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  1. It's ALIVE! Finally cracked into the piggy bank and upgraded from 9 Pro to 11 Pro. Yee-Haaa! Lovin it! and thanks to Mr. Kraznet's videos I can figure out how to use it.
  2. Thank you. Have a great day I hope! Lets keep our fingers crossed for V11 working Regards Kraznet
  3. Same thing happens with onboard audio cards . Don't think it is Presonus. Sample rate is the same. Just orded 11Pro. Hope that gets rid of the problem.
  4. Same thing happens when I use the onboard sound card setting. Not a presonus problem. Sample rate is the same. Actually I have tracks already recorded but when I try toi record new tracks the playback breaks up at the same point. Really appreciate your help;
  5. Really appreciate the help. I set markers put slider in the far right hybrid area. Maybe these screen shots can explain what is happening.
  6. Really appreciate the help. I set markers put slider in the far right hybrid area. Maybe these screen shots can explain what is happening.
  7. Thanks for your help. Always at the same point in the song. All plugs off and before I was only using Samp plugs and UAD. 24 tracks. No effects now. I will change to 24b. Firepod is external.
  8. I thought this was happening in the past because I had a crappy computer. I have a new computer and Windows 7 32 home edition now and the exact same thing is happening. Sound falls apart at about two miniutes into the song. During recording and playback. Thought it was maybe my firewire and firepod but it happens with the computer sound card as well. When I burn a CD on Samp. It sounds fine. Also if I stop play back at the 2 min mark it will play fine from that point on but not from the begining to the end of the song. I am currently using Samp 9 pro. Could this just be a problem with 9 pro? Maybe its my buffer settings? Thinking of upgrading to 11Pro but don't want this problem. Attached some pics of settings.
  9. Thank you. How do I go about doing the scan?
  10. Just re-installed Samp pro 9 and no Uad 1 plugins show. It was working fine before. Any ideas?
  11. How does one make Wave file from a VIP in Samp 9?
  12. Maybe I should wait on the UAD until this gets sorted out. Would UAD 1be better for my set up?
  13. Should be a great setup. Thanks for your help, Tim.
  14. Thanks for your help. You have a great web site. I am working with Windows 7 home edition with Samp pro 9. Seems to be working fine. My mother board is Asus M4A785-M with AMD® AM3 multi-core processors. Think that will be work with the UAD Solo?
  15. Anyone know if UAD 2 solo will work with Samplitude Pro 9?
  16. Thank you, Sir I took my computer into the shop and found that the problem was actually that the firewire card. The store installed a firewire that only worked up until XP. The new firewire card they installed works and found the 1394 driver. I am very much thankful to you for your help. Paul
  17. Yes. I have a firepod. My last computer died so we just got a new one with Windows 7 home version. Can't find any 1394 legacy driver in device manager. It sounds like I should have got the pro Windows 7 version to use XP mode. The home version doesn't have this option. I also noticed that Samp pro 9 doesn't allow me to burn DVDs or CDs anymore. Really appreciate your contributions on this fourm.
  18. Ever have problems with firewire and windows 7?
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