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Midi Clock Doesn't Follow Tempo Changes In Samp 8


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I tried samp 8 demo, and i really like it, but I have a problem with syncing my Korg triton exctreme to samplitude.

To be more precise when in the sync page in samp I'm trying to send MIDI clock to Korg triton, which is in slave mode- Problem is that Korg don't want to follow tempo changes in samp, but samp's metronome follow tempo changes. Same thing work in ableton live, nuendo 2 and some other sequencers. I think that the problem is because Korg's arpeggiator plays at the tempo which has to be input in the midi clock page, something like general song tempo, but it doesn't follow tempo changes.

What is wrong? is this some kind of demo limitation, is this bug, or am I doing something wrong?

How could I fix this?

I really like the samp's workflow and extended audio posibilities, but this "thing" is really upseting me because I work with KOrg triton all the time and also change tempo often, so basiclly I couldn't work with samplitude and would be stuck with nuendo which isn't so great after I tried the samplitude.

thanks in advance!




I use 2.4 pentim, abit be7 mobo , EMU 1820m interface ....

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