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  1. What are you doing? I hope your not using Samplitude as a cd burner for making cds ala Sonic/Window Media Player. If you are, its not designed for that purpose. Use sam to burn your sam projects and that's it.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys but I'm talking a thorough tutorial straight from the company Magix, not some quick video that somebody decided to make, understand. You know, I ain't trying to be a butthead or nothing but samplitude the best daw program period, at least I feel that way, but learning this expansive software by yourself can be tedious at times and dishearting. Will "Magix", the company, ever made a video tutorial series explaining the features in Samplitude or just leave it up to the consumer to query the internet to find some?
  3. I recently purchased Samplitude V9 from Proaudiotoys. I been using it for a couple of days and I have made progress but not as fast as I would have like. I have been searching for tutorials on samplitude but none really useful for a true daw beginner. I know this program has extreme potential in the recording industry but documentation for it lacks severly. This would easily be the number one program if it had better documentation or company made tutorials. Will one ever be made?
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