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  1. Quite excitingly i seem to have my Digigrid MGB madi card working with Sequoia within a win 7 virtual machine on Fusion. This is awesome news for my mobile laptop rig. Does anyone have any other external soundcards working on a virtual win machine? thanks Adam
  2. That's weird. I haven't ever seen that behaviour. I am primarily using reaper on osx though. Reaper has become the daw of choice in the live sound world as a multitracker as far as non avid consoles are concerned. Cheers
  3. Hi Tim, I have been using Asio/Fireface 800 + ADI-8s with 2 instances of Seqouia for quite a while with "o-tone" mode. One Seqouia for record the other Seqouia for playback/fx - the caveat being different asio ins and outs have to be used for each instance of Seq. Cheers Adam
  4. Hi Thomas, if youre still here... there is a record option called "Record without playback". Enable this and record and play commands will become independent. Adam
  5. Jean Luc, in playback options there is a varispeeed control in khz and semitones very similar to old school tape. give that a go and see how you get on. cheers, adam
  6. Hi there, is there any way to acheive slower modulation times on your fx? thanks, Adam
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