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Running Everything Through An Outboard Compressor?


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Regarding Samp9 (I've never used an earlier version). I'm trying to run my whole mix to an outboard compressor and then record that to it's own stereo track. The problem is that the track I'm recording to is playing as well and being looped back into the compressor etc...how do I run all tracks out of samplitude, into a compressor and then back into samplitude without the track I'm recording into going out of the same output busses as all the other tracks? It seems like this should work:

- Route the track I'm recording to to channels 7 + 8 of fireface

- Route all other tracks to 3 + 4 of fireface

- Monitor out of outputs 1 + 2 of fireface (coming from stereo master of Samp)

- Route 3 + 4 of fireface into stereo compressor

- Route compressor into inputs 1 + 2 of fireface

- Route inputs 1 + 2 of fireface into Samp

Am I missing something? I tried different monitor setups as well with Samplitude. I see people casually talking about using outboard effects all the time, but I couldn't find any explanation of how to turn off the track that's being recorded to!


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If you turn of monitoring (speaker icon) for that track it should work. If you still get audio feedback, check your soundcard settings - here you need to turn of the monitoring of the input device channels also (i.e.: disable hardware monitoring of your soundcard).



Maybe it is with the soundcard settings, because I do have the speaker icon disabled.


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