous post. Are you using Altiverb, or are you talking in general? This is a problem for me, as i have lots of mono in / mono out IR's that i've made but can not use.
  6. Allright. Let's set the record straight, so we can move on. - last thursday i came here, and as a registered Sequoia 9.X user, i registered here as well, logged in (succesfully) and tried to post. No luck. Thinking as with some 'boards (and i've belonged to DOZENS of them! dating back to when Emagic was German and Steve Jobs was counting OS's in single digits) i might have to be 'approved' or 'processed' in some way, i waited till the following morning (this is Los Angeles). - friday, still no luck. I had my password reset (or resent, should i say) and still no luck. I had noticed that there was a Pinned post for people not being able to post.. which to me suggests this is a known problem! As a matter of fact, the only reply to my post there was from another member not able to post!! - i read the post, twice, sent the PM, the email and posted elsewhere, yes- angrily. at this point i am aware of the 'weekend hole' and the fact that this probably will not get resolved till monday (today). - so today i get an email back saying 'you should be good to go' in a nutshell.. and further: if this does not work, try deleting your browser's cookies, closing all instances of it, quitting, restarting etc etc. Oddly enough, i am now able to post, it seems, and the cookies were not an issue. - my problem is this: if there is a possible workaround, i.e. deleting cookies, restarting, clearing the cache, whatever.. WHY is that information that is treated like some sort of secret?? Would it not make sense to have that information in the Pinned thread??? Really?? I've never had any problems with any of the boards i've belonged to.. and maybe that's just luck. I don't pretend to know the logistics of running a board like this, but maybe it's time for an update? Husky PS - Yes, i am aware and greatful of the fact that there are helpful people here. Which is why i'm here. I've had lots of problems, but also a lot of solutions, and i am eager to share.
  7. Huh... wonder why it's on the Sequoia install disk if it's a pain in the ass to use? Maybe others have had similar issues with QT alt... Thanks for the tip, though. Husky
  8. You've probably already seen this but just in case . . . . It looks like there might of been a similar problem that was fixed last year for Cubase and Nuendo. Maybe it's a related issue?? August 02, 2006 - Altiverb 5.4.6 for Mac OS X & Windows XP, all versions updated[VST] fixed IR recall in mono to mono versions when used in Cubase and Nuendo. Best of luck with you problem. Hard to say. ..Like i said, i got AV to load in MONO, once, and that was after i went and moved the PAN to after the VST Pre slot, in the Track / Plugin Routing dialog. Unfortunately, i could not get it to load again, in mono.. no matter whether i put the track in mono first, instantiated the plugin first.. moved the pan pre or post vst.. etc etc., so i can't say that the pan postition, as it were, had anything to do with it. I've gotten screenshots from Magix support with it working.. so again, i'm a bit in the dark here. THe main issue here is that i have some IR's.. actually a LOT.. that i've made, from analog delays, tape delays, megaphones etc etc.. and always used them in Plogue Bidule on the MAC, via lightpipe into Sequoia, but since AV has been ported to PC, i can't use them. Mainly due to Sequoia's handling of mono tracks.. or lack thereof. H
  9. I have been tracking a problem for months now.. and it seems that Quicktime is interfering with AIFF file playback (and also Altiverb - probably for the same reason). I installed the latest version of QT from the Apple site, and it seems that it is not compatible with Seq. Seems like the best / most stable version so far, is the one that came with the install disk for 9.X Would it make sense to make this a part of the installer? Or if not, at least see what's going on with the later QT versions? Anyone else have problems with AIFFs? Husky Seq 9.1 / RME 9632
  10. Hello all. I'm trying to get Altiverb Mono IR's to work, but am having problems. Seems like the 'mono' track switch is buggy.. I got the program and AV to 'talk' once.. where the Altiverb was functioning as a mono in / mono out plugin, but can't replicate it. Any ideas? Husky Sequoia 9.1 / RME 9632
  11. No, mr. Rice. My reason for wanting to post on the "SUPPORT" forum, is to bring to the table, some of the issues i've had with Sequoia, and hopefully find like minds (not like your's) that are interested in not only sharing problems, but also solutions to the several problems that can come up working on an all digital platform. Frankly, i find it unacceptable that with a $3000 program, the 'HELP' forum (the place to report BUGS) is so buggy that one can't POST. If this if OK with you, then fine. Just remember to keep it to yourself, as i'm not in this as a hobbyist. I'm not here to spam anyone. I'm not here to browse I'm here to solve problems so i can get WORK done. I need this app to work. If that's funny to you.. then fine. if that's cute to you, then ok Just don't try to pretend to know where i'm coming from, or what my intent is. Husky www.eightbitaudio.com
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