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  1. I have 6 tracks I did at the 1996 Anchorage Folk Festival plus a intro. 1. I can't seem to get Similitude 9.02 Prof to pull all of them up at once, place them in order and burn them to a cd. I've read some on this forum abt setting markers * in the help menu of the program but I haven't been able to get that far. Help!! thanks Rick
  2. I could not find how to edit the title. Maybe the admin folk will just delete it. I could not. Please delete if possible.
  3. Thanks for the prompt response. It was what, as usual, user error. I didnt realize i needed to select the tracks to make the commands work. Sorry to bother you. I'm new to using this program so I'll try and search for answers. Just trying to take my dad's and my jams and clean them up just a tweak and maybe add some volume. Maybe a little few adjustment. Me guitar and him on harp with a smattering of me singing an old WWII tune.
  4. You know I'm a retired civil Eng. Grad from Ga tech. I ain't that smart. However, I started with fortran, then when DOS came out did programming in basic, then basic+, then when ACAD came out LISP. No probs. Yet, I loaded a wave file of a jam with my 85 year old dad, who is a Normandy VET who went thru France & Italy and Germany, and none of the functions of the program worked. Its funny as he told me he loved the German people more than all the others. He told me that the German people were more like us americans than any others. I bought Samplitude 9 and when I loaded a wave file of him and me jamming not a damn one of the functions worked. I'm really upset about this. If I am missing a step please let me know. Wm Harvey Anchorage, Ak
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