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Samplitude Se Freezes


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Hello , ive been useing midi now for 6 years and have been a keen cubase user, recently i picked up the mag Computer Music , with Samplitude SE bundeled, installed it recorded a 12 track audio test , sweet as a nut , the next step was midi , i fired up the midi tracks opened my Absynth and it froze , this happens with all my plugins (vsti,s) so i tried again with all various midi settings even the asio 4 all driver , still freezing, but if i turn off my Yamaha DX7 (my keyboard of choice) absynth will play useing the mouse .

Is it atall possible that the DX7 is not compatable with samplitude ? i am using cubase sx at present and love it but this Samplitude program has got me all fired up , it looks and feels great if i get the midi working propaly i might considering upgradeing to pro version , its not that SX isnt doin what i want , its just i feel samplitude could give more room for playing music and creativity as its lay out is far supirior to any sequencer i have ever seen..... hope you can help with my problem, cya.

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Hi ratbike,

I noticed nobody had replied so I thought I'd at least acknowledge your posting. I'm not sure what is causing the freezing as I have tried various VSTi's in SE without any problem. It seems odd that it could be the DX7 . Unless there's some weird midi loop going on . What midi interface are you using? I guess the logical thing to do is try at another keyboard and see if the same problem occurs.



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Which Midi interface do you use?

Thanx 4 the reply guys , im useing my DX7 straight into an EMU 0404 , im gona get my hands on another keyboard this weekend and ill give it a shot , but it does only freeze when the DX7 is turned on.......

ive even tried it on my laptop which i use a tascam US122 , still the same problem , the desktop PC is win pro and the lappy is win XP home , all of which work perfect whith cubase , defo a headscratcher :D

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I don't think there is a problem with the DX7, it is just a symptom - I assume any incoming MIDI events will cause the hang-up.

First, double check that there is no MIDI loop in your setup - create a new VIP with just one track, so we can be sure that no other track might do MIDI-thru somewhere..

Do other VST Instrument Plug-ins work?

Can you record MIDI if you don't use a VST Instrument?

Please try the following Sam_E.ini file modification:



Create the [setup] section only if it doesn't exist, else put MidiInDontReopenDevices=1 inside the [setup] section.

More tips on MIDI problems, especially timing, can be found here:




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Well ive hooked up an old yamaha sq 16 and everything is tickerty boo , seems very strange that the DX7 didnt wanna know , any how im gratefull for your help and for sure a bit wiser about samplitude im gonna have a fiddle and see how this proggy works, till the next time ................... :D .ratbike

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