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Great Post About Samplitude No.9


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Hey guys,

Tom Sailor of Sythax made a fantastic post about Samplitude No.9 in the official forum... I thought it was so good that I had to pass it along. It looks like V9 is going to be a HUGE turning point for Samplitude. So if anyone here is contemplating Samplitude based on V8, you may want to want and see what V9 brings to the table before deciding to go with another program. :D

In this post Tom was replying to a few members that were saying the developers should fix the bugs in V8 before coming out with even more features (and potentially more bugs) in V9..... It sounds like the developers have done BOTH! :D


Hi Gents-

I understand your frustration...there have been a lot of transitional pains in the last couple of releases...And it is my belief that #9 will be a huge turning point for the program and that a lot of the problems in the past have been addressed and/or will be addressed...mainly due to the Hybrid Engine.

Ozzie is totally correct in his opinion that Samp and Sequoia were mastering or editing apps trying to be a Multi track...but that has changed dramatically in #9. Many requests were just simply not possible without a total re-write of the engine. Volker has done a tremendous job getting #9 to a very solid level...and yes, it even sounds better...a lot better...IMHO. I couldn't believe it myself...

It was kinda funny...someone asked me the other day how will I deal with that in a marketing sense, because some people might find that to be a point of discussion, and my reply was, "Who said audio engines were going to be or have to be written in stone in 2006???? I am quite sure that we still have a long way to go before we reach audio nirvana...

Actually, I am going to state that pretty much a lot of this computer audio crap is just that...crap. It all sucks and has bugs...and now Samp just sucks less...than all the other apps out there, that is. B) There you have it, a new motto has been born! Synthax, We Just Suck Less!

Think about this...do you realize the last engine was over a decade old??????? And it still smoked all other DAW's?????? Of course, it lacked a lot of the current buzz words and features...because it just couldn't do it due to the latency issues inherant in the program...Why do you think it sounded so much better? You either have a low latency engine (that can sound worse) or a high latency engine (that can process the hell out of stuff and hence, sound bettter). I had to learn this the hard way too...I have to sell this shit for a living...remember??? :D You don't think I was as baffled and miffed that there was no Mute Automation?

So, what Sam Dev have done in #9 with the Hybrid Engine is a HUGE significant milestone in the business...and a HUGE step to give you what you have been shouting about for years...and it sounds better...did I say that already?

I feel Sascha's plugins are easily worth the price even at $599...and those are not just some BS features.

I think the MIDI is much stronger and reliable...and now with Score Editing andNotation. It took Emagic years to do what Frank has done in less than a year...and I am sure the MIDI will only get even better. I think it is very good now...

The usability and work flow are 10 times better...Track Editor, VSTi Mangager, Track Effects with drag and drop copy from track to track, better System/Global Editor for a much clearer setup and navigation through Samps billion and one settings,

And there is a lot more on the way...in 9.X...some really great things that will make many of you much happier...I promise.

I know there will be bugs and problems...that element will never go away...hopefully the bugs will...but you have to realize that there are a lot of reasons for bugs...You have to do some house cleaning from time to time to get rid of the bugs and that is what #9 is all about. And yes, I guarantee that there will be bugs in #9 that finally get fixed in 10...that is just the forces of time and physics and neither Magix, me or you can change that...


The more I hear about V9, the more excited I become about upgrading. :D


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