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  1. After my experiences with proprietary systems like Focusrite Liquid Mix and UAD, I'm not buying into them anymore.
  2. I looked at the Nebula site, and it kind of reminds me of the Focusrite Liquid Mix device I used to use.
  3. Anyone using this or other console summers? Sonimus plugs in general?
  4. I did some comparisons... it won.
  5. Interesting.... I haven't had that issue. The attacks seem fine, with no loss of clarity. I've been using it on a number of things... today it was a live recording. The guitar amp had the reverb cranked... a sea of mud. It cleaned up very well, and I didn't notice any loss of attack detail.
  6. Well, ashamed to admit I never thought about using AM pulse for this... normally I tried using a gate, usually not all that successfully, especially with varied inputs like a discussion panel. All I know is that I paid 25 bucks, it has a knob for amount, you turn it up until it sounds weird, back it off, and there you go. The other indispensable plugin I've used lately is the Samplitude fft filter. That is one powerful EQ when you have resonances in the recording.
  7. The SPL De-Verb plugin is on sale at Plugin Alliance, I bought it and it works surprisingly well. Using it on an archival project where there's a lot of hall sound during lectures and panel discussions.
  8. I broke down and bought an ilok stick because the downward pressure on plugin prices is making some of the "big guns" put their products within a reasonable range.
  9. Just used it on an efx buss... essential efx echo tape emulation into micro tuning is VERY nice
  10. Crashed my session big time when I tried to remove it from a channel during playback. Haven't had a crash like that for a couple of years. The pitch thing is sweet, though.
  11. EQ is kinda narsty, compressor seems useful but not spectacular, but then... there are those lovely Eventide pitch algos! What am I saying... it's free!
  12. PS: Have you asked Santa Claus for your Christmas gift? Nice meters
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