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How To Use Ezdrummer


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I only know how to use Samplitude for audio including FX plugins but have never used it for midi. I have got EZdrummer which I thought I could use. But I am unable to discover how to launch it in Samplitude. I feel like an idiot, but there's possibly a good reason for it. Any hints?

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Set the track to MIDI, then choose EZDrummer as MIDI output device for that track. For monitoring EZDrummer, use ASIO sound system, software monitoring and switch the track to monitoring (blue speaker icon button) - or in V9 use "mixer monitoring" gear in the hybrid engine (the slider to the right side).

EZDrummer will load the samples after they have been triggered the first time it seems (at least with early EZDrummer version), so you might need to play your MIDI drum tracks several times until EZdrummer has loaded/cached all required samples.



P.S. you might need to set the VSTi path to let samplitude recognize the EZDrummer plug-in... or drag & drop the EZDrummer plug-in .dll into samplitude.

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