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  1. Reaper's cool as a tape deck. It is fairly stable, but not ultra stable like some fanboys claim.
  2. I still like this forum better than GearSlutz. I like how you gentlemen so congenially agree to disagree. I also enjoy how far this thread is hijacked from Reaper and Samplitude. Keep up the good work. I love the focus (on each other).
  3. Regarding the sound, Titus Tost (Samplitude Developer) gives us the best hint as to why it sounds so damn good: "Especially with small waves in the area of the zero crossing, as you switch from the negative to positive, there are some problems with rounding. It takes a lot of experience to put this together so that it sounds good." This is from a SOS review of Samplitude April 2012.
  4. I'm not sure whether to say "I hear ya" or "I see"- ...regarding Irvin's original notion, I suppose you can try the mouse wheel to raise/lower values as you listen without looking
  5. Good point about "hearing" better when not looking at the screen. There might be some eye-ear-brain distortion of perception going on where the eyes synapses interfere with our ear synapses?!
  6. This thread looks like it's going to get hijacked...
  7. ...and "for the record", Bob Katz mastered one of my albums years back (Road Apple Big Band- "100% Natural Ingredients"). I hope he does chime in.
  8. K14 seems to keep me out of sonic hell when mixing. I don't read too much into Bob's theory, rather just use meters and ears to help me keep from slammin' the daylights out of stuff.
  9. Mixing on Reaper is a pain in the ass and cheesy at best. I'm sure you can get fine results, but the ergonomics are little league compared to Samplitude. I use Reaper in tracking room and immediately dump files to Samplitude in the mixing room. Reaper=tape deck...Samplitude=making records
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