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  1. Hi, I tried again to register with a new account. I entered in my support page, clicked on the forum link, then on register. I registered a new account, but still I can't post! I sent 2 mail to forum admins, but they don't reply. I'm really bored, this is not a good starting point. Hi, yes, now it works... Thanks very much, Maurizio.
  2. Hi, I tried again to register with a new account. I entered in my support page, clicked on the forum link, then on register. I registered a new account, but still I can't post! I sent 2 mail to forum admins, but they don't reply. I'm really bored, this is not a good starting point.
  3. Hi, as described in my first post, I was already registered to the forum. I registered to the forum as a member BEFORE buying (and then registering in the support) Samplitude. So, it's seems that Magix Server does not recognize my new state of owner of Samplitude. Thanks for the help...
  4. Hi, I sent messages to Samplitude forum, but I did not receive answers about my problem. I'll try to describe it: Before buying Samplitude Pro 10 with Sam For Rent option, I registered to Samplitude Forum just to read posts to have an idea of the product. So, I could not post, but reading posts was enough for me. Then I download version 10 demo and I was so impressed (I normally use Cubase SX 3.1) that I bought Samp Pro 10 and registered it in my support page. The problem is that I cannot post in the Samplitude Forum. I think it's necessary to update my forum profile to show the fact that I bought the software, but I cannot find a way. More over, as I said before, forum admins don't answer. If someone, who registered Samplitude, is in this "Newcomer forum", could he help me? Bye, Maurizio.
  5. Hi Sebastian, When I say “as developer” I don’t want to say “I know all” or “I’m a super expert”, but I just say that, when I use a program, I try to study all its different aspects, since I work in the software market. For me, performance optimization is an important aspect of a program, particularly for a DAW, which needs great processing power. That said, every time I open a thread in a forum (I use DAWs since 1997) about performances, the result is always the same: users don’t care about this aspect. They prefer to buy a super-powerful computer instead of ask developers to disable an effect when it’s not needed. Also in this case, you are the only one who answered me, no other seems interested on this. Actually, DAWs engines don’t require so much CPU power, the real problem are effects. So, a good optimization work should be focused on how use them correctly. To close this discussion, I discovered a new bad aspect of Samp: when you create an Automation Track for a plugin parameter, the Automation is read only if an audio object is present! So if I play guitar and automate the Gain parameter of a Amp Simulator, the Automation is not read… To enable reading of Automation track without the presence of an Audio Object you need to disable “Deactivate FX on empty or silent tracks for ASIO”, and the circle closed… Happy 2008 also to you. Bye, Maurizio.
  6. First of all thanks for the reply... As you say, the Automatic Silence optimization of the Hybrid Engine seems to work just with some VST plugins. For example, it does not work with Voxengo Boogex or with Studio Devil Amp Simulator, that I use and have not a Bypass button. Moreover, the major part of VSTs have not a Bypass function, so it's almost not possible to use this option. Another problem is during monitoring. Suppose I'm monitoring a track while I'm playing guitar with 3 effects active and suppose I need to deactivate 2 effects in a part of the song. Since Samplitude always calculates them, it's not possible to bypass the 2 effects. This feature is important during a live performance. The real problem is that in Samplitude it's possible to automate just few parameters of the program. For example, if the "Bypass all" option (that you can find in the Effects menu of the tracks) was automatized, the problem could be solved. Steinberg is not famous for the optimization of their products (for this reason I'd like to crossgrade), but their choice of the creation of a "per plugin" automatized Bypass button is the best actually. Moreover, it's so simple... At the end, without this option and the effects always active, Samplitude loses lots of the power declared by Magix. I'm a software developer and my question is always the same: why do software companies always forget these little things which are so simple and powerful? Magix created Hybrid Audio Engine and you cannot bypass a simple VST effect where you want and when you want... Thanks a lot again, Maurizio
  7. Hi all, I'm a Cubase user who wants to crossgrade to Samplitude 10 Pro. I downloaded the version 10 demo and I liked very much, among the other features, Hybrid Audio Engine concept. But I have a question: I inserted some VST plugins in a track, with a CPU usage of about 20% during playback. The track contained just 1 object of about 5 seconds. After the end of the object, Samplitude still continued to calculate the plugins, so CPU usage still was 20%. I enabled all the options in the performance menu. I know it's possible to use Freeze function to reduce CPU usage, but I don't like this way of managing plugins, which are always calculated also if no audio is present on the track. Cubase gives the possibility to automate a BYPASS parameter to enable/disable a plugins as you want. So, plugins are not disabled automatically, but it's possible to automate this process. The question is: did I forget anything? Is it possible that a program, so optimized, has a plugins management so bad? If so, I think I'll stay with Cubase. I hope you will help me to understand this aspect of Samplitude. Bye, Maurizio.
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