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  1. Thanks for the replies guys... I'm still no nearer making a decision, there are far too many options these days - its making my head hurt! Guess I'll try find some unbiased, professional advice in a store that can give me hands-on demos. I'll make sure samplitude is one of the ones I try out. If i have any more questions I'll be back, and I'll keep looking at the forum threads Cheers
  2. I need some advice...I'm an ageing musician looking to update my home studio from 16 track hard-disk 'portastudio' to a DAW pc. Researching which DAW software to go with has been a nightmare - but I was very impressed with the review of Sam9 in SOS. My main concerns are 1. whether this software (Sam9) is going to be newbie friendly 2. Being used to real faders and knobs will I be able to get a suitable control surface to work with Sam? (having read the thread ( http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=13451 ) "control surface" this is a big concern). I was thinking of using a Tascam 1884 or similar Mackie model, or if I'm feeling very rich perhaps a tascam DM3200 mixer/controller. Someone needs to convince me that I would be better with Sam (and a surface that works with it) than protools LE and a 003. Thanks in advance
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