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  1. The company who is producing these DVDs is a German company and all their tutorials are in German only so far. www.dvd-lernkurs.de Andre
  2. because that's the only way to get the discount. André
  3. echt? Ich arbeite einfach zuviel mit Sequoia. Dachte, das wäre noch ein Unterschied. Sorry! Aber dann ist es ja einfach. Andre
  4. gibt's nur in Sequoia und heisst dort "Ueber Schnitt spielen". Gruesse, Andre
  5. Dear Roald, the dongle is a must for the RENT version, that's the reason they insist on sending you the right dongle. There is no serial issued for RENT versions. There had been a system in version 8 with serial numbers also for RENT version. But to make things easier, it's bound to a dongle now. It's definitely not nice that you got a wrong dongle. Could you please send me a "private message" with the name of the person who sent you the shipment and who is the person sending you a new dongle. I would like to investigate this whole process to avoid problems in the future. I hope you can still wait for the dongle. Meanwhile it should be possible to use the software fully during the 90 days grace period. If there is a problem, please let me know, I might be able to find a solution for that. best regards, Andre
  6. Hi Vince, you just order a V10 Upgrade (from V9) and you will get a V10 box including an upgrade code from V9 pro to V10 pro. With this code you can do the dongle licence update online. There is an explanation in the box and the manual as well. Have a nice weekend! André
  7. Hallo, ja eine HW Controller Unterstützung gibt es für die Master nicht. Wenn du allerdings ein Contour ShuttlePRO/ShuttleXpress verwendest, sollte es gehen, da diese Geräte auf Tastaturkommandos basieren. André
  8. for offline registration please ask e-version-support@magix.net offline registration of V10 is no problem at all. And you can use the same email, as both registrations will go to different databases. regards, Andre
  9. there is no downloadable e-version of Samplitude 10 available. Even you order online, you will receive a package. About the VAT, you need to ask our sales dept., if you have not done already. samplitude[at]magix.net you can order an additional dongle for 99Euro to use it on different computers. best, Andre
  10. I could see shipping costs being added if you choose a different address than German. Can't see any reason for that. I will ask our Sales dept. to have a look into this. Andre PS: Moved to Plugin Forum
  11. fog in Sofia. You top it all! LOL! the dongle is compatible to older versions like 8 and 9. Good luck! André
  12. Nikolay, that sounds not very fortuned. Maybe you have better chances winning the lottery then. There is no installer available for download (total more than 4GB), nor is a stripped down version. If you had a complete V9 intallation on your computer I could send you a zip file, but that is not the case. André
  13. also dann am besten nochmal schicken oder einfach mal versuchen durchzubimmeln! Andre PS: Joerg schaut nicht bei jedem User nach, was der posted bevor er ihm was verkauft. Hahaaa!
  14. Hello slaptap, I wouldn't say there is a general problem with ME, maybe other's have installed it successfully. To make a screenshot, press the Print pr PrtSc Button on your keyboard, open MS Paint und do CTRL-V to insert it there. Then you can save the file. good luck! Andre
  15. Please send the screenshots of the two error messages to the support as well. Otherwise it would be difficult to find out. The installer is definitely working on 2K. ME was the worst Windows ever, but it should install the program. Though, I do not know anyone personally who tried. You do not need internet access on the machine for installation and usage. Andre
  16. The EA easy for Sam 10 was indeed missing on the website until we corrected it last week. It was correctly stated for the German version though. Still remains the question of MMC and which brochure says it's included. André
  17. With every major update a disc and manual are shipped. The licence of the dongle needs to be updated as well online and then you can start. Andre
  18. maybe I should put 64 bit versions too... Ok, next time. Andre
  19. Hallo, AlphaTrack wird mit der diesen Monat erscheinenden V10 korrekt funktionieren. Andre
  20. Maybe something went wrong in the communication and the single number was mixed up somehow. I wouldn't stress the accent though, mine isn't Oxford nor Texas either... Andre
  21. Hello dhassay the number which is stated in the web is slightly different. USA: Orange Hill Audio Inc. 6116 Glenwood Ave. Boardman, OH 44512 USA Tel.: 330.259.7914 Fax: 330.259.7431 Email: info[at]orangehillaudio.com Web: www.orangehillaudio.com Good luck! Andre
  22. Dear dhassay, sorry to hear you had troubles to reach the right person. You find a list of your nearest distributor here: http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/kontakt_int.html Thank you very much. I hope to welcome you aboard soon! Andre
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